God Realization
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God Realization

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Author: Swami Akhandanand Saraswati Maharaj
Publisher: Sat Sahitya Prakashan Trust
Edition: 2009
Pages: 74
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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It is our pleasure to announce that the “Long-chosen quest” of the Trustees of Sat Sahitya Prakashan, to translate Rev. Swamiji’s heritage of spiritual literature into adequate simple English, has found the seedling into the present publication of original “Ishwar Darshan” under the English title of “God Realization” with the earnest and industrious efforts of one of his pious devotees, Shri Nemi Sharan Mittal, inspired and encouraged by our ardent and worthy Swamiji Shri Omkaranandji and Govindanandji.

This book in short, is a Saga of Divine-Love and devotion to God, dicated by Pujya Maharj Shri and beautifully compiled by Smt. Kunti Dharmachand Jalan. It is unmistakably the work of a seer-the prophet, who not only knew Brahman, but also loved him with delight inn the bliss on Divine-Love.

It also testifies that Rev. Swamiji was not merely the master of superb-intellect, a fact not unknown to the spiritual world, but he was also a man of heart in all respects an enlightened intellect, a devoted heart and life pulsating with eternal bliss-the AnandBrahman, i.e. Live-Anand, a Total-Anand and Akhand-Anand. (which was his worthy name).

With our pious hope that Rev. Swamiji’s present exposition in English would transport the aspirant readers into the unfathomable ocean of love, devotion and delight right to the lotus feet of God, thus inspiring us too, for further publications of Swamiji’s teachings and messages in English.


  Preface (iii)
1 Sublimation & Dawn of New Life 1
2 Development of Mental Strength 2
3 Faith in God 3
4 God alone As the Means 4
5 God Does Exist 5
6 God Dwells in All 6
7 The Unique Creation 7
8 The Intellect Pan-Ultimate 9
9 The Master of Nescience 11
10 Surrender to God 13
11 God is Eternal 15
12 Devotion and Faith 16
13 The Advantages of Faith 18
14 God-Acts for the Good 20
15 Submission 22
16 Devotion is Easy 24
17 The Honeying of Life 25
18 Ungratefulness to God 28
19 Think 30
20 God-Worship is Easy 31
21 A Prayer 32
22 Come in 33
23 Mental Worship 35
24 Realization of Sri Krishna by Chanting Krishna-Krishna 41
25 Manifestation of Power 52
26 Repeat the Name 53
27 Study the Scriptures 55
28 The Self-Purification 56
29 Think Before You Speak 62
30 Means of Self-purification 64

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