Gopala Campu (Champu)

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Author: Srila Jiva Gosvami
Publisher: Iskcon, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788189564247
Pages: 1195
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

A Campu is a literary composition mixing poetry and prose, displaying literary ornaments and various verse forms, often using words with double meaning. Srila Jiva Gosvami has written Gopala-campu describing the pastimes of Krsna from his appearance until his return to Vraja. Though Kavikarnapura has written Ananda-vrndavana Campu on the same topic, the unique feature of this campu is that the whole story has been arranged to lead to Krsna’s final union in marriage to the gopis.

The Gopala-campu narrates the pastimes as found in the Srimad-bhagavatham with the addition of rasa. Jiva Gosvami writes that it is a “work composed of the bliss of Radha and Krishna” and “those who desire to see Vraja and to attain Goloka will achieve that destination by this work.”

Srila Jiva Gosvami’s use of words and grammar is often difficult. The text is taken from the Puri Das’ edition (1947). The numbering system is taken from that edition, though other editions have different numbering systems. The numbers in square brackets at the beginning of a line indicate a prose portion. The numbers between vertical lines at the end of a paragraph indicate a verse. Where whose verses are quoted in Sanskrit in the original work these have been reproduced with translations. Where a few works of a verse are quoted, only the translation is given, without quoting the Sanskrit, though the verse reference is given. Since the whole story is narrated by two young boys alternately, who often relate conversations between individuals which contain conversations within conversations, conventional use of quotation marks is awkward. For long sections where one person speaks or when one person speaks over several numbered sections colons are used to indicate the commencement of the speech. For short conversations within one numbered section conventional quotation marks are used.

To enable the readers to also relish the poetic beauty and rhythm in the Sanskrit songs in Gopala-campu, an audio CD has been made keeping in mind the ragas (musical notes) mentioned at times in the book itself and according to the mood of the song.

About the CD

1. Pasya Sakhi - Rag Bihag - Vocal Venkiteswaran

Description: Nanda Maharaj Celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna
Song tuned by: Rohini Venkiteswaran

2. Pahi Ciram - Rag: Desh - Vocal: Devika Balasubramanian

Description: Krishna’s childhood pastime-holding the calves’ tails
Song tuned by: Shobhana Krishnamoorthy

3. Giri Pujeyam - Rag:Mukund Malini - Vocal: Rohini Venkiteswaran
Description: Who arranged the worship of Govardhana?
Song tuned by: Rohini Venkiteswaran

4. Radha harir - Rag:Vasanta - Vocal: Devika Balasubramanian
Description; Radha and Krishna celebrate the oncoming of spring
Song tuned by: Rohini Venkiteswaran

5. Jaya sadguna - Rag: Kedaram, Amir Kalyani, Kamaas, Hamsanandi
Vocal: Shilpa Murali, Sarga Murali, Shobhana Krishnamoorthy and K. Mahadev
Description; The rasa dance. Song tuned by: Shobhana Krishnamoorthy.

6. Jagaranad - Rag:Bouli - Vocal:Devika Balasubramanian
Description: Poet sings the awakening of Radha and Krishna at dawn
Song tuned by: Shobhana Krishnamoorthy

7. Radha Rakha - Rag: Mand - Vocal:Devika Balasubramanian / K. Mahadev
Description: The glory of Radha and Krishna
Song tuned by: Shobhana Krishnamoorthy

8. Adya samastam - Rag:Sindhubhairavi - Vocal:Sruthi Jayaprakash
Description: Radha and Krishna manifest Their wedding
Song tuned by: K. Mahadev.

Recording and Orchestration : K. Mahadev

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Tad bhuri bhagyam iha janma kimapy atavyam
yad gokule ‘pi katamanghri-rajo-‘ bhisekam |
yaj-jivitam tu nikhilam bhagavan mukundas
tv adyapi yat-pada-rajah sruti-mrgyam eva ||

My greatest possible good fortune would be to
take any birth whatever in this forest of Gokula and
have my head bathed by the dust falling from the
lotus feet of any of its residents. Their entire life and
soul is the Supreme Personality of Godhead,
Mukunda, the dust of whose lotus feet is still being
searched for in the Vedic mantras. SB 10.14.34


  Part One: Goloka-vilasa  
Chapter One Description of Goloka 01
Chapter Two Beauty of Goloka 31
  Part Two: Balya-vilasa  
Chapter Three Krsna’s Birth 56
Chapter Four Birth Celebration 85
Chapter Five Killing Putana 95
Chapter Six Breaking the Cart and Other Pastimes 111
Chapter Seven Infant Pastimes 129
Chapter Eight Binding Krsna 146
Chapter Nine Entering Vrndavana 161
Chapter Ten Destruction of Vatsasura 175
Chapter Eleven Killing of Aghasura and Bewilderment of Brahma 188
Chapter Twelve Herding the Cows 202
Chapter Thirteen Defeating Kaliya and Extinguishing the Forest Fire 215
  Part Three: Kaisora-vilasa  
Chapter Fourteen Killing Dhenukasura 232
Chapter Fifteen Purva-raga 239
Chapter Sixteen Killing Pralamba and Devouring the Forest Fire 271
Chapter Seventeen Begging His Beloved through Playing the Flute 281
Chapter Eighteen Defeating Indra’s Pride and Increasing Govardhana’s Pride 297
Chapter Nineteen Surrender of Indra and Krsna as lord of the cows 325
Chapter Twenty Astonishment at Seeing Varuna’s Planet and Seeing Goloka 339
Chapter Twenty One Stealing the Young Gopis’ Clothing 350
Chapter Twenty Two Begging from the Brahmanas’ wives 376
Chapter Twenty Three Beginning of Rasa Pastimes 389
Chapter Twenty Four Krsna’s Disappearance 410
Chapter Twenty Five Krsna Returns 431
Chapter Twenty Six The Rasa Dance 441
Chapter Twenty Seven Water Games 451
Chapter Twenty Eight Going to Ambika Forest 463
Chapter Twenty Nine Further Pastimes with the Gopis 469
Chapter Thirty Holi Pastimes 485
Chapter Thirty One Various Ragas 499
Chapter Thirty Two Killing of Kesi 520
Chapter Thirty Three Fulfillment of All Desires 526
  Part One: Satisfaction with Uddhava’s Arrival in Vraja  
Chapter One Attraction of Krsna and the Gopis 592
Chapter Two Cruelty of Akrura 604
Chapter Three Going to Mathura 617
Chapter Four Entering Mathura 625
Chapter Five Killing Kamsa 643
Chapter Six Bidding Farewell to Nanda 665
Chapter Seven Nanda’s Return to Vraja 678
Chapter Eight Learning the Sixty-four Subjects 683
Chapter Nine Retrieving His Guru’s Son 695
Chapter Ten Uddhava Goes to Vraja 706
Chapter Eleven Mistaking the Bee for a Messenger 721
Chapter Twelve Bliss Revealed by Uddhava 738
Chapter Thirteen Binding Jarasandha 759
  Part Two: Satisfaction of Balarama’s Arrival in Vraja  
Chapter Fourteen Defeating Kalayavana 769
Chapter Fifteen Marriage of Balarama 788
Chapter Sixteen Rukmini’s Marriage 795
Chapter Seventeen The Other Seven Marriages 813
Chapter Eighteen Killing of Naraka, Stealing the Parijata tree And marrying Sixteen-thousand Maidens 845
Chapter Nineteen Defeat of Bana 859
Chapter Twenty Balarama Returns to Vraja 875
Chapter Twenty One Punishing Paundraka 893
  Part Three: Krsna Returns to Vraja  
Chapter Twenty Two Destruction of Dvivida 903
Chapter Twenty Three Meeting in Kuruksetra 911
Chapter Twenty Four Nanda Returns to Vraja 928
Chapter Twenty Five Uddhava’s Advice 939
Chapter Twenty Six Freeing the kings Imprisoned by Jarasandha 953
Chapter Twenty Seven The Rajasuya Sacrifice 995
Chapter Twenty Eight Destruction of Salva 976
Chapter Twenty Nine Proofs of Future Events 983
Chapter Thirty Krsna Returns to Vraja 1013
Chapter Thirty One Freeing the Gopis from Obstacles 1045
Chapter Thirty Two Solving the Problem of the Married Gopis 1045
Chapter Thirty Three Marriage Adhivasa Ceremony 1064
Chapter Thirty Four Ornamenting Radha and Krsna 1077
Chapter Thirty Five Marriage of Radha and Madhava 1089
Chapter Thirty Six Radha and Krsna United 1109
Chapter Thirty Seven Entering Goloka 1134

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