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Harivamsa Purana (Volume Ten)

Harivamsa Purana (Volume Ten)

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Item Code: NAD127
Author: Purnaprajna Dasa
Publisher: Ras Bihari Lal and Sons
Language: Transliterated Text with English English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 8184030738
Pages: 437
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.5 inch X 6.0 inch
Weight 770 gm
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Harivamsa and Mahabharata are complementary to each other. Harivamsa especially describes the pastimes of the supreme Lord that took place after the battle at Kuruksetra including his pastimes of disappearance. Harivamsa is considered to be a supplement of Mahabharata. It is divided into three parts Harivamsa parva Visnu parva and Bhavisya Parva. Harivamsa parva has fifty five chapters Visnu parva has one hundred twenty eight chapters and bhavisya parva has one hundred thirty five chapters. Harivamsa consists of about sixteen thousand verses.




Chapter 101  
The Story of Hamsa and Dimbhaka 1
Chapter 102  
Hamsa and Dimbhoka performing austerities and receive benedictions from Lord Siva 7
Chapter 103  
Hasma and Dimbhoka go to the forest to hunt taking their friend Janardana with them 17
Chapter 104  
Hamsa and Dimbhoka meet Durvasa Muni 23
Chapter 105  
Hamsa and Dimbhaka insult Durvasa Muni 33
Chapter 106  
Durvasa Muni warns Hamsa and Praises Janardana 41
Chapter 107  
Durvasa Muni travels to Dvaraka to see Lord Krsna 47
Chapter 108  
Conversation between Durvasa Muni and Lord Krsna 53
Chapter 109  
Lord Krsna assures Durvasa Muni that he will kill Hamsa and Dimbhaka 73
Chapter 110  
Hamsa Instructs the Brahmana Janardana to deliver a message to Lord Krsna at Dvaraka 81
Chapter 111  
The Brahmana Janaradana’s thoughts as he journey to Dvaraka 89
Chapter 112  
the Brahmana Janardana delivers Hamsa’s message to Lord Krsna 103
Chapter 113  
Lord Krsna entrusts his reply to the Brahmana Janardana 117
Chapter 114  
The brahmana Janardana returns to the court of Hamsa and Dimbhaka along with Satyaki 121
Chapter 115  
The Brahmana Janardana describes his meeting with Lord Krsna 127
Chapter 116  
Conversation between Satyaki and Hamsa 143
Chapter 117  
Lord Krsna and the Yadavas arrive at Puskara 149
Chapter 118  
Hamsa and Dimbhaka arrive at Puskara 155
Chapter 119  
The Battle commences between Hamsa and Dimbhaka and the Yadavas 163
Chapter 120  
Lord Krsna kills the demon vicakra 171
Chapter 121  
Battle between Lord Balarama and Hamsa 179
Chapter 122  
Battle between Satyaki and Dimbhaka 187
Chapter 123  
Lord Balarama slays the Raksasa Hidimba 195
Chapter 124  
The Battle moves to govardhana hill from Puskara battle between Lord Krsna and Hamsa 209
Chapter 125  
Lord Krsna slays Hamsa in the river Yamuna 223
Chapter 126  
The Death of Dimbhaka 227
Chapter 127  
The Residents of vraja meet Krsna and Balarama at Govardhana hill 231
Chapter 128  
Lord Krsna returns to Dvaraka 239
Chapter 129  
The Procedure for reciting the Mahabharata 243
Chapter 130  
Charity to be given during the recitation of Mahabharata 251
Chapter 131  
Further description of the charity to be given after recitation of Mahabharata and Harivamsa 265
Chapter 132  
The Demigods implore lord Siva to fight the Tripura demons 277
Chapter 133  
Lord Siva Destroys Tripura 289
Chapter 134  
The Contents of Harivamsa 301
Chapter 135  
The Benefit of hearing Harivamsa 311
Chapter 1  
Categories of Harivamsa recitations 319
Chapter 2  
The Procedure for hearing a nine day recitation of Harivamsa 329
Chapter 3  
The Procedure to be followed before the recitation of Harivamsa 345
Chapter 4  
Recommendations and prohibitions regarding hearing a nine day recitation of Harivamsa 353
Chapter 5  
Charity to be given and other considerations regarind the recitation of Harivamsa 375
Chapter 6  
Other Considerations regarding the recitation of Harivamsa Phala sruti 385
The Prayer to obtain a child 401
Sri Visnu Sata Nama Stotram  
One Hundred names of Lord Visnu 435


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