Healing Through Reiki

Healing Through Reiki

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Author: M.K.Gupta
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788122301144
Pages: 120 {48 Figures in B/W}
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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About the Author

The author of this book Shri M.K. Gupta an engineer by profession, has a great interest in ancient yoga science and philosophy. Yoga was his interest right from childhood and he has studied and practiced the same extensively ever since.

Knowledge and practice of Reiki is closely associated with our ancient yoga Science. However the author felt of little disappointed to observe the way Reiki is being taught in the market by the so called Masters and Grandmasters. He feels that they have turned it into a commercial thing and thus, it has lost its sanctity and rightful place as a sacred healing science. The reason is that it is being taught without relating it to Yoga and other basic concepts of prana or life energy. The author has observed that now a days any Tom, Dick and Harry goes to learn Reiki without having even the basic concept of yoga and related aspects and within a few days claims to have crossed all levels and becomes the Master.

Under such circumstances the author felt to write a book where healing through Reiki should be properly explained with a scientific understanding of the same and it should also be related with our sacred ancient yoga science. In order to facilitate such scientific understanding of Reiki healing by readers, the author has first explained the anatomy of energy body, prana, nadis, charkas, aura and energy imbalance in the body and thereafter he takes the readers on the fascinating journey of energy healing through Reiki.

The author has given plentiful measures in the book to increase one's energy level so that one can become an effective instrument in channeling the precious Reiki energy.

1 Reiki-The Universal Life Energy 9
2 Our Energy Body 12
3 Charkas {or Energy Centres} 20
a. Description of Seven Major Chakras 23
b. Some Useful Notes about Chakras 26
c. Representation of Chakras at Various Points in the Body 30
4 Energy Imbalance Root Cause of All Problems 32
a. Physical Factors Causing Imbalance 33
b. Mental Factors Causing Imbalance 33
c. Energy imbalance from yogic Perspective 37
d. Imbalance towards Left Side 37
e. Imbalance towards Right Side 39
f. Balance at the Centre 39
g. Achieving the Balance of Nadis 40
h. Clearing the Chakras 41
5 Reiki Attunement 43
6 Basic Principles of Reiki Healing 46
7 Preparing Hands for Energy Transfer in Reiki 49
8 Full body Reiki 53
a. Guidelines for providing Reiki Treatment 53
b. Reiki Treatment for Self 59
c. Reiki Treatment for Others 72
9 Reiki Treatments for Specific Ailments 81
10 Distant Healing 85
11 Scanning and Treating the Aura 87
12 Supporting Aids for Reiki Practice 96
13 Balancing Panch Pranas 103
a. Mudras for Balancing Five Elements or Five Pranas 106
14 Energy Locks 109
15 Kundalini and Reiki 111
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