How To Be One With God

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Author: Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D. (Swami Atmananda)
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788120737334
Pages: 366 ( 2 B/W & 3 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
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Scriptures and holy books are not understood in their right perspective unless one becomes an initiate or twice born. However great a scholar one may be one cannot really appreciate the facts presented therein in the real sense. Why this is so and what is the way back to our original spirituality is the subject matter of the book. The book presents the author’s autobiography giving details of the evolution of the universe and then various methods of transcending normal consciousness to become twice born. Finally the method of Shaktipat for a quantum jump into divinity through the power passed onto a disciple by the Guru is presented. The author has given his recommendations and suggestions to the seekers based on his personal experiences.

Dr. Ravindra Kumar obtained a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Indian institute of technology (IIT) Delhi in 1968. Thereafter be continued post doctoral research at universities at Lancaster and London, UK, and taught mathematics in about ten countries. Through sustained ashtangayoga over the years he experienced the awakening of Kundalini in 1987 in Zimbabwe after which his interest shifted to religion and parapsychology. He resigned from his position as Prof. in Mathematics in 1994. Till date he has authored about fifteen research papers on his spiritual sciences. He is a trustee of the Academy of spirituality and Paranormal Studies, USA, and founder president of the Academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum soul, with centers in New Delhi Copenhagen London and Saratoga (Florida). He himself received initiation through Shaktipat by powerful Gurus in the Tirth Lineage of India and is actively involved in the ashram’s work also imparting training on Shaktipat imitation. He has successfully initiated a large number of selected practitioners round the world who got their Kundalini awakened and have a completely changed life working towards the realization of the self.


In recent years there have been two books in the market that caught my attention: How to Know God (Dr. Deepak Chopra) and How to find God (Sri Herald Klemp) the Eckankar leader at Minnesota. These books prompted me to realize the three steps in nature first to know God by inference through Jnana (Knowledge) then to find God inference experience of Yoga and then become God through bhakti or devotion. These ideas matured in the research paper we are all Gods in the making appearing this year in the Journal of spirituality and Paranormal Brahman is the central message of this book which further elaborates concrete steps to achieve this inevitable goal.

Complete realization of the self takes place in three stages first is the realization of the impersonal Brahman as Brahmajyoti or effulgence from the lord that lights all the material and spiritual worlds and is omnipresent and that is the identification of atman with Brahman. Many seekers stop at this stage considering it to be the final goal. Of course the chain of repeated births is broken and one finds and abode in the spiritual sky that is lighted with brahmajyoti in contrast with innumerable material universe each of them having their own sun for light and energy. Buddha too talked about the Light of the Void as the final realization. The second stage involves the realization of the paramatman aspect of the Lord in the form of his powers as yogi’s talk of Siddhis and his presence in each heart as the super soul looking after every soul or atman in an individual. The soul and super soul are realized as a simultaneous presence in the heart for example through automatic sphurna or special ecstatic vibration emanating from the heart. When one continues further and is able to pierce the brahmajyoti that is extremely bright and dazzling covering the face of the Lord he has a face to face pleasant encounter with the Lord. This is the third and final realization of the self. One then lives on one of the spiritual planets called vaikunthakas in the spiritual sky.

I have presented my autobiography as the first chapter corroborating my experiences with various faiths and traditions and giving details of various milestones that a practitioner passes through in his spiritual journey to Godhood. I have been unknowingly following the eight fold path of yoga and every time I got an experience it was explained by some agency in one way or the other. Teaching and researching in mathematics for more than 30 years in various countries I never knew about Kundalini until it was awakened in me through been my friends telling me of things that have happened or are about to happen. My first encounter was with my inner Guru my higher Self, and then although I did not need a worldly Guru I took imitations from some Masters for my own satisfaction. The whole journey is described in full detail including the various factors that assist in the process and I hope it will help some seekers on the path.

A fact worthy of attention is that scriptures and holy books are not understood in their right perspective unless one becomes an initiate or twice born. This is the reason why the followers of different religions are fighting with each other in the name of God who is one and the same for everyone by whatever name you may call him. The truth has been concealed from mundane readers some 12,000 years ago with the subermersion of the great ataltis as the angles or devas did not want the facts to go in the hands of unworthy people. For example astronomy is reduced only to the science of stars without the knowledge of the spiritual entities and their activities associated with it. Hence one’s first aim should be to become a twice born and that requires a crisis – moral, scientific physical or religious which is not under one’s control. However yoga and meditation and other metaphysical practices can bring a calculated crisis which is in a way under one’s control.

In subsequent Chapters I have elaborated the fact that we are all Gods in the making which is inevitable and predestined. However the difference is that some will have this realization in present life some in a future life and yet some in future manvantaras depending on the level of interest and persuasion they have. Madam Blavatsky’s the secret Doctrine has been very enlightening and informative and I have tried to present her collected ideas in a simple form for the benefit of the readers. Starting with the method shown by Blavatsky for the journey back of the Lord I have presented the method of Swami Yukteswar that I have been following unknowingly. And then the way shown by the Lord himself in Srimad Bhagavatam and Sri Ishopanishad commented upon by swami Prabhupad is presented in brief. Finally I have elaborated the method of Shaktipat that I learnt and practiced on many prepared practitioners successfully raising their Kundalini in shorter time as compared to the time taken by classical method of self efforts.

It is amazing to note whatever method of self-realization may be chosen the experiences are verified by each one of them. The reason is that various faiths and traditions lay stress on certain selected aspects of realization only according to their bringing up with the method but spiritual development is universally the same process. For example hearing the cosmic sound internally is the sure sign of spiritual awakening mentioned in all religions. Hindus call is Shabda Brahma or Aum Jews and Christians call it the word or Logos Muslims call it Kalm-I-Illahi Pythagoras called it the music of Spheres Eckankar call it the divine sound and some others call it Amen. Similar names can be found elsewhere too. Seeing the Lord as a Divine child at the culmination of the spiritual process is detailed not only in Hindu Scriptures but in other traditions too. Thus the most famous philosopher and psychology of the West Dr. Carl Gustav Jung writes about the birth of the psychic child after the inner marriage between masculine and feminine aspects of personality has taken place and as a proof of the process of individuation being completed. The Chinese Zoroastrians and Egyptians have also talked about the birth of such a child in very clear terms also talked about the birth of such a child in very clear terms very interesting details of this fact can be read in their famous book of the Golden flower in Chinese.


Preface ix
The Aura of the First Author xxiii
The Aura of the Second Author xxv
The Divine Light sound and Touch xxvi
Cosmic Consciousness xxix
Introduction xxxi
Chapter 1 The Autobiography – My Journey to Godhood
Introduction, Historical background, life
In Africa, observations
Chapter 2 We are all Gods in the Making
Introduction, The Spiritual Hierarchy
Initiation and Nature of Gods
Chapter 3 The Creation of Universe and Man: Cosmic Evolution
The Seven Races, Nature of Gods and Seven
Rounds, God Monad (Jiva) and Atom
(The creation of man), Venus, On variety of
creators and the process of creation of man
Chapter 4The Liberation of Man
Blavatsky, Swami Sri Yukteswar, The
Goal, the Procedure, The Revelation
Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Srimad Bhagavata
Mahapurana, The Process of Meditation
Sri Ishopanishad and Swami Prabhupada of
ISKCON, Invocation, Mantras
Chapter 5 Quantum Jump into Divinity through Shaktipat
Introduction, Why there is Anxiety About
Death? How Shakti Replace the fear of Death
With a Trust in Existence? Shaktipat or
Kundalini Mahayoga, Guru and the Initiate,
Shaktipat Initiation, Liberation, Experiences
On Awakening, order of experiences of
Realization, My own experiences, what
Help is Offered?
Glossary 302
References 312
Bibliography 324
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