How to Worship All God and Goddess Sarvdev Poojan Vidhan (Sarvdev Pooja Padhati/ Sanskrit, Roman with Simple Hindi-English Meaning)

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Sarvdev Puja

Creation of Vedi is the most important for Devpujan. A Vedi made of wheat flour one and a half hands long and equally broad is created by keeping purified earth on purified surface. Now mark the Navgraha in it in the proper directions like this.

Install Ganesh ji with yellow rice grains in the swastika.

While performing the prayer the priest should face the note and the worshipper towards east.

In all religious or social activities some activities are commonly performed. They are aatmashuddhi aasan-shuddhi, sankalp, Brahmin pujan, svasti-vachan, mangal path, ganesh pujan, ghatsthapan, punyahvaachan, varun-pujan. Besides in some auspicious activities navgraha pujan, matrika pujan, naandimukh shraddh kushkandika and havan are also performed.

Aatm Shuddhi : After getting rid of the daily chores the worshipper should sit on a clean place facing towards east or north. Then the following mantra should be recited. Om apavitrah pavitro va sarvavastham gatoapi va| yah samretpundarikaskasham sa bahyabhyantarah shuchih||

After this he should sprinkle water on himself for purification. After this: Now perform aachaman.

Om prithviti mantrasya meruprishtha rishih sutalam chhandah kurmo devta aasan pavitrakarne viniyogah||

After his the following mantra should be recited and water should be sprinkled on aasan for purification.

Om prithvi tvaya dhrita loka, devi tvam vishnuna dhrita| Tvam cha dhaaray maam devi pavitram kuru chaasnam||

Some scholars especially those in Punjab make the worshipper sit for the prayer after wearing the ygayopaveet.

While accepting the yogyopaveet the following mantra should be recited.

Sometimes a couple sits together in the pujan. In that case the priest should recite the following mantra while performing the gathbandhan.

Now light the diyah.


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