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Intelligence Beyond Thought: Exploding the Mechanism of Mind

Intelligence Beyond Thought: Exploding the Mechanism of Mind
Item Code: IDJ065
Author: Dada Gavand
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8177694502
Pages: 391 (43 Colour Illustrations, 71 B/W Illus:)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.1" X 7.1"
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Throughout history there have been those unique individuals who upset the societal status quo, who poke us to see ourselves more closely and prod us to go beyond, who rock the boat of complacency and question the reasons why, who pick our sense of accepted values and buzz at the bastions of tradition.

These disturbers have invariably been on the leading edge of important change, be it political, psychological, social or religious. They were the visionaries who grasped the next needed thread to be woven into the fabric of mankind's march on earth.

Dada Gavand is such an individual. His living experience of the explosion of mind is now humanity's leading edge. He doesn't mince words in describing this powerful event, what led up to it in his own life, how this totally different energy transformed his brain and body in its own way, and how this explosion brings 'the peace that passes understanding' which humanity has sought for so long.

We know that one universal theme has consistently permeated the histories of all civilizations, religions, philosophies and psychology: the mysterious quest for enlightenment to know the ultimate Truth. God, spiritual transformation, self-understanding, inner peace--it has many names.

This deep-seated yearning to find true meaning in life and to transcend mundane existence crosses many races, societies and sacio-economic strata. To discover the missing link between the mind and inner spirit becomes urgent and vastly more important than intellectual knowledge, pleasures and acquisitions.

A number of rare individuals have risen up to meet the challenge and grapple with the psychological barriers to peace and fulfillment, to experience Oneness/Divinity/Enlightenment. Their first-hand understanding has often been handed down over generations. But rarely has much detail been shared regarding the personal experience of enlightenment.

Many books are being written on the subject, yet few are authored by individuals who have themselves experienced this matter this inner cataclysm.

Intelligence Beyond Thought is the personal account of the saga that resulted in this transformation. Finally, Dada shares this first-hand experience in rare details, describing the inner processes that culminated in a breakthrough to another dimension.

Breaking exciting new ground in spiritual/ psychological literature. Data actually shares the secret of how the event of enlightenment takes place! That is the unique and astoundingly important contribution of this autobiographical journey, not revealed in any other writing on the subject.

Dada's amazing account describes the frustrations, disillusionment, despair, yearning and upheaval, which led to a mountaintop hut, far removed form family and society. There, alone with no distractions or escapes, Dada grappled face-to-face with the psychological mechanism of mind, the internal operating system of man that dictates every thought and movement.

He describes his months of solitude, the cauldron of inner watching without letup, the mystery of dissolving thought, and how the energy gathered thereby finally leads to a powerful explosion. Intelligence Beyond Thought is perhaps the only description of the psychological processes and state of energy release and buildup that ultimately produce the critical-mass energy necessary for this quantum-leap breakthrough of consciousness.

Such an explosion shatters the crystallized psychological structure of mind and brings contact with an energy and intelligence of a different, unseen dimension. Only this radical event allows man to experience new energy from a hitherto unknown source beyond thought and mind. He describes how it enters the body, acts on the brain and organs at the cellular level, with its own intelligence and mysterious movement, coming and going at will in order to make the body and nervous system capable of sustaining its high-voltage flow.

This new energy has the capacity to wipe out the genetic past and conditioning, heal illnesses and physical and mental problems. It can transform relationship, society, and mankind. A universal human being emerges, free of self-centered attitudes, and from cultural and psychological conditioning. He then is the embodiment of love, intelligence and compassion, which is what humanity has been searching for throughout history.

Dada talks frankly about transformation as a radical step, not a tame process of gradual adjustments, intellectual theories of growth, or mindful disciplines. He questions the easy steps and remedies, the spiritual and psychological words repeated and quoted so freely, the behavioral amendments that basically do little at a deeper level.

In his life of frankness shines the adventurous spirit of a man who had wealth, prestige, comfort and stability, yet who gave it all up in his passion to discover the spiritual gem awaiting within.

Intelligence Beyond Thought impels the reader to look entirely within himself to see the relentlessly chattering mind, the mental mechanism constantly generating thoughts, behaviors and endless chains of problems-repair-problems. Dada shows how this psychological structure dominates our energy for its own survival dictating our every move; that man is in fact its captive!

Dada brings the reader to the point of deeply sensing the urgency of this change now, not only to bring a sense of peace and relaxation to oneself on a daily basis, but for humanity and the future of the world. The vivid details of his life jolt us into enquiring whether we, too, are enslaved and just stagnating. Perhaps we must rise up in revolt to face the inner dictator and take a revolutionary step.

This book does not lay out a path nor is it a guide. Rather it is a gauntlet to society: pointing to an energy, intelligence and way of being that transcends everything we currently know. It produces a revolutionary human being with the power to revolutionize society. Dada's life is a living testament to how this new-dimensional energy itself leads to actions that are intelligent benevolent and creative.

He is a man who, despite profound change and cosmic awareness, has lived simply, humbly, seeks no fame or riches, and has not proclaimed from pulpits in charismatic public style. Dada is a teacher surely, but not a 'guru'. At 88, his health, youthful appearance and mysterious energy are amazing examples of how this change can affect the body and brain.

This gentle powerhouse has touched the lives of thousands of persons through his penetrating way of giving talks and personal interviews, staying in countless homes on his tours and working on various creative projects, thus enriching those friends with this energy and wisdom. The new-dimensional energy that he is, affects all those who are open and receptive, even those who may be somewhat resisting it!

But revolutionary he surely is, because nothing can remain quite the same after he touches one's life. One then starts looking seriously within at the chattering, conditioned and clever dictator in our own head. Dada playfully pesters until we glimpse our folly. He craftily questions our comfortable mind-set until nothing is quite comfortable again. He muddies up our mechanical meditations, which may be lulling us into sanctified stagnation.

Dada is a mixed blessing, incredibly different, scarily knowing, powerfully close, great fun, our very best friend, our worst heckler. He is caring and sensitive, yet his words prick deeply. He is down-home and approachable, but downright hard on our ingrained grooves.

The change that Dada reflects and discusses is not merely temporary peacefulness, not a new way of meditation nor a polished path to bliss. The mind/thought mechanism becomes totally different, explodes, as he calls it, allowing the brain as a tool to be used by the intelligent energy that is Life/Love/Cosmic/Divine.

Have we seen any fundamental change in mankind or society? Rather, haven't we seen the consistent failures of all forms of litany, whether New Age or old tradition? The world is careening toward catastrophe, with mankind creating problems faster than it can solve them. We blame anything and anyone. This is true from our own household level to that of nations and the world. We are just not doing a very good job given the thinking tools that we have, even after centuries of trying!

Now science and psychologists are peering closer and closer at the mind in the test tubes, brain scans and genetic codes. Everyone is still trying to figure out what makes mankind tick so abnormally. Dada is a man who has investigated to the core of the mind, dissolved its conditioned and genetic domination, and experienced the profound transformation and new energy flow which itself will intelligently and benevolently guide us in daily and worldly living.

It is incredibly exciting to consider this possibility, which is right under out noses. Also intimidating perhaps. But it is really very necessary, now, not to back away from this door to profound inner peaces. The world desperately needs the intelligence of this new energy.

The secret or transformation shared in this book is the cutting edge information for sincere seekers, psychologists and explorers of science and religion, and for all genuinely questioning individuals. Indeed, the book is less a personal life story and more of a treatise on a radical inner revolution. Intelligence Beyond Thought is a beacon to the breakthrough that humanity urgently needs in the precarious 21st century! We thank Dada for a lifetime of sharing himself, his vision, and that energy.

About the book:

This autobiography of Dada Gavand shows the way of ultimate psychological revolution and the discovery of an immortal flame within.

In total solitude and through intense internal inquiry, Dada experienced a powerful explosion within, which shattered the very structure of his thought-mind.

He tells us how a totally new, mysterious energy sprouted within, transforming the brain cell and charging him with its high-voltage flow. This unique energy was of a higher dimension and functioned beyond the level of thought-mind.

Dada describes in detail, the mystery of this quantum leap in consciousness.

Every kind of reader, whether seeker, social worker, psychologist or scientist, will find this inner journey compelling. Indeed, this book can be the golden thread which can lead you within, to discover the hidden potential within you which is the very fountainhead of life.

The final challenge for a human being is he himself …the 'I'! In this challenge lies the opportunity for man to discover his hidden potential. In losing himself, man stands to gain the greatest prize of life-freedom.

Freedom from time-the mind-is the liberation of life.




  Offering …  
  On Dada …  
  A Word from the Author …  
Chapter 1 The Upheaval  
  Ending a Life of Respectable Stagnation 19
Chapter 2 Where No One Can find me  
  A Plunge into the Unknown 27
Chapter 3 Alone in a Hut  
  Sex, Fear and Attachment 42
Chapter 4 Releasing The Trapped Energy  
  Thought: The Potential Energy-Pocket 54
Chapter 5 The Explosion  
  Shattering The Ego-Mind: A New Energy Flow 66
Chapter 6 A Call From Meherbaba  
  Discerning the Truth 72
Chapter 7 Farewell to Mount Sajjangad  
  A Passion ti Find the Hidden Dimension 80
Chapter 8 Homecoming: From Solitude to Society  
  Sharing the Inner Mystery 111
Chapter 9 Living in a Cave: Inner Journey Intensifies  
  Submission and Cellular Change 117
Chapter 10 The Unpredictable Play of Life Energy  
  Pilgrimage to Celestial Cave 135
Chapter 11 A Benevolent Conspiracy  
  Life Opens the Doors 148
Chapter 12 Voyage: Beyond the Horizon  
  A Glimpse of Eternity 161
Chapter 13 Arrival in America  
  Unfolding of the Spirit 177
Chapter 14 The Psychologists: My First Challenge  
  Mind: a Limited Mechanism 185
Chapter 15 Yoga: A Fresh Look  
  Integrating the Fragmented Energy 196
Chapter 16 The First Book Emerges: 'Beyond the Mind'  
  Strangers Working in Unison 209
Chapter 17 First Return to India  
  Thankfulness 221
Chapter 18 Another Book Project: Towards the Unknown'  
  The Beauty and Necessity of Aloneness 229
Chapter 19 More Talks in India: Meeting Prominent People  
  The Everest of the Inner Domain 244
Chapter 20 Meetings and Travels in USA and Canada  
  Technological Progress and the Scientific Temper 251
Chapter 21 The Visit to OjaI  
  Conversion of Thought Energy 273
Chapter 22 Taking Photographs: A Meditative Act  
  Expressing Cosmic Intelligence in Art Form 281
Chapter 23 Volcanic Eruptions: Within and Without  
  A Counterforce to the Mind's Outward Thrust 303
Chapter 24 Sharing Insights: Letters and Poems  
  The Hidden Blessing of Pain 313
Chapter 25 A Talk in Virginia  
  Spontaneous Action from Beyond Thought 350
Chapter 26 Seekers' Doubts  
  Frequently Asked Questions 364
Chapter 27 The Ultimate Revolution  
  Crossing the Last Hump 378
Chapter 28 Birth of Universal Man  
  A Journey from Personality to Divinity 391

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