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MUSIC OF THE SOUTH ASIAN PEOPLES: A Historical Study of Music of India, Kashmere, Ceylon and Bangaladesh and Pakistan (Volume One)

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MUSIC OF THE SOUTH ASIAN PEOPLES: A Historical Study of Music of India, Kashmere, Ceylon and Bangaladesh and Pakistan (Volume One)
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Item Code: IDF677
Author: Swami Prajnanananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Vedanta Math
Language: English
Edition: 1979
Pages: 387 (Illustrated in Color & B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 7.9" X 5.4"
About the Book:

This books deals historically with the music materials of India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The plan of writing this book has absolutely been devised from a new outlook with many new findings and records of Indian music.

The book is divided into three volumes. This first volume has covered the periods, primitive, Prehistoric, Vedic, Epic, Buddhistic and Classical and has discussed the materials of music, their development and systems upto Bharata's Natyasastra.

This volume has discussed about Vedic music gandharva-music, classical marga-music and sophisticated desi-music and has proved that the later marga type of classical music evolved partly from the Vedic music and greatly from the gandharva-music devised and cultured by the semi-divine Gandharvas.

This volume has elaborately discussed about the systems of dramatic stage and dramatic performance as described by muni bharata and for comparative study and knowledge it has dealt with the theatres of Athens, Greece and Crete, along with laws and principles of drama and dramatic plays of the Hindus and the Greeks. The mythologies of the Veda and Purana are the keys to unlock the mysteries inner significance and meanings of the Vedas and epics and the real research workers will be benefited with these notes of Prof. Macdonell Hillebrandt and Hopkins.

Preface 1
Introduction 8.
Chapter I Music and its Subjects 9-18
Chapter II Evolution of Music in Society 19-24
Chapter III Folk-Element in Indian Music 25-28
Chapter IV Theory of Music 29-46
Chapter V Object of Music 47-64
Chapter VI Raga and Scale 65-76
Chapter VII Materials and Essentials of Music 69-74
Chapter VIII Giti and Prabandha 75-76
Chapter IX Music of India 79-142
Chapter X Music in the Buddhist Period 141-159
Chapter XI The Classical Period 160-173
Chapter XII The Silappadhikaranam 174-181
Chapter XIII Ramayana, Mahabharata and Harivamsa 182-208
Chapter XIV Music Materials in the Literary works 209-220
Chapter XV Evolution of Drama and its Purpose 221-237
Chapter XVI A Link Between Vedic and Gandharva Music 238-261
Chapter XVII The Natyasastra of Muni Bharata 262-304
Chapter XVIII Rasa and Bhava 305-336
Appendices 337-376
Appendix I The Gramas in the Natyasastra 337
Appendix II Some notes on the stage 356
Costume in the stage for players 358
The Greek Theatre and the plays 359
Appendix III Aesthetics: western and Indian 360
Appendix IV Jagannatha Pandit and Rasagangadhara 365
Appendix V Vedic Mythology (a) 368
Vedic Mythology (b) 372
Epic Mythology 373
Classical Age 375
Bibliography 377
Index 383

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