The Oxford India Illustrated Corbett

The Oxford India Illustrated Corbett

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Item Code: IDI668
Author: Jim Corbett
Publisher: Oxford University Press, New Delhi
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 019566874X
Pages: 322 (Illustrated Throughout In Black & White)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 9.8" X 7.3
From The Jacket

From the gripping narrative of Corbett's first man-eater hunt in 'The Champawat Man-Eater' to the unusual tale of 'The Temple tiger' which enjoys the blessings of the local deity shielding it from the hunter, to vignettes of Corbett's life away from his beloved Kumaon in 'Loyalty' and 'Chamari', and the uncanny narrative of his last man-eater hunt in 'The Thak Man-Eater', this collector's edition of stories by the master sportsman and chronicler of the Indian jungle draws upon the entire range of his published work covering his life in India. Richly illustrated, it comes with the promise of a narrative journey filled with excitement, suspense, reflection, and pathos.

This edition is designed to appeal equally to those who know and love the writings of Corbett, as also the uninitiated, especially young readers who are bound to find the stories thrilling and the illustrations delightful. The general reader interested in wildlife, nature and its relationship with the human environment will also find much to learn from the poignant account of the rise and fall in the fortunes of the Indian tiger embedded in these narratives of first-hand experience with the wild.

Jim Corbett, India's most famous hunter of man-eating tigers, was transformed, by his love for the Indian forest, into a conservationist of great commitment as well as a storyteller of great skill. His adventurous and insightful tales about wild tigers have not only kept a whole generation of readers entertained but also won them over to the cause of the environment.

My Indiaxi
Jungle Lore1
The Law of the Jungles18
The Champawat Man-Eater58
The Temple Tiger88
The Panar Man-Eater127
The Chowgarh Tigers150
The Mohan Man-Eater205
The Kanda Man-Eater238
The Thak Man-Eater238
The Thak Man-Eater253
Just Tigers303
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