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Pathyapathya Vinirnayah - A Decisivie Anthology on Therapeutic Dietetics (A Descriptive Directory on Diets Directions and Drugs for Wholistic Health Mangement)

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Author: Dr. Arhanth Kumar A. and Dr. Shreevathsa
Publisher: Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789386554796
Pages: 312
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 340 gm
Book Description
About The Book

Pathya Viniranyah is an unique treatise on concept of Pathya (Conductive and wholesome to human being) as well as Apathya (Non –conductive and unwholesome to human being). It is written by Sri Viswanatha Kaviraja and consists of 560 verses written in sanskrit language. Pathyapathya Viniranyah (A decisive anthology on therapeutic dietetics) is a descriptive directory on diets (Ahara), directions (Vihara), drugs (Asudha) and spiritually (Acara) for whole and holistic health and disease management. For 76 disease Pathya –Apathya are given starting from Jwara to Kaphaja roga. 10 steps of literary research vis, simplicity, clarification, nearest translation, description, nearest co relation, Interception, critical analysis, systematic arrangement, acceptance, as well as clarification of ambiguity and incorporation of current concept are followed in the present text. The honest efforts of contributions will be fruited only if the concepts of the text are applied for the needy.


The contribution of Sri Visanatha Kaviraja; "Pathya –pathya Vinirnayah" is an unique treatise on the concept of Pathya (Conductive & Wholesome to human being ) as well as Apathya ( Non –conductive & wholesome to human –beings). Its wirtten in Sanskrit language with highest level of simplicity & contain two parisita (Appendicies) among which the first one contains 15 verses whereas second one contains 43 verses. Author revealed about self at the end of the text. 'Pathya –Apathya' for the diseases starting from Jwara to Kaphaja Roga are given (76 diseases). There is note on Pathya –Apathya according to Rtu (Seasons) Parishta explained about basics to understand Pathya –Apathya i.e., concept of Rasa (Taste), Description about karma ( Therapeutic procedures & Actions).

The text analyses concept of 'Pathya' keeping the concept of Caraka Samhita in center.

Following are the characteristics of Pathya:

Patho Anapetan –the drugs –diet & regimen which do not affect Patha (Srotas Body System/Channels).

Manasah Priaym –It should be pleasing & conductive to mind.

Keeping these two out comes in center, in the text Pathypathya Vinirnayah' the concept has been designed with following perspectives.

Uparkramds (Treatment procedures/Therapies) are meant to noramlize Patha & are conductive to mind. Thus they are included under Pathya.

Disease specific drugs ( Asudha Dravya ) are specified to process the food to prepare herapeutic diets & thus they are also mentioned in the text. The outcome of these drugs is to maintain intactness of Patha & happiness in the mind.

Ahara Vargas (Food groups) are explored in detail as per the disease. Its mentioned in the text. The outcome of these drugs are also mentioned in 'Caraka Samhita' that human body is madeup of food & disease is the outcome of food, based on its judicious as well as injudicious administration respectively. Thus there is a need to explore Ahara Varga which is the source for wholesome food. Hence Ahara Varga which matches to patha & which suits Mana (Mind) are explored here.

Regimen plays pivotal role in homeostasis. It's specific to specific patha. Disease is Particular to Patha & thus there is a need of description of regimen specific to patha. Hence 'Patha Anapeta',' Manasah Priya' – regimen are explained under the heading of pathya.

'Spiritual Therapy' is specific to patha & is said to 'Manesh Priya'. Thus disease specific spiritual therapy is also included under the heading of pathya.

In the present effort special methodology stated in Charka Samhita i.e.,

A wise narrates concepts categorically to better understanding is used. The descriptions of Pathya –Apathya are categorized according to circumtances. Along with categorization following points of Literary research are focused systematically.



Nearest translation.

Description Narration.

Nearest corelation.


Critical analysis.

Systematic arrangement.

Acceptance of ambiguity.

Current concepts.

The texts has been narrated with two parts:

1. Part A: Patha : A way to homeostasis through wholesome Diet. This part deals with the through the perespective of Analytical translation.

2. Part B : Epilogue : Priyam : A conductive mode of knowledge Enchancement. This part deals with accessary information essential to understand the main text.

The honest efforts of authors will be fuitlfull only by the application of the concepts of this text, in patients/ needy people.


S.No.ContentPage No.
Acknowledgement V
International Alphabet of Sanskrit TransliterationX
Part -A
A Way to Homeostasis through Wholesome Diet
1Auspicious verse to invoke devine blessings 3
2Benefits of the text3
3Responsibility of a docter3
4Withdrawal of Non -Dietetics4
5Superioty of Dietetics4
6Factors to be known before treatment 4
7Treatment for First stage of Fever5
8Treatment for fever manifested due to the vitiation of all Dosas5
9Non -Dietetics in First stage of fever6
10Stages of Fever 7
11Dietetics for second stage of Fever7
12Dietetics for fever caused by the vitiation of two dosas9
13Dietetics for chronic fever10
14Dietetics for fever caused due to Injury 11
15Dietetics for fever caused by the odour of poisonous medicines12
16Dietetics for fever caused by incatation12
17Dietetics for fever caused by unexpected events12
18Dietetics for fever caused by sexual desire etc.12
19Dietetics for fever manifested by the affliction of evil spirits13
20Dietetics for fever due to extrinsic factors14
21Dietetics for fever which is continuous or irregular in nature14
22Non -Dietetics in Fever)15
23Leafy vegetables in Fever16
24Fruity vegetables in Fever16
25Spiritual Therapy in Fever17
26Non -Dietetics in Fever17
27Non -dietetics for post fever 19
28Dietetics for Diarrhoea19
29Thin Gruel in Ascitis21
30Gruel as dietetics Diarrhoea22
31Boiled water as Dietetics in Diarrhoea23
32Non-Dietetics in Diarrhoea24
33Dietetics in Abdominal Sqrue25
34Non Dietetics in Abdominal Sprue28
35Dietetics in Piles or Haemorrhoids30
36Non -Dietetics in Piles/ Haemorrhoids32
37Dietetics for Decreased appetite and Indigestion34
38Non-Dietetics for decreased appetite and Indigestion37
39Dietetics for lethargy of food & Gastro enteritis 39
40Dietetics for Different worm infestation39
41Non -Dietetics for worm infestation 42
42Dietetics for Anamia and related disorders42
43Non -Dietetics for Anaemia and related disorders44
44Dietetic for Haemorrhagic disease or bleeding disorders46
45Non -Dietetics for Haemorrage diseases50
46Dietetic for Tissue Depletion52
47Dietetic for Tissue Depletion52
48Non -Dietetics in Tissue Depletion55
49Dietetics in cough56
50Non -dietetics in cough58
51Dietetics for Dysponea59
52Non -Dietetics in Dysponea62
53Dietetics for Hiccup63
54Non -Dietetics in Hiccup65
55Dietetic for Hoarse Voice66
56Non -Dietetics for Hoarse Voice67
57Dietetics for Anorexia68
58Non -Dietetics for Anorexia70
59Dietetics for Vommitting71
60Non-Dietetics for Vommitting73
61Dietetics for Thrist74
62Non -Dietetics for Thrist77
63Dietetics for Unoconsciousness77
64Non -Dietetics for Unoconsciousness80
65Dietetics in Alcholic Intoxication81
66Non -Dietetics in Alcholic Intoxication82
67Dietetics for Burning Sensation83
68Non -Dietetics for Burning Sensation86
69Dietetics for Insanity86
70Dietetics for Inasanity due to Psychic Factor88
71Dietetics for Insanity Due to the influence of celestial bodies89
72Non -Dietetics for Insanity90
73Dietetic for Epilepsy91
74Non -Dietetic for Epilepsy92
75Dietetics for Disease of Vitiated Vata93
76Non -Dietetics for Disease of Vitiated Vata98
77Dietetics for Gauty arthritis & Vascular Disorder100
78Non Dietetics for Gauty arthritis103
79Dietetics for Akinetism of Lower Limbs104
80Non -Dietetics for Akinetism of Lower Limbs106
81Dietetics for Rheumatoid106
82Non -Dietetics for Rheumatoid107
83Dietetics for Colic Abdomen108
84Non -Dietetics for Colic Abdomen110
85Dietetic for Disease Due to Upward Movement of Vata111
86Non -Dietetic for Disease Due to Upward Movement of Vata112
87Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of Urge of Defecation112
88Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of act of Micturation112
89Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of Bleaching & cough113
90Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of Sneezing113
91Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of Thirst & Yawning114
92Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of sleep & hunger114
93Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of Tears & Dyspnoea on Exertion114
94Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of Seminal Ejaculation115
95Dietetics for Udavarta Due to Suppression of Act of Vommitting115
96Non -Dietetic for Disease due to Upward Movement of Vitiated Vata115
97Dietetic for Distention of Abdomen with Hypomotility of GIT)116
98Non -Dietetic for Distention of Abdomen with Hypomotility of GIT)116
99Dietetic for Inflammatory & Neoplastic Disease of Abdomen117
100Non -Dietetic for Inflammatory & Neoplastic Diseases of Abdomen117
101Dietetics for Heart diseases119
102Non -Dietetics for Heart diseases120
103Dietetic for Dysurea Due To Various Causes122
104Non -Dietetic for Dysurea Due to Various Causes122
105Dietetic for Retention of Urine125
106Non -Dietetic for Retention of Urine126
107Dietetic for Renal calculi127
108Non -Dietetic for Renal calculi127
109Dietetic for Diabetes Mellitus & other related Metabolic Disorder128
110Non -Dietetic for Diabetes Mellitus & other related Metabolic Disorder129
111Dietetic for obesity & Other Adipose Tissue Disorder132
112Non -Dietetic for obesity & Other Adipose Tissue Disorder133
113Dietetic and non -dietetics for emaciation135
114Dietetics for ascities136
115Non -Dietetics for ascities136
116Dietetics for Edema138
117Non -Dietetics for Edema139
118Dietetic for Hernia & Other Scrotal Swellings141
119Non -Dietetic for Hernia & Other Scrotal Swellings142
120Dietetic for Goitre & Other Cervical Swellings144
121Non -Dietetic for Goitre & Other Cervical Swellings144
122Dietetics for Abscess146
123Non -Dietetics for Abscess146
124Dietetics for Inflammatory Edema148
125Non -Dietetics for Inflammatory Edema148
126Dietetics for Fracture151
127Non -Dietetics for Fracture153
128Dietetics for Fistula -In-Ano154
129Non -Dietetics for Fistula -In-Ano155
130Dietetics for Soft chancre 156
131Non -Dietetics for Soft chancre 156
132Dietetics for Diseases caused by species of Poisonous insect Afflictions157
133Non -Dietetics for Diseases caused by species of Poisonous insect Afflictions158
134Dietetics for Leprospy & Other major Dermatological conditions159
135Non -Dietetics for Leprospy & Other major Dermatological conditions159
136Dietetis for Urticaria & other Allergic Skin Manifestations162
137Non -Dietetis for Urticaria & other Allergic Skin Manifestations163
138Dietitic for Acid Peptic Disorder164
139Non -Dietitic for Acid Peptic Disorder165
140Dietetics for Erisepalas & other Spreadings Dermatological Disorders166
141Non -Dietetics for Erisepalas & other Spreadings Dermatological Disorders168
142Dietics for Blisters/Eructions169
143Non -Dietics for Blisters/Eructions170
144Dietetics for Small pox171
145Non -Dietetics for Small pox174
146Dietetics and non -dietetics for Disease of mild presentation175
147Dietetics for Facial disorders175
148Non -Dietetics for Facial disorders176
149Dietitics for Ear disorders177
150Non -Dietitics for Ear disorders178
151Dietetics for Nasal disorders178
152Non -Dietetics for Nasal disorders180
153Dietetics for Eye Disorder180
154Non -Dietetics for Eye Disorder183
155Dietetics for Diseases of Head 184
156Non -Dietetics for Diseases of Head 186
157Dietetics and non -dietetics for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding186
158Dietetics and non -dietetics for disease of femal genital system186
159Dietetics for Pregnancy187
160Non- dietetics for pregnant women188
161Dietetics for Post parturition Management190
162Non -Dietetics for Post parturition Management192
163Dietetic and non -dietetics for Diseases due to Paturition192
164Dietetics during delivery193
165Dietetics and non -dietics for Paediatric Disorders194
166Dietetics and non -dietetics for Parigarbhika194
167Dietetics and non -dietetics for Affliction of Celestial Bodies194
168Dietetics for diseases Due to Poision 194
169Non -Dietetics for diseases Due to Poision 198
170Dietetic and non -Dietetics for Diseases Syndrome 198
171Dietetic for Disease Due to Vitiated Vata199
172Non -Dietetic for Disease of Vata204
173Dietetic for Disease of Pitta207
174Non -Dietetic for Disease of Pitta211
175Dietetic for Disease of Kapha213
176Non -Dietetic for Disease of Kapha215
177Condusive measure for Summer season217
178Non -Condusive measure for Summer season220
179Condusive measure for Rainy season221
180Non -Condusive measure for Rainy season222
181Condusive measure for Autumn season223
182Non -Condusive measure for Autumn season224
183Condusive measure for Winter late winter season225
184Non -Condusive measure for Winter late winter season227
185Condusive measure for Spring season227
186Non -Condusive measure for Spring season230
187Instruction to Physician 230
188List of the disease mentioned in the text231
Appendix I235
Appendix II242
Part -B
A Conductive Mode of Knowledge Enrichment
1Ahara : An Ayurvedic Perspective 255
2Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics 260
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