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Prakrit Narrative Literature (Origin and Growth)

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Prakrit Narrative Literature (Origin and Growth)
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Author: Jagdishchandra Jain
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1981
ISBN: 8121501989
Pages: 252 (With 1 Map)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.8" X 5.8"
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About the Book

This work deals with the important but neglected study of Prakrit narrative literature. It is the elaborate study spanning over 2000 years from the 6th cent. BC to 15th cent. AD. It gives a vivid account of tales discussing the use of social, religious, magical bird and journey motifs, representing the realistic life with social, cultural, and socioeconomic condition of the common people, delineating their commercial, and educational activities and their objects and nature of worship, god and goddesses, ritual and practices, festivals and ceremonies etc. the linguistic aspects of the book show that the Jain writers gave a new twist to the literature by introducing new ideas. From every viewpoint the book must be of immense help in the reconstruction of cultural history of India.

About the Author

Dr. Jagdishchandra Jain, who has been a Research Professor in the Department of Indology, University of Kiel, West Germany and Professor of Hindi in the University of Peking, China, is a renowned author of over 60 books on Ancient Indian Culture, Indian Philosophy, Prakrit Studies etc. His outstanding works are:

The Vasudevahindi - An authentic Jain Version the Brhatkatha; Life in Ancient India as Depicted in Jain Canon; The Gift of Love and other Ancient Indian Tales about Women; Bhagwan Mahavir; History of Prakrit Literature; Syadvadamanjari.

Recently he lectured on ancient Indian history and culture, in various US, Canadian and Latin American universities.




Map: India at the time of Mahavira (500 BC) facing

Chapter 1
Prakrit Jain Tales - Their Growth and Development
India -A Land of Tales
Popularity of Story-Telling
Functions of Tales
Animal Tales
Types of Stories
Erotic Stories
Arthakatha or the Tales Related to Acquiring Wealth
Narrative Tales in Jain Canonical Literature
Tales in Pro-Canonical Literature
Narrative in Post-Canonical Literature
Realism in the Stories
Account of Slaves
Predominence of Religious Teaching
Didactic Narrative Literature
Biographical Literature
The Compilation of Kathakosas

Chapter 2
Motifs and Tale-types in Narratives
Social Motifs
Religious Motifs
Popular Motifs
Motifs Pertaining to magic
The Motif of Conversation of Birds
Motifs Pertaining to Journey Riddles

Chapter 3
Magical Practices and Supernatural Power
Affinity with Birds and Animals
Tribal Relationship
Stock list of Tribal People
Significance of Mountain in Jain Narratives
Accomplishment of Magic Spells
Magic Lores and Aboriginals
The Sabari Spell
Rules of Morality
Popularity of Magic Powers
Great Magical Spells

Chapter 4
Asceticism in Narrative Literature
Renunciation and cause
Renunciation Ceremony
Asceticism not Favoared
Position of Women
Hardship of Ascetic Life
Standing in Meditating Posture (Kayotsarga)

Chapter 5
Popular Deities
Indramaha (Festival of Indra)
Skandamaha (Festival of Skanda)
Yaksamaha (Festival of Yaksa)
Bhutamaha (Festival of Bhuta)
Nagamaha (Festival of Naga) Other Folk-Deities of Antiquity

Chapter 6
Secular Prakrit Works

Chapter 7
Social and Cultural Life
Centre of Activities of Jain Monks
Customs and Practices Prevalent in Various Countries
Trade and Commerce
The Movement of the Caravan
Nautical Information
Education and Learning
Stock Phrase and Ready-Made Material

Chapter 8
General Survey The Study of Prakrit Jain Narrative Literature
The Genesis of Prakrit Jain Narrative Literature, its Growth and Development
The Study of Motifs
Magical Practices
Popular Deities
Social and Cultural Life

Chapter 9
Need for Comparative Study
Lost Narrative Literature
Writing in Sanskrit and Regional Language
Finding And Conclusions
Suggestions for Further Research
Important Work Done on the Subject

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