Researches on Ptolemy's Geography of Eastern Asia (Further India and Indo-Malay Archipelago)

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Author: G. E. Gerini
Language: English
Edition: 1974
ISBN: 8170690366
Pages: 967 (Maps: 2, Tables: 11)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
About the Book:

The present work elucidates an ancient text and department of historical geography which will prove of some retrospective value of the study of historic, linguistic ethnologic and geographic aspects of the countries it deals with. Mindful, moreover of the maxim that geography is the eye of history and vice versa, as Carlyle has somewhere pointed out, that history should always go hand with geography, not a few sidelights, often form hitherto unpublished and even unknown sources, have been supplied to obscure periods of the countries treated, in so far as fell within the scope of the present work. Hence it is hoped that on this ground alone the study of the Ptolemaic Geography of Further India will become indispensable to orient lists. Though the volume is mainly devoted to Further India and the Indo-Malay Archipelago, albeit the Tables cover a far wider field including China and Central Asia.


I. Preliminary Remarks

1. Introduction
2. Calculations : mathematical rectification of Ptolemy's Further-Indian Geography

II. Historic - Geographical evidence and commentary on the identifications proposed for the Ptolemaic toponyms in Further India and the Archipelago.

Ch. 1. - Coast of the Airrhadoi

The Airrhadoi
Triglypton or Trilingon, the capital of a kingdom
Tugma, a metropolis
Katabeda River

Ch. 2. - Argyra (Arakan)

The term Argyra
Barakura, a mart
Tokosanna River
Sambra, a city
Sados River, and Sada, a city
Berabonna, a mart
Temala River
Temala, a city

Ch. 3. - Country of the Zamirai and Dabasai (Upper Burma)

The Zamirai
The Dabasai

Ch. 4. - Gold Country (Lower Burma)

Khryse and its location
Mareura or Malthura, a metropolis

Ch. 5. - Coast of the Besyngeitai and Sarabakie Gulf
(Coast of Pegu : Gulf of Martaban)

The Besyngeitai
Sabara, a city
Besynga River
Besynga, a mart

Ch. 6. - Golden Khersonese (Malay Peninsula)

The Golden Khersonese
Berabai, a city
Takola, a mart
Kokkonagara, an inland town
Khrysoana River
Palanda, an inland town, and Palandas River
Tharrha, an inland town
Sabana, a mart
Cape Maleu Kolon
Attaba River
Koli, a town
Perimulik Gulf, Head of (Addendum)
Balongka, an inland town

Ch. 7. - Country of the Doanai (Northern Siam and Laos)

The Doanai
Doanas River
Rhingiberi, a city
Lariagara, a town
Lasippa or Lasyppa
Dasana or Doana, a town
Bareukora, Bareuaora, or Bareuathra, a city

Ch. 8. - Country of the Lestai (Southern Siam and Kamboja)

The Lestai
Samarade or Samarande, a town
Sobanos or Sobanas River
Pithonobaste, a mart
Akadra, a town
Zabai or Zaba, the city
Great Cape, where the Great Gulf begins

Ch. 9. - Region of the Great Gulf (Annam and Tonkin)

The Great Gulf (Magnus Sinus) and its ancient inhabitants
Balonga, a metropolis
Doana River, mouth
Kortatha, a metropolis
Dorias River
Sinda, a town
The Indoi
The Kudutai
The Barrhai
Seros River
End of the Great Gulf towards the Sinai

Ch. 10. - Islands of Trans - Gangetic India.
A. Andamans and Nikobars.

Bazakata Island and the Aginnatai
Chronological nomenclature of the Andaman - Nikobar Archipelago
Khaline or Saline Island
Agathodaimonos Island
Maniolai, ten island
Location of the Andamans and Nikobars according to Arabic and Chinese notions

B. Island off the West Coast of Sumatra

Barusai, five islands
Sabadeibai, three islands
Sindai, three islands

C. Sumatra

Isbadiu or Sabadiu, an island

  1. The Chinese Evidence
    Outline history of Malayu as a topographical and ethnical term
    Retrospective survey of the onomatology and outline history of the 'Insular' She-p'o and conjoint States on the Malay Peninsula, from Chinese sources
  2. The Arabic Evidence
  3. Location of Zabej
  4. Ptolemy's Iabadiu
    Outline history of the Palembang kingdom
    Linguistical remarks on the term Java and derived or cognate forms
    Linguistical remarks on the term Sumatra
    Chronological onomatology of Sumatra City and Island since the foundation of Sumatra City
    Argyre, the capital of Iabadiu or Sabadiu
    Outline sketch of Achinese onomatology and history (second to seventeenth century A.D.)

    D. Great Anambas or Siantan Group

    Islands of the Satyrs

III. Appendices

  1. On the Seven Seas of India and Further India
  2. On Indo-Chinese Terms in the Ptolemaic Geography of extra-Gangetic India
  3. On the date to which Ptolemy's information on Further India is a to be refered

IV. Addenda and Corrigenda

V. Appendix of Additional Notes
VI. Indices

VII. Tables

  1. Stations west of the Meridian of Kamberikhon
  2. Stations between the Meridians of Kamberikhon and Cape Temala
  3. Stations between the Meridians of Cape Temala and Cape Takola
  4. Stations between the Meridians of Cape Takola and Akadra
  5. Stations east of the Meridian of Akadra
  6. Eastern coast of India
  7. Islands in the Gulf of Bengal
  8. Mountains
  9. Rivers
  10. Ptolemy's names of Regions, Peoples, and Tribes
  11. Trade-routes and Travellers' Tracks brought to light from an examination of Ptolemy's Eastern Geography

VIII. Maps

  1. Map in elucidation of Ptolemy's Geography of Further India and Central Asia
  2. Synoptical Map of the early Greek and Latin, Indu, Arabic, and Chinese knowledge of Indo-China and the Indo-Malay Archipelago

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