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THE SIVA (Shiva) SAMHITA (With Transliteration and Translation)

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Item Code: IDH054
Publisher: Chaukhambha Vidya Bhawan
Author: Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu : Edited with a Foreword and Notes by J. L. Gupta
Language: (With Transliteration and Translation)
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789385098567
Pages: 151
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5" X 5.6"
Weight 360 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

About the Book

Every Jiva is an integral part of the Paramatman, but this identity is veiled by ignorance (Maya/Avidya), and the Individual self appears separate from the supreme Self. Siva Samhita is a fundamental book of yoga, which delineates the process by which this sense of separateness is eliminated and the Jivatman regains his oneness with the Paramatman.

The science of Yoga revealed here by Lord Siva includes many disciplines of power and realisation-like the practice of postures, breath regulation, Pratyahara, purification of the Tattvas and Nadis and transmutation of energy vortexes called Cakras. The practice of Yoga in a systematic way culminates in awakening the Kundalini, the psychic force (Sakti) lying like a coiled serpent, at the base of the Spinal column. With the Japa of Bija-mantras and meditation, Kundalini Sakti rises upward to the Sahasrasra (Purusa or Self) and when Sakti rises to Brahmarandhra, the Yogi experiences Samadhi (State of Bliss). Briefly, this Samhita constitutes the sum and substance of the science of Yoga and Tantra. It is a must for the practitioners of Yoga.

About the Author

J. L. Gupta, the editor of this book, has been keenly involved with the editorial activities of books for more than two decades. He has been studying spirituality and Yoga over a long period. He has edited and translated several books and is conversant with the nuances in writing, editing and production of books. He has more than two dozen books to his credit. Some of them are Challenges to the Indian Woman (1999), Jaina Yoga Meditation in the light of Yogabindu (1994), Hymns of Lord Siva (1999), Hymns of Lord Krishan (2000), Hindu Gods and Goddesses (2003). Currently, he is working on projects on Yoga and other works of allied discipline.




Introduction I
Chapter One : The Layayoga 3
Differences of Option 4
Yoga : the Only True Method 7
Karma-Kanda 7
Jnana-Kanda 10
The Spirit 15
Yoga and Maya 18
Definition of The Parama Hamsa 20
Emanation or Evolution 20
Absorption or Involution 22
Karma Clothes the Jiva with Body 25
Chapter Two : The Knowledge of Tattvas 28
(1) The Microcosm 28
(2) The Nerve Centres 28
(3) The Nerves 31
(4) The Pelvic Region 33
(5) The Abdominal Region 36
(6) The Jivatma 37
Chapter Three : The Yoga System and Its Practice 42
The Vayus 42
The Guru 44
The Adhikari 45
The Place, etc. 47
The Pranayama 47
The Means 51
The first Stage 53
The Second and Third Stages 54
(1) Vayusiddhi 54
Increase of Duration 57
Siddhis or Perfections 57
(2) The Ghata Avastha 57
(3) The Paricaya 59
(4) The Nispatti 61
The Postures 66
The Siddhasana 66
The Padmasana 67
The Ugrasana 69
The Svastikasana 70
Chapter Four : Mudras 71
Yoni-Mudra : The sacred Drink of the Kaulas 71
The Awakening of Kundalini 75
(1) Mahamudra 76
(2) Mahabandha 78
(3) Mahavedha 80
(4) Khecari 82
(5) Jalandhara-Bandha 84
(6) Mula-Bandha 85
(7) Viparita-Karana 86
(8) Uddyana-Bandha 87
(9) Sakti-Calana Mudra 88
Chapter Five : The Rajayoga 90
Rajayoga 90
Bhoga (Enjoyment) 90
Dharma (Ritualism of Religion) 91
Jnana (Knowledge-Obstacles) 92
Four Kinds of Yoga 94
Sadhakas (Aspirants) 94
(Mild) Entitled to Mantrayoga 94
(Moderate) Entitled to Layayoga 95
(Ardent) Entitled to Hathayoga 95
(The Most Ardent) Entitled to All Yogas 96
Invocation of the shadow (Pratikopasana) 97
How to Invoke 98
Rajayoga 99
Anahad Sounds 100
A Secret 101
Various Kinds of Dharana 104
The Six Cakras 108
(1) Muladhara Cakra 108
(2) Svadhisthana Cakra (Prostatic Plexus) 114
(3) Manipura Cakra 115
(4) Anahata Cakra 117
(5) Visuddha Cakra 118
(6) Ajna Cakra 120
Sahasrara : The thousand-Petalled Lotus 122
The Sacred Triveni (Prayaga) 130
The Moon of Mystery 133
The Mystic Mount Kailasa 135
The Rajayoga 137
The Rajadhiraja Yoga 139
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