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Skanda Karttikeya (The Son of Siva and The Chief Warrior of Gods)

Skanda Karttikeya (The Son of Siva and The Chief Warrior of Gods)
Item Code: IDK149
Author: Shantilal Nagar
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8176464783
Pages: 104 (1 B/W Illustration)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.7 X 5.7"
About the Book

Skanda-Karttikeya happens to be a son of Siva and there is very interesting story of his birth, which has been detailed in this work. Besides that the other events of his life and also the fact that he had been the chief commander of the gods are included in this work.

About the Author

Shantilal Nagar, a graduate of the Punjab University, served in the curatorial capacity in the Central Asian Antiquities Museum, New Delhi, the Archaeological Museum, Nalanda, and Archaeological Section of the Indian Museum, Calcutta for a number of years. He has to his credit the scientific documentation of over fifty thousand antiquities, in these museums, representing the rich cultural heritage of the country and comprising of sculptures, bronzes, terracottas, beads, seals and sealing, ancient Indian numismatics, wood work, miniatures and paintings, textiles and Pearce collection of gems, ranging from the earliest times to the late medieval period, He was awarded, in 1987, a fellowship, for his monograph on the temples of Himachal Pradesh, by the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. He has authored more than fifty books.

1.Profile in Literature 1-22
(a) The Epics –(1) Valmiki Ramayana, (b) Mahabharata, (c) The Puranas – (1) Vayu Purana, (2) Visnu Purana, (3) Brahmanda Purana, (4) Matsya Purana, (5) Vamana Purana, (6) Varaha Purana, (7) Visnudharmottara, (8) Brhaddharma Purana, (9) Brahmavaisvartta Purana, (10) Skanda Purana, (11) Siva Purana.
2.Karttikeya and His Names 23-29
(i)Saktidhara, (ii) Skanda, (iii) Senapati, (iv) Gajavahana, (v) Sarvanabhava, (vi) Visakha, (vii) Karttikeya, (viii) Kumara, (ix) Sanmukha, (x) Naigameya, (xi) Tarakari, (xii) Krauncabhitta, (xiii) Senani, (xiv) Sakha, (xv) Mahasena, (xvi) Guha, (xvii) Subrahmanya.
(i)Brahmasasta, (ii) Balasvami, (iii) Sikharahana, (iv) Vollikalyana-Sundara, (v) Agnijata Subrahmanya, (vi) Saurabhaya Subrahmanya, (vii) Gangeya Subrahmanya, (viii) Guha Subrahmanya, (ix) Brahmacari Subrahmanya, (x) Desika Subrahmany.
3.The Exploits 40-54
(1) Childhood, (2) The marriage, (3) Killing of Taraka, (4) As a god of wisdom, (5) As Kumara, (6) As Naigameya, (7) Relations with other's wives.
4.Historical Overtones 55-79
In the North - (a) Early literature, (b) The Coinage and Other Records, Rohitaka – (i) Obverse, (ii) Reverse, Skanda Karttikeya in the South
5.The Projection in Art 80-91

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