श्री हनुमानचालीसा (Sri Hanumanacalisa - With Hindi Text and English Translation), A Romanized Edition

श्री हनुमानचालीसा (Sri Hanumanacalisa - With Hindi Text and English Translation), A Romanized Edition

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Item Code: IDF036
Publisher: Gita Press, Gorakhpur
Language: [With Hindi Text and English Translation] A Romanized Edition
Edition: 2018
Pages: 64
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 3.8" X 5.3"
Weight 30 gm

From the Book:

Sri Hanumanacalisa is full of devotion, sacrifice and dedication. To achieve any objective and in times of distress one goes in the shelter of Hanuman-Rama-Bhakta.

Polishing the mirror of my mind with the pollen dust of Sri Guru's lotus-feet. I hereby proceed to narrate unblemished glory of Sri Rama, the bestower of fourfold accomplishments (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksa).

Considering myself devoid of intellectual merits, I invoke Sri Hanuman, the son of wind-god. O! Bestow on me the strength, intellect and knowledge. Kindly remove my bodily ailments and mental maladies.

Hail to Thee, O Hanuman, the repository of the knowledge and merits. Hail to Thee, O lord of monkeys, well-known all over the Three worlds.

The emissary of Rama and abode of might, beyond comparison; also referred to by the name of Anjaniputra and Pavanaputra (the son of Anjani and Pavana).

You are supremely valorous, extremely brave with your body strong like thunderbolt. You exterminate the evil thoughts and stand by the side of righteously thinking ones.

The golden complexion and impressive appearance due to the lovely garments, rings in the ears and hair curly.

Vajra (thunderbolt) and a flag adorn your hands and sacrificial thread of Muja grass beautify your shoulder.

The son of Siva and delighter of Kesari, commanding the supreme veneration of the entire world for effulgence and great velour.

Supremely learned, meritorious and extremely clever; always eager to fulfil any mission of Rama.

Fond of listening to the exploits of the Lord. Your heart is a firm abode of Rama, Laksmana and Sita.

In the minutest form you presented yourself before Sita and burnt Lanka appearing in monstrous form.

You assumed a colossal form and annihilated the demons and successfully accomplished the mission of Ramacandra.


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