Three Hundred Important Combinations
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Three Hundred Important Combinations

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Author: Dr. B.V. Raman
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788120808508
Pages: 340
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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About the Book

Three Hundred Important Combination is intended to provide knowledge of the Yogas which indicate specific horoscopic trends. All planetary combinations are divided into two groups viz., Yogas and Aristhas or fortunes and misfortunes. It deals with various standing combinations of yogas. The systematized account of all the important yogas is brought out so that it may illustrate practical horoscopes. The book certainly claims credit for being the first to bring together all scattered information and present it systematically.


About the Author

Dr. B.V. Raman was the renowned astrologer and author. He was the Chief Editor of The astrological Magazine. He had number of titles to his credit. He held a string of titles such as Abhinava Varahamihira, Jyotisha Bhaskara, Jyotisha Bhooshana etc. He was a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. Dr. Raman had influenced the educated public and made them astronomy, Astro-psychology, weather, political forecasts and disease-diagnosis. He was widely travelled man and addressed the elite audience almost throughout the world.

"Dr. B.V. Raman provides an astrological treat to the practitioners and students of the science by detailing three hundred planetary combinations that point to the yogas (fortunes) and aristhas (misfortunes) with 150 practical illustrations which he claims he had gathered from actual lives."



The importance of Astrology in the social life of mail is manifold. Human needs and aspirations furnish a continuous motive power for astrological inquiry. Astrology has a definite relation to the several grades of urgency into which the needs of human being in society can be divided. Success in life depends to a large material prosperity or adversity. Yogas in astrological parlance tend to show the degree of wealth, fame, rank, position, adversity, ill-health and misfortunes a man is likely to enjoy in his present life as a sequel to his own actions in previous states of existence. In other words, the different specific planetary combinations show a summation of inherited physical and psychological tendencies which condition our present environment the extent to which we can offset the inherited tendencies by effort; the characteristics that will be domino,,? and those that will be recessive and so on and so forth. Strictly speaking, -all yogas are combinations of planets but all combinations cannot be Yogas. Only specific combinations can be styled as Yogas. In this book, I have made an attempt to carefully select only such important combinations that could he raised to the dignity of Yogas and that could indicate certain definite physical or mental traits, or degree of wealth, fortune, or misfortune. To collect combinations at random is easy but to select notable ones illustrative of a variety of life events is not only difficult but even risky.

should call this book a research project in the sense the material used forms part of the vast scheme of investigations I have in view. Modern astrologers seem to have overlooked an exceptionally fertile field of investigation in their indifference to study of Yogas which forms, as it were, the essence of Indian Predictive Astrology. Most modern writers are silent on the subject of the Yogas except perhaps for some odd remarks upon a few common Raja Yogas or Arishta Yogas. For this reason, there has been for several years a demand for a book devoted specially to the predictive significance of Yogas and the present work- has been undertaken to meet this demand. Long back this want was supplied by my grandfather. Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao whose excellent book Satavogamanjari deals with some of the most important Yogas on the subject. But I felt that a more systematized account of all the important Yogas should be brought out so that, illustrated by a number of practical horoscopes, the work may stand as a foundation upon which future research may be developed.

Therefore Three Hundred important Combinations is intended to provide a working knowledge of the Yogas which indicate specific horoscopic trends. The astrological mathematics required for this purpose is very elementary. Numerous examples especially designed to illustrate points arising in the elucidation of the Yogas have been inserted and as these are worked out fully, readers should have no difficulty in following the principles clearly. Points of a controversial nature have shelved - glossed nave beers approached from the point of view of their practical applicability.

Al] planetary combinations may be divided into two broad groups, viz., Yogas and Arishtas. Though by the word Yoga is meant a combination, in actual practice Yoga is always considered to imply a fortunate combination. Arishtas generally deal with misfortunes though they are also included in the generic term Yoga. The Yogas may be Raja Yogas (political power), Dhana Yogas (combination for wealth) or Gnana Yogas (combinations for real higher knowledge and spirituality).

The subject of interpretation of Yogas is briefly dealt with in the first few pages of the book. This branch is to be specially studied by the student of astrology in as much as it enables him to evaluate the exact implication of a particular Yoga. Special Yogas, including what are called Nabhasa Yogas, have been dealt with, with suitable illustrations wherever necessary. The difficulty arising when two or more Yogas coincide such as would be the case in respect of say Asraya and Akriti ,Yogas (see page 102) have been suitably clarified with proper explanations.

In a way, the latter part of the book is more important, for it deals with such outstanding combinations as Raja Yogas, Arishta Yogas and Neechabhanga Raja Yogas about which, of late so much fuss is being made by a section of astrological students. The last pages give a summary of the entire subject, matter. The example horoscope, with which the book is closed, should be of particular interest to readers, for it shows how, in the face of many Yogas existing in a particular case, only a few can operate. it also demonstrates that in respect of certain Yogas, the indications become effective throughout life while in regard to certain other Yogas. The results can happen only during specific periods and not always.

For such a work as this which largely rests upon the principles furnished by classical astrology no originality can be claimed. But I feel I can certainly claim credit for being the first to bring together alt scattered information, present it systematically, and prove its practical worth and utility. The truth of this becomes evident when it is remembered that this book carries nearly 150 practical illustrations most of them being gathered from actual lives.

I have as my readers scholars, intellectuals, students and practitioners. Therefore, to meet such different tastes and angles presents difficult problems of authorship, especially that a book dealing with the practical aspect of astrology should not merely aim at an uncritical exposition of the subject-matter. The only way to gratify the readers and at the same time preserve the theme is to present the apparently dreary principles in a graduated form and give the book a simple readability by interspersing the difficult sections with remarks which will not only elucidate the difficult points hut encourage the casual reader to take a more positive interest in the study of the subject.

it is hoped that the exposition of Yogas presented in this book will stimulate readers to pursue the subject further.



This book is intended to place before my readers three Hundred Important Planetary Combinations comprising a comprehensive list of human transactions including fortunes, misfortunes, death and various physical and mental worries and elations, financial troubles and successes and all other events connected with human life. Man wants to know something of everything connected with his career and the lives of those who are dear and near to him. These three hundred combinations include a large variety of his life transactions and a previous knowledge of these happenings will be of immense benefit to him so that he may not only take remedies to avert the evils indicated by the planets from time to time but also adjust his affairs where the remedies prove ineffectual.

Human life falls under two grand divisions— Yogas and Arishtas, or fortunes and misfortunes. Yogas include success in every line—health, persona lity success in politics, financial gains, good education mental strength, bodily health; good wife, dutiful children, sympathetic friends and relations, righteous conduct and other sources of pleasure and enjoyment which generally go under the name of fortunes.

Arishtas or misfortunes include all sorts and sources of sorrows, worries, miseries, troubles, distractions bodily and mental disturbances such as ill health physical and mental deformities financial losses ugly and bad children quarrelsome wife hateful relations and friends evil temper sinful nature and other unpleasant sources in life which go under the name of evils or misfortunes. Therefore there three hundred combinations will be especially useful to astrological readers and students. I shall try and give the necessary explanations and notes where they are needed to make the meaning of the combinations clear.


  Preface v
  Introduction 1
  General Observations 2
  Interpretation of Yogas 7
1 Gajakesari Yoga 13
2 Sunapha Yoga 16
3 Anapha Yoga 19
4 Dhurdhura Yoga 20
5 Kemadruma Yoga 22
6 Chandra Mangala Yoga 24
7 Adhi Yoga 25
8 Chatussagara Yoga 28
9 Vasumathi Yoga 29
10 Rajalakshna Yoga 31
11 Vanchanachorabheethi 32
12 Sakata Yoga 34
13 Amala Yoga 36
14 Parvata Yoga 38
15 Kahala Yoga 39
16 Vesi Yoga 40
17 Vasi Yoga 42
18 Obhayachari Yoga 42
19 Hamsa Yoga 43
20 Malavya Yoga 48
21 Sasa Yoga 49
22 Ruchaka Yoga 51
23 Bhadra Yoga 53
24 Budha-Aditya Yoga 54
25 Mahabhagya Yoga 55
26 Pushkala Yoga 56
27 Lakshmi Yoga 58
28 Gauri Yoga 60
29 Bharathi Yoga 62
30 Chapa Yoga 63
31 Sreenatha Yoga 64
32 To 43. Malika Yogas 65
44 Sankha Yoga 66
45 Bheri Yoga 67
46 Mridanga Yoga 68
47 Parijatha Yoga 70
48 Gaja Yoga 71
49 Kalanidhi Yoga 73
50 Amsavatara Yoga 75
51 Harihara Brahma Yoga 76
52 Kusuma Yoga 77
53 Matsya Yoga 79
54 Kurma Yoga 80
55 Devendra Yoga 82
56 Makuta Yoga 83
57 Chandika Yoga 84
58 Jaya Yoga 85
59 Vidyut Yoga 87
60 Gandharva Yoga 88
61 Siva Yoga 89
62 Vishnu Yoga 90
63 Brahma Yoga 93
64 Indra Yoga 95
65 Ravi Yoga 97
67 Go Yoga 99
68 Gola Yoga 100
69 Thrilochana Yoga 101
70 Kiulavardhana Yoga 101
71 To 102. Nabhasa Yoga 102
103 Duryoga 127
104 Daridra Yoga 128
105 Harsha Yoga 129
106 Sarala Yoga 129
107 Vimala Yoga 129
108 Sareera Soukhya Yoga 130
109 Dehapushti Yoga 130
110 Dehakashta Yoga 131
111 Rogagrastha Yoga 131
112 & 113. Krisanga Yogas 132
114 to 116. Dehasthoulya Yogas 133
117 Sada Sanchara Yoga 135
118 to 122. Dhana Yogas 135
123 to 128 Dhana Yogas (contd.) 140
129 Bahudravyarjana Yoga 143
130 to 132 Swaveeryaddhana Yoga 144
133 Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yoga 146
134 Anthya VayasiDhana Yoga 147
135 Balya Dhana Yoga 147
136 & 137 Bhratrumooladdhanaprapti Yoga 148
138 Matrumooladdhana Yoga 149
139 Putramooladdhana Yoga 149
140 Satramooladdhana Yoga 151
141 Kalatramooladdhana 151
142 Amaranantha Dhana Yoga 151
143 Ayatnadhanalabha Yoga 152
144 to 153 Daridra Yoga 153
154 to 155 Yukthi Samanwithavagmi Yogas 154
156 Parihasaka Yoga 155
157 Asatyavadi Yoga 157
158 Jada Yoga 157
159 Bhaskara Yoga 158
160 Marud Yoga 159
161 Saraswathi Yoga 160
162 Budha Yoga 161
163 Mooka Yoga 162
164 Netranasa Yoga 162
165 Andha Yoga 163
166 to 167 Sumukha Yoga 164
168 to 169 Durmukha Yogas 165
170 Bhojana Soukhya Yoga 165
171 Annadana Yoga 166
172 Parannabhojana Yoga 167
173 Sraddhannabhuktha Yoga 168
174 Sarpaganda Yoga 168
175 Vakchalana Yoga 169
176 Vishaprayoga Yoga 169
177 Bharatruvriddhi Yoga 169
178 Dwadasa Sahodara Yoga 171
179 Ekabhagini Yoga 172
180 Dwadasa Sahodara Yoga 173
181 Sapthasankhya Sahodara Yoga 175
182 Parakrama Yoga 175
183 Yuddha Praveena Yoga 176
184 Yuddhatpoorvadridhachitta Yoga 178
185 Yuddhatpaschaddrudha Yoga 179
186 Satkathadisravana Yoga 179
187 Uttama Griha Yoga 180
188 Vittama Griha Yoga 181
189 & 190 Ayatna Griha Prapta Yogas 183
191 & 192 Grihanasa Yogas 184
193 & 194 Bandhu Pujya Yogas 185
195 Bandhubhisthyaktha Yoga 186
196 & 197 Matrudeerghayur Yogas 187
198 & 199 Matrunasa Yoga 188
200 Matrugami Yoga 191
201 Sahodareesangama Yoga 192
202 to 204 Kapata Yoga 192
205 to 206 Nishkapata Yogas 194
207 Matru Satrutwa Yogas 195
208 Matru Sneha Yoga 195
209 & 210 Vahana Yogas 196
211 Anapathya Yoga 197
212 to 215 Sarpasapa Yogas 198
216 Pitrusapa Sutakshaya Yoga 202
217 Matrusapa Sutakshaya Yoga 206
218 Bhratrusapa Sutakshaya Yoga 207
219 Pretasapa Yoga 208
220 & 221 Bahuputra Yogas 210
222 & 223 Dattaputra Yoga 212
224 Aputra Yoga 213
225 Ekaputra Yoga 214
226 Satputra Yoga 215
227 & 228 Kalanirdesat Putra Yoga 216
229 & 230 Kalanirdesat Putranasa Yogas 216
231 Buddhimaturya Yoga 218
232 Theevrabuddhi Yoga 221
233 Buddhi Jada Yoga 222
234 Thrikalagnana Yoga 224
235 Putra Sukha Yoga 226
236 Jara Yoga 226
237 Jarajaputra Yoga 228
238 Bahu Stree Yoga 228
239 Satkalatra Yoga 230
240 Bhaga Chumbana Yoga 232
241 Bhagya Yoga 232
242 Jananatpurvam Pitru Marana Yoga 233
243 Dhatrutwa Yoga 234
244 Apakeerti Yoga 236
245 to 263 Raja Yogas 237
264 Galakarna Yoga 260
265 Vrana Yoga 260
266 Sisnavyadhi Yoga 263
267 Kalatrashanda Yoga 265
268 & 269 Kushtaroga Yogas 265
270 Kshaya Roga Yoga 267
271 Bandhana Yoga 274
272 Karascheda Yoga 274
273 Sirachcheda Yoga 275
274 Durmarana Yoga 277
275 Yuddhe Marana Yoga 278
276 & 277 Sanhataka Marana Yogas 279
278 Peenasaroga Yoga 280
279 Pittaroga Yoga 281
280 Vikalangapatni Yoga 280
281 Putrakalatraheena Yoga 283
282 Bharyasahavyabhichara Yoga 285
283 Vamsacheda Yoga 285
284 Guhyaroga Yoga 286
285 Angaheena Yoga 287
286 Swetakushta Yoga 288
287 Pisacha Grastha Yoga 289
288 & 289 Andha Yogas 290
290 Vatharoga Yoga 291
291 to 294 Matibhramana Yoga 293
295 Khalawata Yoga 300
296 Nishturabhashi Yoga 301
297 Rajabhrashta Yoga 301
298 & 299 Raja Yoga Bhangas 302
300 Gohanta Yoga 304
  Summary 305
  Appendix I 326
  Appendix II 330
  Index 336


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