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The Timing of Events

The Timing of Events
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Author: Bepin Behari
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788120818880
Pages: 211
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The Timing of Events fulfils an important gap in classical astrological literature. The ancient seers with yogic siddhis did not need rules for predicting future events. They clairvoyantly saw the future course of events. The astrological principles are given for those who are not so evolved. The astrological principles aim at helping those who are interested to live a life according to the evolutionary course of their everyday life. Each individual unfolds his life events according to his own unique future. On the basis of astrological indications it is expected that the different individuals could have a an understanding of their goal of life and mould their life style in order to attain this goal. Only on the basis of such an understanding of the life process, could an individual have a meaningful and full quota of his happiness and equipoise. The general astrological principles should be modified according to his individual uniqueness. This applied even in the case of the principles relating to the timing of events. The esoteric principles relating to the constitution of man as revealed by the septenary nature of man and the special ray on which the individual is evolving must be taken into account prior to applying the general principals of astrology including those of the timing of events. Another important principle that should be well considered in ascertaining the timing of events is the course of egoic evolution. These are difficult conditions but for an effective astrological prognostication which could be helpful to the individual they must be taken into account. The ancient astrological savants gave different principles relating to the timing of event which they thought could be helpful for different categories of individuals; they did not intend to provide any exhaustive and well integrated treatise on this special subject. In this way we and different texts giving different principles highlighting certain special features of the subject. Presently there are many books on the subject but a consolidated documentation of theses principles is difficult to obtain at one place. Even among the present astrological writers there has been a tendency to deal with certain special categories of the rules. The present study" attempts to fulfill this need to some extent in every modest manner. The present study does not try to present any new theory on the subject but its primary aim to compile together, giving at one place the most popular principles on the subject.

Three aspects of Vedic astrology ought to be understood carefully for astrological prognostications. The-general influence of planetary configurations forms the foundation of all astrological considerations. The location of planets and their interrelationships indicated the broad pattern of events that would take place in the life of an individual. Secondly, the astrologers have to find out the specific time when these influences could fructify. All the planetary influences are not able to produce their result for ever. Only under special conditions they make their impacts felt. There are many combinations such as Gaja Kesmi Yoga, and Kala Sarpa Yoga which are mere conditions of general welfare. Such combinations produce their impact throughout the life of the individual concerned. Their influence on specific occasions should be very carefully delineated. On the other hand there are combinations for Raja Yogas or the occurrences of special auspicious celebrations such as birth of a child or the construction of a house or acquisitions of royal vehicle. Such events have to be timed on the basis of the principles of the timing of events. The third aspect of astrology with which very few astrologers are interested in recent times is related with the rationale of the occurrence of an event in the life of an individual. This is very difficult subject which cannot be approached by a novice unless he is deeply learned in esoteric aspects of astrology. Every event in the life of a person has some purpose for his egoic unfoldment. This goal is related with the unfoldment of the individual’s various latent faculties. The Lunar Mansions and the Zodiacal Signs have in built influences that constantly and gradually lead the individuals towards their ultimate destiny. Unless an event in significant in regard to the fructification or drawing the individual near his ultimate goal the specific event even if that is possible on the basis of usual astrological principles will not occur. Every individual has a unique way to unfold his real self. Every important event in the life of a person stands at the crossroad of his life. It is only under such situations that the same can be importantly prognosticated under astrological configurations. Every event in the life of a person results of the past planetary impulses which are generated under the impact of the Law of Karma. But it is not only the past that certain events are arranged in the life of a person at a particular time during the course of his egoic unfoldment. In this way every event in one’s everyday life resulted from the actions of omission and commission of the individual which constituted his karma as well of his egoic mission which is hidden in the veil of future. The practicing astrologer has therefore to take a well- integrated view of the life of an individual while attempting to predict the likely events that might take place in the life of the consultee. The prognostications regarding the future of an individual should not therefore be made in isolation of other factors impinging on the person. A successful and helpful astrologer has to have adequate knowledge of all the three aspects of Vedic astrology but to be effective and helpful to the individuals consulting him he should have exposure to scientific theories regarding the evolutionary process and the scriptural injunctions for an ethical life. On a sensible base of scientific knowledge with various researches in different aspects of life process and proper grounding in spiritual subjects with an open mind could an astrologer hope to be helpful in proper guidance to the persons approaching him for advice. In this context it is also important to emphasize that the astrologer should completely purge his own psycho-mental propensities and prejudices as well as close-mindedness before undertaing serious astrological prognostications.

Every event is a double faced feature. It results from the past impulses generated by the individual. This is regulated under the law of Karma. It is for this reason that this law is given much importance in astrology. The astrologers studying the timing of events seriously must have a thorough grounding in this doctrine of action and reaction much emphasized in religious scriptures of all countries. This doctrine is related with the law of reincarnation without which astrology is incomplete. Every event in the life of a person pushes him towards his future goal which is accomplished through the process of reincarnation. These requirements devolved great responsibility on the practicing astrologer. He needs proper studies of many subjects related with the life process. He cannot remain isolated from the great wind of intellectual openness blowing presently. in different fields. This exposure requires that the astrologer to be properly effective must have an open mind, a pure heart and an eager intellect and completely objectivity about his own personality.


The ancient seers gave us the knowledge of impending events. They gave it so that we could understand our destiny and live accordingly. The question of destiny according to ancient Vedic seers was very different from what it is? They used the word dharma to connote the purpose and process of manifestation. While describing the cosmic manifestation, they began with non-existence and affirmed the incomprehensible nature of the same. "The non-existent was not then, nor was the existent i.e. the Earth, nor the firmament, not that which was beyond. When there was nothing then what could cover what, Where and under whose care? Did the waters and the bottomless deep then exist?" On this background of skepticism they postulated the Purumsa, the cosmic creative principle that is all-pervasive. "Purusa is perceptible everywhere, as if he has thousands of heads, thousands of eyes, thousands of feet....The Purusa alone is this alone, that what was and will be. And he is the Lord of immortality, and that which grows with food, is mortal". This cosmic man and his relationship with every terrestrial form of existence is the basic foundation on which the Vedic astrology was based.

The timing of events as described in astrological texts aimed at identifying the stage at which the individual and the cosmic man tended to work together. Everything that happened to the individual was an expression of the Will of the Supreme and this relationship was described as the karma of the individual. The manner in which the individual was expected to react to them was considered as his dhama. Within this basic framework of karma and dharma the subject of timing of events described in Vedic astrology has to be studied.

The aspect of astrology, which is often found to be overlooked, whether in Eastern or Western, is the paradigm of astrological science. Absence of proper appreciation of the basic framework in which this revelation was made often raised controversy. The occult sciences are neither experiential nor are they the results of innumerable examples of observed occurrences. The occult knowledge is essentially intuitive, revelationary and imparted in a mystic manner. Hence the understanding of occult truths demands that the student raise his or her consciousness to the level of consciousness of the seers who have codified them for the benefit of humanity.This approach requires that the occult subjects are studied in their proper perspective and within the framework of general philosophy and such other teachings related to them. This is especially so when we study the deeper aspects of Vedic astrology, which postulates that every event in the life of an individual is an expression of the Supreme.

The main difficulty with regard to Vedic astrology arises from the fact that it was conceived as a part of the ancient Indian teachings contained in the Vedas. It was acknowledged as a limb of the Vedas. It was therefore called Vedanga. Before a disciple was introduced to the mystic teachings, he was expected to be proficient in several subjects including astrology. There was no contradiction between astrology and the metaphysical teachings of the Vedas. They supplemented each other. But none of these philosophical or religious subjects was revealed just for the curiosity of the so called intellectuals. This knowledge was intended for those who wanted to comprehend the deeper aspects of manifestation and adapt themselves to the requirements postulated under the scheme. The ancient world religions, which were esoteric in character, were practical guidelines. The religious philosophy, rituals and performances of one’s everyday dutywere all different aspects of a comprehensive and well-integrated system.

There was a great danger that the selfish and unwary individuals could misappropriate the knowledge, which was imparted after ages of contemplation, purification and initiation in secret mysteries. The emergence of Black Magic is a glaring example of this kind of misuse. It was for such reasons that knowledge was contained in a language, not easily decipherable, unless some one had the necessary keys to them and had the requisite astro-mental preparations to comprehend the teachings in the right manner. The use of mystic and symbolic language in the description of such subjects therefore became the general rule. The recent researches and studies in myths and symbols of scriptures reveal that they contain very profound truths though we have not yet succeeded in deciphering the full meaning of them.

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