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Saturn - Manager of Events (Marriage, Vocation and Health ETC.)

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Item Code: NAN608
Author: Mridula Trivedi, T. P. Trivedi
Language: Sanskrit and English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788120841062
Pages: 506
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 500 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About the Book

The present book 'Saturn: Manager of Events' will enlighten the readers about the oft-misunderstood planet Saturn in it is entirety so that they take a holistic view and not get panicky if they come to know the impact of Saturn in their birth chart, more specifically about the so called dreaded spell of Sadhe Sati of Shani. The book is divided into 8 informative chapters. The first chapter highlights the cosmic significance of Saturn and presents the necessary background in terms of Myths & Facts related to this enigmatic planet. The second chapter titled Essentials of seven & a half years or Sadhe Sati of Shani is exclusively devoted to the most frightening curse and adverse period of seven & half years where formula to determine the onset and span of Sadhe Sati is explained with examples. The overall message is -do not be scared of Sadhe Sati, as several effective means have been suggested to propitiate Saturn. One can also find out the natives who are less likely to suffer from any adversity of Sadhe Sati. Next chapter deals with the Saturn's period and directions wherein consequences of Saturn's stay in 12 signs and special effects of sub periods as well as 12 lesser known states of Saturn are discussed.

Though considered most inauspicious amongst planets Saturn plays an important role in the event of marriage in various ways. It is the transit of Saturn that determines the time of marriage accurately. It also plays a bright role in deciding the bride and bride-groom alike. This is an important research observation of Trivedi duo which has been proved after study of large number of birth charts of the nativities.

The fifth chapter centers around Saturn in the 7th house and different planetary positions. Relationship of Saturn with other planets has been discussed threadbare with a view to explaining the results of combinations that are based on classical texts and confirmed by authors' research.

Chapter 'Saturn and Vocation' is devoted to analyzing the possible occupation of the individual in relation with Saturn's placement in the birth chart which would serve as a guide to the natives in choosing a proper vocation in harmony with what planets have in store for him.

Saturn's association with the health of the native is an important aspect in the study of this mysterious planet which on one hand is considered Aayukaraka while on the other hand Mrityukaraka. Special mention is made of Saturn's role in heart diseases.

The quintessential section of this book is the last chapter captioned 'Saturn: Maladies and Remedies'. After explaining all about diseases caused due to ill placed Saturn in the previous chapter this chapter focuses on a number of remedial measure to get rid of such ailments and to obtain Poornaayu. All the preventive measures, mantras, stotras etc are quite effective, tested and have benefitted large number of natives. The book, thus, will be a great help for persons afflicted with Saturn in any way or suffering the adversity of Sadhe Sati of Shani by offering them a number of remedies to choose from according to their needs.

About the Author

Mrs. Mridula Trivedi, a Post Graduate from the University of Lucknow, was an acclaimed astrologer of international renown. She was honoured with ‘Doctor of Astrology’ by the World Development Council in 1987, and the title of ‘Ved Vyas’ by spiritual and Astrological Research institute, Lucknow in 2001. She was also awarded ‘The Best Astrologer and Best Writer of the Country’ by planets and Forecast in 2017. She was associated with a number of journals and magazines as Consultant Editor.

Mr. T.P. Trivedi, a retired engineer with U.P. Power Corporation Ltd., has dedicated his life to the promotion of excellence in astrology. Awards like 'Best Astrologer of India Award', 'Dr. Manorama Sharma Jyotish Puraskar' by Gopal Das Neeraj foundation are just two stray examples from a rather long list of awardsa bestowed on him. Based on his lifetime achievments, he has also been honoured with the most prestigious awards of uttat pradesh, Yash Bharati in 2015.


"Saturn placed in the 3rd house causes favour from authority, worldwide fame, healthy-handsome physique and ability to protect people."

The book builds up a case for a paradigm shift in interpreting the role of Saturn in predictive astrology. Hitherto held as a powerful malefic and benefice influence and an unrelenting force, we attempt to understand its role holistically, which may be conceded as a paradigm shift in interpreting the role of this rather oft-misunderstood planet. The need, therefore, exists to understand that Saturn manages of Events like marriage, vocation and health etc. and the present book Saturn: Manager of Events (Marriage, Vocation, Health etc.) is a major move in this direction.

The book is divided in 8 theoretical chapters and various chapters dealing with powerful remedies for various maladies caused by Saturn from time to time.

The introductory first chapter presents the necessary background in terms of Myths and Facts related to Saturn. The chapter highlights the cosmic Significance of Saturn. Saturn and the Sun are two poles of the function of cosmic evolution representing Prakriti and Purusha. Both dark and bright sides are the necessary warp and woof of the texture of both cosmic and human life. The Sun's gold shines in the presence of Saturn's iron. The chapter sets the tone to grasp the secret or, the basic truth being that when Saturn inflicts sorrow, sickness, deprivation and death, its aim is to liberate the soul from its worldly moorings and pleasures of flesh.

The second chapter is captioned Essentials of Saturn's Seven & A Half Years (Sadhe Saati) exclusively devoted to the most dreaded curse and adverse period of seven and a half years which severely disciplines out the native and is popularly known as Saadhe Saati. It has three stages and also has a recurrence brought out in limelight and highlighted. In this chapter, we share the findings with regards to the formula to determine the onset and span of Saadhe Saati and explain the same with examples. The overall message is-do not be scared of Saadhe Saati, as several effective ways have been suggested to propitiate Saturn. Persons, whose Moon sign or Ascendant sign is governed by Venus or Saturn, may not suffer from any adversity due to Sadhe Saati of Saturn.

The third chapter is devoted to Saturn's Period and Directions; periods of Saturn in the twelve signs and their consequences and the special effects of sub-periods under the major period of Saturn, as well as the 12 states of Saturn like lying, sitting, hands on eyes etc. that give distinct results.

The main aim behind bringing out the book is to make readers enlightened about Saturn in its entirely so that they take a holistic view and are not panicky if they come to know about the impact of Saturn in their horoscope, more specifically about the so called dread.ful spell of Saadhe Saati of Shani. What the book purports is a positive, well informed, practical and realistic view on the impact of this malefic planet s that people inculcate a sustainable attitude of turning around their otherwise depleted life by coming to terms with Saturn unbound and win over the dark period of life with grit and valour that are also symbolic of Saturn.

The fourth chapter is captioned Saturn and Marriage. Birth under the influence of Saturn is considered "unremittingly unfortunate" by most people. But does Saturn invariably forebode evil? No doubt, it is the most inauspicious amongst planets; it is the very incarnation of sorrow; it is most cruel and quite merciless in inflicting disaster. In our another book entitled Saturn: The Great Timer of Events, we have explained the role of Saturn in the event of marriage in various ways. It is only the transit of Saturn, that determines and fixes the time of marriage accurately. Marriage takes place, when the natal Saturn and transiting Saturn influence each other. In a few cases, this might deny marriage as well. Saturn performs marriage very early and very late depending on various other factors. It plays a bright role in deciding the bride and bride-groom alike. Saturn, contrary to the general belief as notorious and most malefic, is the most graceful and benevolent planet, that binds men and women in nuptial ties and teaches them to live together subject to norms, values and customs of society. Saturn decides the time of marriage as it is a great helper in timing events.

The fifth chapter deals with Saturn in the 7th House and Planetary Positions. In the necessary backdrop of how Saturn in the seventh house is treated, the study concludes that the placement of Saturn in the 7th house is extremely undesirable and warns that a person having Saturn in the 7th house should not marry a person with similar placement of Saturn. This chapter centers around Saturn in the 7th house and planetary positions.


1 Saturn: Myths and Facts 1-12
2 Essentials of Saturn's Seven and A Half Years (Sadhe Saati) 13-45
3 Saturn's Period and Directions 51-77
4 Saturn and Marriage 79-107
5 Saturn in the 7th House and Planetary Positions 109-121
6 Saturn and Vocation 123-157
7 Saturn and Health 159-179
8 Saturn: Maladies and Remedies 181-207
9 Most Effective Shani Anushthan 209-250
10 Dashrath Krit Shani Stotra 251-262
11 Shani Ashtakstrotra 263-266
12 Pipladrishikrit Shani Stotra 267-268
13 shanaishchara Stavan 269-271
14 Shani Stavaraj Stotra 272-274
15 Shrishani Vajrapanjar Kavach 275-277
16 Shani Kavacha 278-279
17 Shani Sahashtranam Stotra 280-298
18 Shri Shani and Shani Bharya Stotra 299-300
19 Mahakal Shani Mrityunjaya Stotra 301-312
20 Prevention of evils of Saturn by workshipping Lord Hanuman 313-320
21 Hanuman Baahuk 321-346
22 Worshipping Lord Hanuman 347-396
23 Personified Shani Yantra 399-407
24 Shivopasana 408-428
25 Pashupatastra Device 429-432
26 Propitiation of Saturn 433-450
27 Simple Remedial Measures for Invoking and Worshipping 451-456
28 Narasimha Kavacha 457-459
29 Remedial Measures in Lal-Kitab 460-474
  Things Pertaining to Planets 475-476

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