Transit: Gocharapala Nirnayam (Stellar Astrological Reader No.V)

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Author: Prof. Late K. S. Krishnamurti
Publisher: Krishman & Co.
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 818802023
Pages: 362
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Astrology is the science which deals with the inter-relation between the signs of the Zodiac, the constellations, planets and with other celestial phenomena which control and direct every happening on earth. It deals with all worldly occurrences and one can read the past and future events with accuracy by applying the cardinal principles of the Science of astrology.

To many, it would appear that it is a subject which can be learnt and practiced only by people who live on superstition and whose minds are not scientifically bent. It is wrong to look upon astrology as based on superstition or to view it with contempt or denounce it as inaccurate, unscientific and empirical. The person who has not studied it properly and applied it correctly or who has been disappointed by consulting people with a half-baked knowledge usually attacks this science. The books which are available for study are (nothing but) similar to the notes written by students in Colleges. By reading the notes alone without studying the texts and sitting for an examination, one cannot always expect to secure a first class or even a pass. He has to devote enough time upon thinking, analyzing and thereby improving his knowledge. Similarly, the books on astrology are largely the notes given by intelligent, industrious and eminent Hindu sages and learned Western Savants.- They are not exhaustive and complete by themselves. Though, these books are necessarily incomplete, the fundamental principles are very well expounded. Therefore, it is necessary for us to do enough research to improve on it and make it perfect. In my experience, I have found that certain additions and explanations to the rules laid down by the Sages, make the predictions complete and correct. Therefore, one should first collect the various charts, study, write predictions, keep them with him and note down the fulfilled predictions as well as those unfulfilled. Then find out the cause of the failures and follow only that method through which correct results are obtained. When one feels confident that failures are greatly reduced, then alone, one should start making predictions to anybody in any branch of this Science.

This science will admit of a broad division into five branches:

1 .Medical Astrology; (Astro, Pathology;)
3.Judicial astrology;
4.Horary astrology and
5.Natal astrology.
1. Medical Astrology is concerned with the diagnosis of diseases, the methods of healing, also the time of the onset of the ailment, the duration of the disease and the psychiatric aspects that may influence the progress and prognosis of the diseases. Hippocrates renowned as the “Father of Medicine” has stated, “A physician cannot safely administer medicine if he is not acquainted with astrology”. It means that in the absence of astrological knowledge, to start with, he has often to proceed only by trial and error methods and apply remedies by rule of thumb till he eliminates many diseases by varied examinations and ascertain the precise nature and cause of the diseases. But if he knows astrology, he can locate the part of the body affected, detect the disease and select the opportune time for treatment. This will bring fame and satisfactory remuneration to the doctor and at the same time restore the patient to good health; otherwise the patient will have to become a guinea pig for experimental tortures. This will result in loss of time and often life; it will be a great loss to the nation too. But if a doctor knows astrology and medicine sufficiently well, he will prove to be a really successful practitioner.

2. Astro-meteorology is useful for predicting the condition of the weather. This has received considerable attention in other countries, where they have found it to be very useful. It assists in preplanning and thereby preventing any catastrophe which may otherwise befall such as heavy rains causing floods and breaches or drought, leading to famine.

3. Judicial Astrology will predict important events which a country will pass through and also wars, earth quakes, financial crisis, losses by fire, floods and famines.

4. Horary Astrology is used to predict particular aspects and has a limited application. By applying it, one can predict if one’s efforts will be successful or not; whether a person will return from a far-off land or stay there itself; whether and when marriage is likely to come off; description of the partner; the nature of the disease and duration of ill-health of persons, whether cure is indicated or if it may prove fatal, etc. It is entirely based upon the moment of the questioner’s arrival or on being told to give a number within 249. Here the astrologer visualizes a map of the horizon for that moment and studies it for that particular question. Therefore horary astrology serves the people to derive mental solace and have a correct picture of the immediate future (Horary means “occurring every hour”).

5. Natal Astrology concerns largely with the birth of a human being. A chart is made out for the moment of birth for the particular place of birth (latitude and longitude being taken into consideration) and from such a chart one can read all events which he desires to know. Here, not only the native’s character, temperament and peculiarities may be judged but also his longevity, condition of health, accident — prones, finance and fortune, marriage, birth bf children and also prosperity or adversity. Moreover, the actual date of any occurrence in his life can be calculated. Therefore, natal astrology is most useful for all, whether he is born a King, a Kubera or a beggar because health and longevity are really precious to every individual. Fortune, prosperity and above all peace of mind and happiness are desired by all. Hence natal astrology is the most useful branch of this science and it therefore behoves all of us to support and encourage genuine research by trained workers and scholars to complete the incomplete phases just as in every other branch of science.

Now let me deal with the sub-branch of Natal astrology; in the Hindu system it is called “Gochara-Palan”, which Westerners call “Transit”. I would like here to state with great humility, for the information of the public and also of the scholars in astrology that my method of prediction is in a way an improvement in the application of the general principles of astrology handed down to us by our ancient sages and scholars.

According to the Western system, the astrologers take the radical position of the Sun at the time of birth, consider the relative position of the planets transiting the zodiac and give out their results. Whereas in India, according to our Hindu system, the position of the Moon at the time of birth of native (Nirayana system) is taken as the starting and determining point to which the transiting position of the planets are related and according to the relative position, we read the results and say whether the time is auspicious or not. Both the methods are incomplete and the percentage of failures is therefore large. This is no doubt not desirable.

(a) The Western System: Let us take for example, two persons who were born in different years but on the same date say 10-8-1913 and 10-8-1916 respectively. Suppose the person born on 10-8-1 913 ask an astrologer whether he will come out successful in the election and if the astrologer were to predict that, at the time of the election, the relative positions of the planets transiting the zodiac being very favourable, compared to the position of the Sun at the time of the birth of the native, success in the election is promised, then the same opinion must be offered to the other who is born on 10-8-1916. Suppose both of them stand for election to the same seat in the same locality, how is it possible for both to win? Only one can win while the other must lose. So we should consider how far this method of prediction will be of avail to the querist.

Again suppose one was born on 1 7th May 1926 and another on 1 7th May 1940. Both play cards or one borrows money from the other or one gives alms to the other; while at cards one should gain and the other should lose; while lending money, one should part with his money and the other should receive it, and thereby the lender’s financial position deteriorates and the borrower’s improves — similarly while giving alms one donates and the other receives. Now, you will note that all these people, were born on the same date but in different years and the position of the Sun in both the case, was in the same sign and in the same degree. On the basis of the principles followed by Westerners, i.e., according to the relative position of the transiting planets to that of only Sun in the birth chart, diametrically opposite results cannot be foretold. There is no proper explanation for such effects when the rules on Transits, taking Sun’s position alone, are strictly adhered to.

(b) The Hindu System: You will find the above similarity in- the Hindu method also. We are not able to explain why quite opposite results are enjoyed or experienced by one and the same rasi-births, i.e., people born when the Moon was transiting. a particular constellation. For example, when the Moon was transiting Bharani star i.e., Mesha Rasi, two people were born on different dates, even in different years. Now one born in Bharani star compete with the other Bharani native: one comes out victorious while the other gets defeated. Again suppose a plaintiff in a law-suit is born in Bharani, the defendant is also born in Sharani and the Judge also happens to have been born in Bharani. Now, look at the result. One of the two Sharani star natives gets the favourable judgement, the other is vanquished and the third Bharani star native delivers the judgement. We also understand that

(a) An Aswini Nakshathra native is admitted in a hospital at the time when another Aswini Nakshathra person gets discharged after treatment.
(b) A Pushya Nakshathra Inspector of police arrests another Pushya Nakshathra criminal. The Inspector is happy, because he was able to trace the culprit and to discharge his duty while the other is within bars.
(C) An Anuradha Nakshathra car driver runs/over another Anuradha Nakshathra pedestrian.
(d) Sravana Nakshathra person has a legal dispute with another Sravana Nakshathra native. The judge born in Sravana Nakshathra passes a judgement by which one gains and the other looses.
(e) Poorvashada star native owns a house. Another Poorvashada star native is a tenant. The owner occupies on the day, the tenant vacates.
(f) A Jyesta star native sells a car due to pressure for money, while another Jyesta person purchases from him.
Thus, you will see that the same star people experience diametrically opposite results.

So, to predict the Gochara or transit results taking only the star position into consideration is incomplete.

That is why the Rasipalans published in the dailies, weeklies and monthlies vary even in the essentials so widely and so erratically that they give scope to the public for ridiculing this noble science. Therefore, there should be a fool-proof and accurate method by which a correct prediction can be offered. For doing this, a complete chart is necessary and the relative position of all planets transiting is to be judged with the position of all planets in the chart and especially the position of Lagna, etc.

The Public may ask: “Why then such an incorrect one is handed down to us?” what is handed down to us is incomplete. It appears that, if one knows only his date of birth or only his birth-star (Nakshathra) he too should, to some extent get a prediction that will give mental solace. Astrology includes also psychotherapy; it should be able to give mental strength to the people who are depressed so that they can work with enthusiasm, entertaining hopes of better times to come; even when suspense is threatened, such people will not worry any longer. They will wait with pleasure for better days. So astrologers offer predictions which may be true to a limited extent, specially to a few.

Actually, if the position of each and every planet in the chart of a subject is taken into account, the prediction offered should not fail. A cent percent success is assured by taking the lagna and the position of various planets including Uranus and Neptune, as well as that of most sensitive point, Fortuna, at the time of the birth of the native and the position of the planets transiting in the Zodiac along with the several aspects that are being formed and then offering the results.

It will be observed that people born on the same date in different years with different positions of the planets enjoy different results. The readers will find this for themselves that, when all planets are taken into consideration and the results so derived are used and the general predictions are accordingly modified; only correct results are obtained.

For example, two girls born in Rohini star, are taken of whom one gets married in a particular year and the other gets married the next year. In such cases, one can find that, according to the position of the lords of 2, 7 and 11th houses in each horoscope and to the relative position of the planets transiting in the Zodiac, the planets promise marriage of the former in the particular year; whereas for the latter, they portray the wedding only in the following year. Thus one will find that even though both are born in the same star, the events occur on different dates. This is due to relative positions of the relevant planets at the time of birth and transiting in the Zodiac.

If it were possible for any one to collect the charts of many couples who get married on a particular date in a given place, city or town, or atleast note down their birth dates and birth stars which will reveal the positions of the Sun and also of the Moon at birth, it will be found that people born with the Sun in each of the 12 rasis and with the Moon in any of the 27 stars get married on that very same date. You will also not find that only Aswini star people get married on that particular day or only Bharani or any other star. You will find actually that people born in all the 12 months of the year and under all 27 stars get married.




A. Introduction i
B. Western System - Transit for individual charts xvii
C. Hindu System xxi
D. Sun’s Transit xxiii
E. Moon’s Transit xxiv
F. Mar’s Transit xxv
G. Mercury’s Transit xxvi
H. Jupiter’s Transit xxvi
I. Venus’s Transit xxvii
J. Saturn’s Transit xxviii
K. Nodes Transit xxix
1 Krishnamurti System 1
2 Constellations and their significance 15
3 What each star signified to each lagna or Rasi Borns 40
4 Roleofsub 62
5 Significance of each sub 70
6 Sub useful for detailed Reading 110
7 Behaviour of planets 114
8 How to judge whether a planet is a benefit or a malefic 131
9 Cusps and subs -- How to judge 137
10 Constellation and sub 141
11 Systematic procedure to adopt K.P. method forTransitrues 151
12 Dasa, Bhukti, Anthra and Transit 161
13 Tables for ready reference to follow Krishnamurti Padhdhati 164
14 Extract of lecture on the constellation and sub theory 188
15 Transit of Ascendant and Ruling planets 192
16 Lucky time for playing cards 195
17 Lucky time for Horse Racing (Example-i) 199
18 Lucky time for Horse Racing (Example-2) 206
  Lucky Timings  
19 To commence work to take treasure 219
20 To start treatment for invade child 220
21 To prosper as an actress 220
22 To submit a tender for contract work 221
23 To start shooting of a cinema film 221
24 To purchase a ticket for lottery 221
25 To meet the Bank Agent to have over-draft 222
26 To Lottery gains (with no pains) 224
27 To open an account in a Bank 225
28 To start C.I.D. work to catch the thief 226
29 To trap one, receiving the bribe 226
30 To fNe the case in the Court of Law 227
31 To start a strike for fair deal 228
32 Initiation of Manthra for siddhi 228
33 Auspicious time to commence Music 228
34 To demand donation 228
35 To sign an agreement 229
36 To win in cricket match 231
37 For love affairs 231
38 I love a girl, Parents are not willing what to do? 232
39 To occupy a new house 232
40 Life with wife; Root of fruit 234
41 Moon in the eighth house 235
42 Is Chandra-Ashtama ever evil 243
43 Chandrashtarna and its truth 246
44 About the author 250
45 Ashtama Sani and Honour 252
46 Sade - Sati satisfactory gains 258
47 Sade - Sati and its truth(How to give general prediction) 262
48 Transit: Mars - Saturn Conjunction 266
49 Transit: Saturn - Rahu Conjunction 273
50 Transit of Saturn for one full year 278
51 What Saturn can generally do 279
52 When does Saturn leave Aquarius? Which Ayanamsa are we to follow? 325
53 Traditional Transit System - Meaningless 327

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