Universal Religion of Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Modern World
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Universal Religion of Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Modern World

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Author: Mamata Kundu
Publisher: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar, Kolkata
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789383368242
Pages: 254
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About the Book
This book is a critical analysis of the religious philosophy of Ramakrishna Paramahansa , the spiritual genius of 19th century to explore his teachings as the guiding principles of the present century when conflicts regarding religions still remain ignoring the real spirit of religion which is one and universal. New approach of Ramakrishna regarding interpretation of ultimate reality on the ground of universal recommendation of all controversial points taken together and his unique realization of oneness of truth are the most important factors which advanced his religious philosophy a step forward from the traditional view point of classical Vedanta. The message of Ramakrishna is the message of ever lasting value for the modern man, the value of overcoming evils and reaching to the highest good of humanity through unity and love.

About the Author
Dr. Mamata Kundu is a former Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, Kaliyaganj College, Kaliyaganj, Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal. She is a creative thinker with good academic career. After M.A. in Philosophy from Calcutta University she was deeply engaged in serious research and was awarded Ph.D. from University of North Bengal in 1985. She has a good record of presentation of papers in many National and International Seminars. She has published books entitled, 'Philosophical Essays for 21st Century', 'Philosophy of Values and Present Crisis'(edited) and 'Swami Vivekananda ek Yugantakari Anvesan' (Bengali) and many articles on various topics relating to philosophical branches, aesthetics, value and education in some National and International Journals and in some other edited books. She is a life member of Indian Philosophical Congress and International Society for Intercultural Studies and Research. She is still engaged in writing many other books.

I am entriched by the creative and constructive ideas, presented by Dr. Mamata Kundu in her well convinced research work on Universal Religion of Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Modern World'.

Dr. Kundu in her work has tried to give us a complete account of important concepts of Sri Ramakrishna and has compared these with parallel notions found in other religions and religious philosophies. Not satisfied with this, she has also attempted to trace the history of many of these ideas as expanded in Sri Ramakrishna's mind through different stages.

There are many significant features in her work which have struck me most are her extensive scholarship not only in Sri Ramakrishna's work but equally in other works in English and Bengali. Her through understanding of Sri Ramakrishna's Humanism in relation to philosophy of Humanism, presented in the East like Upanishads and Vedanta etc. and in the West like Comte, Marx and others This humanistic process, in her observation, opens ' the global vision of humanistic culture of oneness' where it may be stated that firstly the term 'Culture' means all cultures, communities, religions, faiths, disciplines like science, philosophy, aesthetics, ethics etc. and secondly its object is to expand the intercultural relation and understanding that lead to the development of the meaning of 'Culture' as 'Cultivation' that the opinion of Dr. Kundu, as 'the realization of human values' in advancing ....the humanistic process of co-operative and co-existent society with the best lesson of soul culture along with scientific awareness’.

The fundamental objects of the present volume 'Universal Religion of Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Modern World' is to develop the global vision of universal humanistic culture of oneness from the perspective of spirituality aiming at the harmonious development of life and existence with the realization of human values. A critical analysis is made on the religious philosophy of Ramakrishna to explore his teachings as the guiding principles of the present century to develop humanistic process of co-operative and co-existent society with the best lesson of soul culture along with scientific awareness.

The speed of advancement of science and technology as well as their capacity to satisfy our wants and to create a new wants are so great that the human mind is incapable of coping with the tremendous changes in the external world and of adjusting itself to a balanced state. We have been convinced of the superiority of sciences and our thoughts have been dominated by them so much that the achievements of spiritual sciences have been pushed in to the back ground. As a result we find today people are suffering from agonizing persecution and an anguish of heart. Erosion of values cause a dissipation of human purpose, deterioration of personal, social and political morality, indecent society, injustice, and in disciplined conduct. An era of intellectual retardation and moral degeneration is on the offing and man's noblest accomplishments of the past would be laid waste. Man's greatest enemy as some thinkers have pointed out is man himself.

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