Vaisnavism Through the Ages (An Old Book)

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Author: Rabindra Kumar Siddhantashastree
Language: English
Edition: 1985
Pages: 208
Cover: Hardcover
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From the Jacket

This important study presents a comprehensive and critical survey of Vaisnava-Bhakti movements through the ages; its vedic origin, medieval evolution and modern trends in India. The learned author acquaints readers with numerous hidden, symbolic meanings behind anthropomorphic form of Vishnu, his incarnations, Radha, devotee, methods of worship and the siddhis a devotee secures through Bhakti-yoga.

It brings into light the philosophies of Ramanuja (Visistadavaitavada), Vallabha (Suddhadvaitavada), Nimbarka (Dvaitadvaitavada), Namadeva, Tukaram, Kabir, Chaitanyadeva, Tulsidasa, Mirabai, Sankaradeva, Mahadeva and his successors. This monotheistic research on Vishnu is based on ancient Sanskrit scriptures and throws a search light on obscure, hidden, symbolic, philosophical, psychological and historical meanings behind Vedic and Puranic stories and legends.

About the Author

Late Shri Rabindra Kumar Siddhantashastree (1911-1983) had all along an extraordinary brilliant academic career. Besides being a Premchand Roychand scholar (Calcutta, 1955) he is a holder of five Tirtha and seven Shastree titles and was lecturer in the department of Ancient Indian History and Culture, Calcutta University before his sad demise. He is an author of a number of valuable and thought-provoking books which will keep his name alive in the word of scholars of Indian religions. His contributions to human knowledge are Saivism Through the Ages (1975) History of Pre-Kaliyuga India (1978).



  Chapter 1  Visnu as conceived by the Vedic Seers 
   Chapter 2  Origin and Sanctity of the Salagram    
Chapter 3  Different types of Salagram 
    Chapter 4  Ten Prominent Incarnations of Lord Vishnu 
   Chapter 5  The Twenty-four Incarnations   
 Chapter 6  Vaisnavism in the Puranas 
   Chapter 7  Vaisnavism in the Narada-Pancaratra   
 Chapter 8  Vaisnavism in Southern India   
 Chapter 9  Vaisnavism in North India 
   Chapter 10  Vaisnavism in Assam    Bibliography    Index

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