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Why Man Needs God

Why Man Needs God
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Author: Swami Budhananda
Publisher: Ramakrishna Mission New Delhi
Edition: 2004
Pages: 38
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 4.5" X 3.1"
Publisher's Note

'Why Man Needs God' by Swami Budhananda was first published in 1983. it was well received by everyone and within a short time all copies were sold.

In fact, this title was the fourth publication under 'Sadhana Series of Small Books on Great Themes.' Due to the sudden passing away of the author, other titles could not be published though there was constant demand for the same.

We however, humbly, present to our earnest readers the first reprint of this book-let which has been so far delayed due to other commitments.

Our experience bears it out that the majority of the good-hearted young generation is keen to learn about essential religion. These youngsters are eager to be taught the applied aspects of authentic religion so that they may take firm steps towards self-development. They have, however, no patience for the set paces of understanding religion nor for what they think 'non-essentials', for they are always in a hurry to take; the bus, so to say. And they are not overtly interested in god, either negatively or positively. They want to know whether God is or is not. If He be, then, how does it matte to 'me'?

Though a most ancient question, 'Why Man Needs god' is often asked by uncommitted good-hearted young people all over the world. Though the question is an ancient one, the answer has to accord with the habits of thought, aspiration and life-style of young people.

If anyone can be helped to see the meaning of needing God, his life will have opened up the depths and new dimensions to his being. This will bring new challenges, to be sure Surer than that, this will unlock the springs of strength within and brighten the prospects of self-fulfilment.

Back of the Book

"When God is realized, the world never appears empty", says Sri Ramakrishna. Whoever seeks to escape ;emptiness of the life must learn to need God; the earlier the better.

Publisher's Noteiv
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4Substitutes for Religion, do they Exist?12
5Religion, the Link between Man and God14
6God is Man's Ultimate Need18
7Why god is Man's Ultimate Need?23
8Look not at the Gift, turn to the Giver29
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