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Buddhist Jewelry

Expressions Of The Spiritual

Human beings have been adorning their persons since the formation of rudimentary societies. Over time it has become something of a language that people express themselves with. Who they are, where they come from, and what role they play in the ambit of one's family as well as society at large, could be gleaned from the jewellery on their person. While in ancient societies, jewellery was legally regulated and an all-important giveaway of one's place in society, today it is more a means of artistic expression than a social more. The jewellery we choose to adorn ourselves with reveal a lot about our temperament and even our affinities. For those of us who are spiritually inclined, this section offers a collection of signature pieces in Buddhist jewellery, curated with an eye for beauty and rarity.

Pendants, bracelets, and studs abound, these pieces are timeless examples of Nepali handiwork. Of sterling silver foundation, the preferred base of jewellers from the subcontinent for such niche varieties, these come embossed with handpicked gems like rich red corals and brilliant blue turquoises. While some are fashioned form the finest beads strung together, some of these jewelleries come with exquisite filigree. The delicate gold and silver tracery on the pendants and studs, the lustrous silver pieces, and the stunning inlay to be found in this section would leave you asking for more. Practically every imaginable Buddhist spiritual motif has gone into this collection. From the widely popular ashtamangala and Buddha heads, to prayer wheels and phurpas, and the lesser-known gau boxes and vajrayana symbols - there is something for everyone in this section, no matter how deep you are yet to delve into Buddhist philosophy.