Temptation of Buddha by Mara (Tibetan Buddhist)

Temptation of Buddha by Mara (Tibetan Buddhist)

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Thangkas are more than religious visual aids. They are commissioned when problems such as illness, death, abstract obstacles arise in your life. Then the painting is hung up with the expectation that a protective or positive force will radiate from it, thereby gaining the function of a “lucky charm” or amulet. This is why some thangkas display lucky symbols, astrological configurations, or medicinal plants. The edges of the canvas are folded over twice rather than hemmed to prevent them from unravelling. The canvas is fastened with thread to four textiles that are firmly attached with four weaved frames. This thangka is made by a hereditary artist who learned the prominent art from their family. This polychrome painting is an enchanted painting that would bring positivity to your living room or bedroom.

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Tibetan Thangka Painting
Size of Painted Surface 18 inch X 24.5 inch
Size with Brocade 34 inch X 50 inch

The painting reproduced here exhibits modern colour schemes. They have been done with water-based paints. The painter has used very vibrant and positive colours. Siddhartha Gautama is sitting under a Bodhi tree in dhyanamudra. Yidam and yaksha are branching out from the tree who are the personal guardian deities with negative and positive energy. Yidams are personal guardian’s deities that are associated with specific tantra. An archetype’ is fierce energy that represents one’s spiritual force confronting obstacles. Earthy spirits that are yaksha are guiding Buddha to g. The band of yab yum printed on the right side of thangka represents the reconciliation of polarities and duality which is an important aspect of Tantric Buddhism. 

The painting of the dragon serpent in thangka is influenced by Chinese culture. They are deities of water, living in the sea, rivers, lakes, and clouds. In Buddhism, the dragon is the vehicle of Vairochana the white Buddha of the centre of the east. They are the vehicle of many protective, aquatic, or storm gods. It is a finely painted thangka in which clouds resemble a divine ballet of the heavens. Dragons and gold are gliding through the clouds. It displays exquisite shading.