7" Ganesha Puja Thali In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

7" Ganesha Puja Thali In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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The Puja Rituals (Rituals for worship) in Hinduism is quite a complicated affair. Though devotion to the deity is the main aspect of it, the whole puja ceremony has many other aspects. The Puja Thali (dish) is one of the most important and common things used in almost every ritual. It is the base upon which many ritual related things are placed. Sometimes, the Thali is used to perform Aarti (worship with fire) as well. That's why it is quite important to use a strong and ethnic looking Puja Thali to add a shade of beauty to your Puja.

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7.5 inch Dia
100 gm

The Thali being presented here is the perfect Puja Thali you might find. Made with pure brass, the Thali is sturdy and unlike many inferior quality Thalis, this one won't bend easily. The glow and purity of brass make this Thali exceptionally beautiful and quite enchanting. The most striking aspect that makes this Thali unique is its carvings. The Thali is carved with a beautiful picture of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha, is the deity of auspiciousness and divinity. He is remembered before the commencement of every auspicious occasion to remove any obstacles on the path. Thus, the carving of Lord Ganesha has added a divine aura to the Thali. Along the periphery of Lord Ganesha is also carved the auspicious symbol of Swastika, the symbol of peace and harmony, the symbol of the divine. Ultimately, it's the beauty and serenity that the deities represent. What could be a better way of expressing gratitude to them than using something that embodies their entire essence. For this reasonable price, it's hard to find such a bargain in the market.

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