The Omnibenevolent Gaze Of Lord Krishna

The Omnibenevolent Gaze Of Lord Krishna

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That serene face, that centred stance. The chhavi (image) of Lord Krishna comforts and strengthens many. A widely loved avatara of Lord Vishnu, He emerged upon ihaloka (earthly realm of existence) eons ago in order to rid us mortals of adharma. The handsome cowherd of Vrindavan, the all-powerful victor over Kamsa and Kalia and a race of demons. The murti of Krishna that you see on this page captures the Lord in all His personal beauty and splendour.

Fashioned from marble, it is a fine example of the devotional workmanship of India. A flowing angavastram woven in with gold and jewels and diamonds. Its ample hems float about Him making for a wide, curvaceous silhouette. The hems of His dhoti also gather in pleats about His ankles, forming the shape of a gigantic ribbon wound around those lotus-like feet. The silhouette of His body is predominated by the fall of His densely embellished garments. It conceals the signature tribhanga (the body jutting out at three different places) stance, which could only be deduced from the way He sets the studded flute against His lips and stands with His ankles intertwined.

This sculpture is more than skilful workmanship - it is a culmination of the shraddha (roughly translated to devotion) in the artisan’s heart and, installed in your home or office temple, would be a reflection of yours. A crown of layered gold poised on a divinely handsome brow, the bejewelled rim of a wide-set halo that doubles as an aureole. Finally, an omnibenevolent gaze that has the power to make all the unrest in the heart slowly melt away.

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White Marble Statue
24 inch X 12 inch X 5.0 inch
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