Baba's Rinanubandh (Leelas During His Sojourn in Shirdi)

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Author: Vinny Chitluri
Publisher: Sterling Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788120734036
Pages: 208 (95 Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 290 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
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The word 'Rinanubandh' literally means 'Karmic debt'. It is an impossible task to write the exact meaning of this word, as a lot of the nuances are lost while doing so. When you read about the lives of Baba's devotees you realise that it has a deeper meaning. A bond that has existed for many generations.

His devotees came from varied backgrounds. Some highly educated, others were rustic villagers. Some were young, while others were middle-aged and set in their ways. They went to Shirdi not knowing what to expect. Others went there by chance. But once they met Baba their lives were changed forever. And the 'Karmic bond" started unfolding. Thus they returned time and again to be with the living God who blessed them and gave them a handful of udi. In the years that followed, no matter what befell them they knew that Baba was always with them.

This book is a kaleidoscope of leelas, photographs and the lives of Baba's devotees. It will make the reading of Shri Sai Satcharita easier and fruitful.

Vinny Chitluri was born in Arvankadu (Nilgiris), but was educated in Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh). She did her postgraduation in Pediatrics from Kalawati Saren Hospital, Delhi. Then she went to the U.S., passed the board examination and was conferred the 'Diplomat of the American Academy of Pediatrics'.

While in the U.S. she started thinking seriously about her Karmic bonds with her family. As her father worshipped Baba she was also able to do the same from a very young age. She has been worshipping Baba for sixty years. Her relationship with Baba is that of a 'best friend' as He loves her no matter what she does.

She retired from the medical profession at the age of fifty and came to Shirdi in 1994 and settled there. Then she set about trying to know more about Baba. She soon realised that 'the more she learned about Him the more ignorant she was’. Alas, it would take her many lives to know a little about this inscrutable God. But her quest is on-going.



My father in 1950, on one of his visits to Shirdi brought N.V. Gunaji's Shri Sai Satcharita. We took turns to read it. At that time I read it more like a storybook. I learned about Baba's leelas and His divinity. Through the years I read and reread it. But I could not understand many things. For instance, Mrs Tarkhad's son was sitting in the Dwarkamai right in front of Baba, yet he wanted to return home to offer naivedya to the photograph? Who was this child? Why couldn't he just offer naivedya to the Shaktar Ishwar sitting in front of him? Was there another story in this story? (Shri Sai Satcharita, Chapter 9].

It bothered me a lot that Baba who had control of the elements [Shri Sai Satcharita, Chapter 11] who was "Deva di Dev" [God of God's] lost a wrestling bout with Mohiddin? [Chapter 5]. The Parabhrama, who made this shrishti [cosmos], and guided it! He who was omnipresent and omnipotent, after losing this match wore a torn kafni. Why a Kafni? What did it symbolise? Baba, though God Almighty on a personal level was close to the common man, the rustic villager; the well educated, and famous devotee. The rich and the poor, the famous and not so famous flocked to His feet. Was it because of His 'chamatkars'? Or was it His equality of vision? Was there something deeper, a rinanubandh [karmic ties or debt] that brought them to Shirdi? They came not knowing what to expect! And they stayed devoted to Baba for the rest of their lives. His divinity, His love, and compassion, His equality of vision endeared Him to every devotee.

Almost in each and every chapter of the Shri Sai Satcharita there are portions, words and parables that I could not understand. So I set out trying to find some answers. Along the way I met the descendants of these "Ankita Bhaktas". I pestered them with questions about their grandparents. I read various books, old Sai Leela magazines, and other books and found some answers there. At other times I drove my friend Manjula nuts. I coerced her to read the Upanishads and Nirukti and find answers for me. "Do anything, read anything but give me answers with references," I said. And she did. That's what Gurus are supposed to do! Not all the material is in this book. I for one found many answers. As I am sure many of you did. Some I have included, and you may have found other answers. But at least it is a start.

This book is a kaleidoscope, of leelas, photographs, and lives of some devotees which illustrate the karmic and rinanubandhic ties with Baba. I strongly believe that the visuals stay with us for a long time. I hope, that this book will make reading of Sbri Sai Satcharita easier and fruitful.




Leela 1 : Dev Baba alias Anant Prabhu Walavalkar 1
Leela 2 : Anandrao Trimbak Karnik 4
Leela 3 : Amidas Bhavani Mehta 7
Leela 4 : Firozshah Hormazji Pudumjee 9
Leela 5 : Equality of Vision 10
Leela 6 : Munim and 2 1\2 Lakhs 11
Leela 7 : Uddhavesh alias Shyamdas Baba 13
Leela 8 : Quenching the Thirst 17
Leela 9 : Shyamdas on Girnar Parvat 19
Leela 10 : Ramachandra Atmaram Tarkhad 22
Leela 11 : Three Annas Became One Lakh Rupees 23
Leela 12 : Krishnaji Kashinath Joshi (Kusha Bhau) 25
Leela 13 : Shyamdas and Dwarka 29
Leela 14 : Ramachandra Dada Patil 35
Leela 15 : Hazarat Durvesh Haji Mohamed Siddique Phalke 49
Leela 16 : Neelkant Ramachandra Sahasrabudhe alias Baba Sahib 54
Leela 17 : Lakshman Krishnaji Nulkar alias Tatya Sahib Nulkar 57
Leela 18 : Viswanath Lakshman Nulkar 60
Leela 19 : Maina Tai Ganesh Kuvelkar [Chandorkar's daughter] 61
Leela 20 : Bappaji Lakshman Ratna Parke 63
Leela 21 : Anna Sahib Karindkar 65
Leela 22 : Sakharam Hari alias Bapu Sahib Jog 67
Leela 23 : Samadhi of Bapu Sahib at Sakori 71
Leela 24 : Pralad Ramachandra Muley Shastri 71
Leela 25 : Adveyndra Saraswati alias Gholap Swami or Baba Swami 73
Leela 26 : Gopal Rao Mukundrao Butti 75
Leela 27 : The Brick 79
Leela 28 : Aare Maja Sava Rupiya! 81
Leela 29 : Bala Krishna Keshev Vaidya alias Dada Maharaj Patgaonkar 83
Leela 30 : Vishnu Ghati 84
Leela 31 : Pangya and the Coin 87
Leela 32 : Baba Gave His Tooth to Kashi Bai 88
Leela 33 : How did Baba's Tooth Became Enshrined in Shivaji Nagar Temple in Pune 89
Leela 34 : Lakshmi Bai Ganesh Khaparde 90
Leela 35 : Damodar Vaman Atwale alias Dammu Anna 91
Leela 36 : Mari Aai and Death 95
Leela 37 : The Leela of Evil Spirit 97
Leela 38 : Vinayak Shankar Giridhar 98
Leela 39 : Anandrao Pakharde 101
Leela 40 : Govind Damodar Pandit 102
Leela 41 : Lakshmi Bai Tuse 104
Leela 42 : Shakaram Krishna Pangarkar 106
Leela 43 : Ramachandra Keshev Naik 109
Leela 44 : Nangin Das Motilal 111
Leela 45 : Householder and His Younger Brother 113
Leela 46 : Tumache Me Bhar Vahine Sarvatha (I will carry your burden) 116
Leela 47 : "What a Great Mother You Are? Here Take Your Baby" 117
Leela 48 : Kashinath Shankar Dubey and Raghunath Dubey 118
Leela 49 : Eka Sai Bhakta Kadun [From A Sai Bhakta] 120
Leela 50 : Mrs Jog and the Buffalo 122
Leela 51 : Jog and Ganga Snaan 124
Leela 52 : Vitthal Darshan 126
Leela 53 : Shankar Rao Gavankar and Lala Lakhmichand 128
Leela 54 : Yoga and Siddhis 134
Leela 55 : Goddess Annapurna in Shirdi 136
Leela 56 : Baba Goes Three Times a Day to Tarkhad's Home 138
Leela 57 : Babancha Hemard Offers Paan Vida to Baba 139
Leela 58 : Ram Krishna Nana Vagal and Harish Chandra Pithale 142
Leela 59 : Harish Chandra and his Epileptic Son 146
Leela 60 : Purushotham R. Avasthi and Radha Krishna Mayi's Leelas 147
Leela 61 : Avasthi's Prasad 148
Leela 62 : Madhav Rao Deshpande [Shama] 149
Leela 63 : Shama's Quest to Know the Ramayana 150
Lee1a 64 : Shama Had an Eye Infection 151
Leela 65 : Baba Shows Shama the Trilok (Three Worlds) 153
Lee1a 66 : Shama and the Vishnu Shashranaam 154
Leela 67 : Shama and Money 156
Lee1a 68 : Shama Visits Nagpur 159
Lee1a 69 : Shama and Ekadashi Fast 160
Lee1a 70 : Ramachandra M Adkar 162
Lee1a 71 : Gopal Rao Somnath Nimonkar 163
Leela 72 : Sarojini Muley (Kaka Sahib Mahajini's Daughter) 164
Lee1a 73 : Baba's Pocket 165
Lee1a 74 : Savitri Bai Raghunath Tendulkar 169
Leela 75 : Mahadev N. Chandorkar alias Bapu 170
Leela 76 : Babu Chandorkar alias Vasudev Narayan Chandorkar 172
Lee1a 77 : Raghuvir B. Purandhare 173
Leela 78 : Samadhi of K. J. Bhishma 175
Lee1a 79 : Lakshmi Bai Chinchnikar 176
Leela 80 : Abdul jan Pathan 178
Lee1a 81 : Ram Baba 179
Lee1a 82 : Bala Sahib Rudra 180
  Conclusion 182

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