Lost Mythological Cities Of India

Lost Mythological Cities Of India

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Author: Urmila Verma
Publisher: Publications Division, Government of India
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788123015958
Pages: 97 (10 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About The Book

Highly evolved sages explored and discovered the cardinal truth and basic purpose of human life on Indian soil. Nature and physical surroundings assumed deep significance in the process, where only change was considered eternal. Glorious places were reduced to dusty environs, while new edifices were built on barren wastness. The book is an attempt to revisit a land that is alive and still pulsates with divine vibrations.

The author is a seasoned researcher and has written extensively.


This book is an endeavour to present the origin, history and the development of those ancient Indian cities which have not only been a witness to the divine drama but have also progressively contributed to the evolution of Indian mind, character, personality and thinking. Just as we cannot understand the Greek without their myths, we cannot understand India without her mythology. This book tries to present the evocative and hallowed stories of the cities like Kausambi, Indraprastha, Bhubaneshwar, Avantipur, Kashi, Tirupati, Mathura and Ayodhya. Besides, legends related to Badri-Kedar region and Shri Shailam Shrine have been added in this work. These places, though may not be defined as cities, nevertheless, possess the same aura and pulsating divinity which have greatly influenced the Indian mind. Their evocative serenity has been the tempting reason for their inclusion in this book.

With the passage of time, the origin and true shape of the cities have altered and their topography together got wrapped up in the multiple layers of earth. To know the correct position, it is essential to probe and research to find out when, where and why these cities and surroundings originated. The outcome f such a research, though time-consuming and demanding, immensely rewarding as well.

The list of such places is long because India has been a country ere highly evolved sages explored and discovered the cardinal truth and basic purpose of human life. In the process of the highest of life, the attributes of nature and the contribution of physical surroundings significantly assumed an important place. The spot, the area or the surroundings where a cardinal principle, a truth or a law of nature was discovered, perceived and internalized, spontaneously acquired a place of prominence and the cities were founded and developed.

The places with such supreme purpose certainly need to be remembered and preserved for posterity. The cardinal principles symbolized by these places found expression in our religious and mythological texts, as also in folk literature. This evocative, sublime as well as pragmatic knowledge makes us aware of the eternal cycle—the old yielding place to the new.

We perceive cities and human habitations turning ancient and some mingling in dust. While some of these, either wholly or partly, maintain their identity, making it easier to explore and locate. The old cities which got buried under the deep folds of earth often have a distinctive feature as very often new habitations crop up on the same ground.

Only change is eternal. The cities and kingdoms which had once enjoyed glorious days are reduced to the state of mere dusty villages and cry for identification and exploration. That is the moment when the science of archaeology comes to the rescue. Well-known archeologist Alfred Cunningham conducted various excavations and contributed in a major way in exploring many significant mythological sites and cities.

Out of the long list of such places in Indian mythology, only a few have become totally extinct without having left any visible trace behind. Most of such places have left permanent imprint on the sands of time. Some of such lost sites were retrieved by archaeologists. These mythological places vibrate with serene beatitude and spiritually. The pure and peaceful surroundings lead to the depth of meditation. These are the cities that derived their strength and popularity either from the glory of the kings and the kingdoms, the exquisite planning and governance or from the spiritual factor that pervaded and sustained the region.

With such a focus, we certainly need to think explicitly about such sites as to when, where and why they originated and developed. The result of ongoing process of exploration has mostly been a success. The final conclusion arrived is that the cycle of change is eternal.

These mythological cities occupy our psyche not for their opulence or glory but mostly for the divine vibrations which pulsate and keep the land alive. Besides an effort has been made in this book to recapitulate such feelings and to share with the readers the serene beatitude associated with such cities and surroundings.


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