Thus Speaks Ramdas
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Thus Speaks Ramdas

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Item Code: NAL786
Publisher: Anandashram Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9789388315197
Pages: 146
Cover: Paperback
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Swami Ramdas is one of the rarest flowers of representative Indian spirituality. His life is now a practical demonstration of the scriptural description about the blissful, carefree and unconcerned activity of a jivanmukta. His picturesque and chequered earlier life, his enterprising daring and reckless later life of Nivritti and his grand, sublime and joyous state today, are all proofs positive of the declarations of the great scriptures like the Upanishads and the Gita.

We find in him personified the Supreme Truth that one, who has transcended his little self, comes to behold the Supreme Spirit alone everywhere and in everything. He realizes his identity with this Cosmic Spirit. Ramdas says in one of his letters that this state came to him through Bhakti, Vairagya and Satsang. Elsewhere he states that the ultimate Supreme factor is Divine Grace. Swami Ramdas is truly a living monument of the Lord's Grace.

His spiritual experiences and realizations have made him a saint of Sama-Drishti. He sees the Lord alone in all beings and is thus rooted in equal vision. It is to such a type of soul that the Lord refers when He says in the Gita 'Vasudevah Sarv amithi sa Mahatma Sudurlabhah'. His realizations have confirmed him in his belief in the fundamental oneness of all faiths and creeds.

God is all-love, goodness, compassion and beneficial activity. Sainthood is the realization of the identity with such a Being, and as such the love, the goodness and service that arise from such sainthood will irresistibly seek expression upon this earthly plane. Thus we find Ramdas ever immersed in joyous, blissful service of the Lord in all. His Anandashram is a veritable mart of Divine Bliss. He wants each and everyone to plunge into that infinite source of joy wherein he himself is blissfully swimming. To this end he advodates two methods-a continuous remembrance of the Lord and the practice of beholding Him everywhere. To thus remember Him and feel His presence, the most potent method is the repetition of the Divine Name. Swami Ramdas is a staunch advocate of the Divine Name. He also insists upon regular Sadhana of self-control and surrender. He himself exemplifies the highest type of surrender. He demonstrates the fact that Para Bhakti and Jnana are one. The highest Vedanta and the most indescribable love are combined in Ramdas. Both of these have become manifest as the loftiest type of Vishwa Seva.

May all emulate his lofty, sublime life! May all attain the highest indescribable experience of Adwaitic awareness!


Prayer: Poem7
Your Reality: Poem11
The Aim of Life12
Reason and Intuition66
God- Realisation84
Gopis' Love for Krishna102
To Sadhakas104
Human Progress and Unity118
New World Order123
Soar Up : Poem131
One is Real: Poem132

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