A Vegetarian in Paris

A Vegetarian in Paris

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Author: Rashmi Uday Singh
Publisher: Times Group Books
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789380942230
Pages: 270 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.00 inch x 5.00 inc
Weight 430 gm
About the Book

Paris, the world’s gourmet capital, a dram for omnivores-and a nightmare for vegetarians. Or is it In this path –breaking book, one of India’s most intrepid foodies, Rashmi Uday Singh. Shoots all the clichés, eats her way through Paris and nails a vegetarian side to it that’s as dazzling as it is delicious. From cheap and cheerful to French gastronomique-multiple surprises show up in over 500 multi-cuisine restaurants, a vegan bed-and- breakfast, vegan tours..

The world’s first vegetarian guide to the discerning herbivore, the book is also a wonderful complement to those who enjoy their meat with a plate of potatoes- this landmark book helps you decide how to eat vegetarian well. Singh’s years of research have resulted in a comprehensive, all colour and ultimate reference guide to the world’s favourite destination for fine food.

About the Author

Rashmi Uday Singh is one of India’s most celebrated gurus of food with 32 books under her belt. With a wide-ranging career that started out with the Indian revenue Service she is a well- known face thanks to her acclaimed television shows and her popular columns in the national press. Having pioneered India’s first ever city restaurant guide and won many international awards, Singh represents India in international forums, travels extensively for research and is the chairman of the Indian subcontinent for “The worlds 50 best restaurants” academy.


A scrunched-up nose and a curled lip. Yes. “A vegetarian in Paris” is that kind of title, with potential to alienate the staunchest of non-vegerarians who look at vegetables as sidekicks to the macho meat. But even so... a request. Peel away your preconceived notions and join me in the world capital of haute cuisine as I bypass its famous frog’s legs and foie gras and lead you straight to vegetarian food.

I report from my most favourite city, Paris where the world distils itself on my plate. Food Fashion Style Elegance Kitsch … you name it and Paris has it.

I am warned that Paris may be the “City of Lights”, but when it comes to vegan or vegetarian living it’s certainly not the City of Enlightenment. But most of all, it’s the thrill of going forth into uncharted territories, stepping into a brave new world, the excitement of discovery that kick-starts my adrenalin.

Eating Research
What you have in your hands is the result of serious, systematic two- year eating research. I’ve eaten in each and every restaurant in the book. Like a love –struck lover, I’ve been flying, every month, across the seven seas (well, not quite) to my beloved city for over a year, Hiring a chauffeured car, unearthing and eating 9and photographing) at over 1,000, shortlisting only half of the finest vegetarian friendly eateries, food shops, cooking classes, food tours and more, cajoling the greatest chefs in the world to part with some delicious rare recipes…

I serve up a flavor of ‘veggie’ Paris (yes, non-believers, there is such a thing. From the cheap and cheerful to the French gastronomique. Alain Passard, Pierre Gagnaire, Guy,Savoy and many more cooked up dream veggie meals for me. Get ready for mega surprise, from pure vegetarian to pure vegan.

Why Vegetarian?
Why, you ask? Bird flu, swine flu, mad cow disease are focusing attention to it. For instance, did you know that to produce 1 pound of meat, it requires over 16 pounds of grain and many multiple gallons of water? Or that the destruction of ancient rain forests, loss of top soils and the increase of water impurities have all been traced to the single fact of creating pasturelands for livestock being reared for meat? In the end, it’s really not about religious, ethical, karmic or spiritual reasons but the more fundamental ones of environment, economy, physiology and health.

So, keep an open mind, unfurl that brow and add power to your plate. Turn the pages and enjoy Paris, like never before.


How to Use this Guide 6
Map of Paris8
Vegan, Pure Vegetarian and Macrobiotic26
Trendy and New41
Creapes, Fondues, Souffles50
Quick Serve63
Casual Favourites81
A Bite of History95
Classic French Greek, Italin and Pizzerias103
M.I.E.S (Moroccan, Mexican, Iranian, Lebanese, Ethiopian,Spanish)117
Oriental (Chinese, Japanese, Thai and More)134
French Gastronomique163
Hotel Restaurants184
A Birds-Eye -View- For a Tourist191
Shop- Eat-Cook203
Bakeries, Patisseries and Chocolateries206
Ice Cream Shops and Gelaterias217
Food shops223
Cooking Classes and Food Tours236
Rare Recipes240
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