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There are nine names of Devi Durga –ShailPutri, Brahmacharini, etc; etc and hence known as Nava-Durga. During Navaratri festivals, all the Devis are worshipped in their particular avtars and celebrated all over the world with fanfare. Devi accepts all the names and proves itself in all forms. When you sit in meditation and deep inside, you will realize the different shakties and its mantras. Devi Maa is not only the knowledge & wisdom, but also Bhranti (disbelief). Not only Lakshmi, but also kchudha( desire &craving ) and Trishna(acquisitiveness). Our life is inspired by the three prime tattvas – Tamo, Rajo, and Ssattva – known as the tri-shakti of this universe. By worshipping Durga at the time of Navaratri, there establish the harmonisation among the three while trying to carry Sattva to the highest.

In this exceptional brass idol of Maa Durga, goddess Depicted with ten hands and standing on her loyal, dreaded lion. With her two hands, she is grasping a long trident-cum – spear and in others, holding her sacred SharagDhanush, saber, chakra, sankha, bludgeon, plow - pestle, parshu - pash, etc. Seeing the goddess in extreme anger and fierce rage, fear of enemies increased.

With the lion pouncing and hitting the demon with its pointy toes and fierce teeth, Devi Durga is busy crushing great fiery demon Mahishasura with her edgy spear on his broad chest, catching him by hairs. Bejeweled with ornaments, the mother is looking very pretty with her awesome waistline and tight-fittest body even in this pose. The whole structure is installed on a beautiful heightened platform. We take pride in the matchless craftsmanship- it is stylish and showy.

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Item Code: ZDP03
Brass Statue
11.5 inch Height x 7 inch Width x 2.5 inch Depth
3.9 kg
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