The Divine Status Of Devi Lakshmi

The Divine Status Of Devi Lakshmi

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Wife of Lord Vishnu, ruler of wealth and resources. Devi Lakshmi is the very image of plenitude. In the sculpture that you see on this page, She is contained by a pristine lotus bloom. In keeping with Her traditional iconography, Her legs are in lalitasana, the anterior hands raised in blessing and abhaya mudra (note the gold coin situated in the creases of Her left-hand palm), and the posterior hands hold up a pair of green-stemmed lotuses that flank Her beauteous face. She is a reservoir of good fortune, She is abundance itself.

A white saree with golden overtones, woven in with booties of gold all over. Bangles on Her wrists, anklets, and a statement necklace rests on Her clavicles. Simple gold studs on Her earlobes add to the gentle beauty of Her face. Wisdom and equanimity and the promise of prosperity to all those who are devoted to Her in their hearts, writ large over Her face. Flaxen hair cascading from under the rim of Her crown and down Her shoulders clad in a pale green sash.

A wide-set halo frames the Devi’s head. It is studded with silver stones and features a hint of flame around the circumference, much like the sun. A crown of pearl and gold graces her brow. It is studded with silver stones and adds to the glamour of Her brow. Her vahana, the elephant, prostrates at Her feet, its proportion indicative of the divine status of its mistress.

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White Marble Statue
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