Fine-Limbed Lord Nataraja

Fine-Limbed Lord Nataraja

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A superb Nataraja murti to add to the auspiciousness of your space. On the back of the avidya-roopi Apasmara dances the great Lord. Apasmara is an epileptic and is the personification (‘roopi’) of fatal ignorance (‘avidya’). Lord Nataraja is the annihilator of avidya, amongst other things: as such, the image of His tandava (the name given to His cosmic dance routine) on the back of Apasmara captures the core ideal of Hindu dharma, which is the pursuit of vidya or awareness.

An impeccably finished brass composition. Overtones of an earthy green colour, complemented by the strategic hints of gold colour which serve to distinguish the minimalist clothing and adornment of the dancing figure, the flames that are spewing out of the prabhavali (aureole) surrounding Him, and the petals of lotus on the body of the plinth. There is sublime symmetry and harmony in the lines and shapes of this composition. Note how the passionate limbs of the Lord fit perfectly within the circle of the prabhavali, while the ends of His flying locks graze its inner circumference. Also, the tip of His crown blends into the zenith of the prabhavali.

As a work of art, such fine-quality handiwork makes this a collectible. From the sharp features of the face to the flawless musculature of the limbs in motion, such a profoundly made murti belongs to the home or office of the finest Shaivite devotee.

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31.00 inch Height X 21.00 inch Width X 8.20 inch Depth
26.17 kg