Practical Ashtakavarga

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Author: Vinay Aditya
Publisher: Systems Vision
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 8186824073
Pages: 210
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
Back of the Book

• Ashtakavarga is a unique system of Vedic Astrology the Parallel of which is found in no other astrological system.

• There are many books on Ashtakavarga that deal extensively with the calculation and pay little attention to the application part. Practical Ashtakavarga gives the most essential calculations briefly. The focus is on how to use Ashtakavarga in myriad situations in any kind of chart be it the birth chart, Divisional chart Horary chart, Mundane or the Varsha kundali.

• Comparisons of bindus in different houses gives an overall idea of the life pattern. Principles have been enumerated and astrological common sense invoked.

• Saturn’s transit (including Sadhe Sati) and the use of Ashtakavarga has been dealt with extensively alongwith simple as well as profound Nadi principles.

• Use of Ashtakavarga in matching of horoscopes has been discussed in all its multifarious colors

• Ashtakavarga helps in selecting the right Muhurta for any activity. What to look for and what to avoid has been explained through several case studies of many miserably failed and some gloriously successful satellite launches by ISRO.

• How Ashtakavarga helps identify the kind quality and quantity of professional success has been explained outlining which dashas are more conductive to give good results. Several illustration of well known personalities discussed.

• Ashtakavarga helps identify the weak parts of the body that are susceptible to disease. Detailed explanation given the medical case studies.

• How to Use Ashtakavarga for recommending the appropriate gem stone or any other suitable remedial measure has also been described.

• Rarely found benefic positions for casting the Bhinnashtakavarga of Kety given how can Rahu and Ketu’s dasha and transit be interpreted explained

• Based on Ashtakavarga progressively sophisticated methods of finding how is your day today explained for the first time and much more…


About the Author

He has been learning and teaching astrology since 1990 and is on the faculty of ICAS (India), ACVA (America), BAVA (Britain) and DGVA (Germany) the well known astrological organizations devoted to Vedic Astrology.

For a living he runs a design studio that caters to the print requirements of NGOs. Besides astrology his interests include Palmistry, Photography, Environmental protection Homoeopathy transactional Analysis and Vipasana.



Vedic astrology is an exalted tool not just for predicting events but also for timing their occurrence. The two techniques of timing events in use are the dashas (or planetary operational periods) and the Gochara (or transits). Belonging to the latter are: the simple transits of planets through various signs of the zodiac as are available in the ephemerides, the Varshaphala (or annual horoscope) and the Ashtakavarga. The first of these three methods, though useful and easy to apply, is rather gross and can be used only to make rather generalized predictions. Varshaphala and Ashtakavarga are more refined any more accurate. Between them, Ashtakavarga is certainly more popular amongst the Vedic astrologers because of its relative ease of application. If there were any doubts about its easy applicability, Vinay Aditya’s first book on Ashtakavarga, viz., ‘Dots of Destiny’, lays them to rest. Such is the clarity of his narration.

The ‘Practice of Ashtakavarga’ is Vinay’s second, and more advanced, book on Ahstakavarga. Its idea was conceived more than a decade ago when it was felt that the Bhinnashtakavarga and Sarvashtakavarga applied to the lagna chart did not always reveal all there was in the horoscope chart. How could then this technique of Vedic astrology be a reliable tool of prediction as claimed by none other than sage Parashara, the father of Vedic astrology, himself? Parashara could certainly not be wrong. So there must be something more to the routine method of application of Ashtakavarga. It was necessary to experiment with this technique further, taking care that the standard rules of Vedic astrology were always adhered to and never violated. Application of the Ashtakavarga method to the divisional charts was a natural next option in the search for more. As this research was pursued more and more, the results .ere found to be progressively revealing. The method was applied to the navamsha, the dashamamsha as well as other vargas and the results were highly encouraging. Several articles pertaining to this research were published in the bi-monthly Vedic Astrology. Vinay Aditya further applied the Ashtakavarga principles tot eh Prashna chart the Varshaphala chart the Muhurta and so on. Every time he god good results. The present work of his is a result of his toil of over a decade in this field.

Since Ashtakavarga is a refined system of Gochara or transits it has to remain subservient to the natal chart and its finer divisions. One has to keep the standard principles of Vedic astrology in mind and then apply the Ashtakavarga only judiciously. The operation and order of dashas has to be kept in mind during the assessment of the horoscope. The great quality of Ashtakavarga is that there are fewer contradictions and the analysis is more mathematical. But the principles have to be applied carefully and intelligently. Sage Parashara explained this method to his disciple sage Maitreya with the intention that men of lesser intellect in the Kaliyuga could also make use of it for them the elaborate principles of Vedic Astrology could be apparently contradictory and therefore too daunting to handle Ashtakavarga being mathematical was supposed to be more easy for them to manage. Vinay’s treatment of this subject however doesn’t make it appear as if fools would handle it. The technique involves a lot of mental exercise if good results are to be obtained.

It is a pleasure going through this work with the author handling the subject with care and passion and intelligence. Vinay has carefully stayed clear of the issues like the Trikona Shodhana the Ekadhipatya Shodhana and the Shodhya Pindas. He might choose to pick them up later more likely them to other researchers to establish their veracity or otherwise.



This book has been in the making for the last ten years. It contains my experiments with Ashtakavarga over the period. My earlier book, Dots of Destiny, was published in 1996 and ever since I have been trying to figure out how one should make maximum use of this technique that has not been so popular amongst the rank and file of astrologers. This technique is not a stand alone system, it is just another layer of information, albeit a very important layer, about the chart that gives an idea of the strength of the signs, houses and planets, bestowed upon them by the collective action of the planets.

In the previous book, the idea was1to cover the theoretical aspects of Ashtakavarga, where as the stress in this book is on using the fundamentals of Ashtakavarga on all kinds of horoscope charts and in various situations. Those parts of Ashtakavarga theory which did not yield encouraging results, such as Shodhya Pinda, have not been elucidated in this book. I cannot claim that Trikona Shodhana and Ekadhipatya Shodhana that give rise to the Shodhya Pinda are not efficacious. I am only submitting that the limited experiments, that I and my ICAS students have conducted year after year, have not produced encouraging results. It is but natural for the student and the teacher alike that they would not pursue a subject to its logical or definitive conclusion if they do not feel enthused with their initial forage into the subject. We have no intention to take upon our fragile shoulders the onerous task of either validating or refuting them once for all.

Students of Ashtakavarga would find comprehending this book easier if they are acquainted with ‘Dots of Destiny’. Nevertheless, I have tried to make this book self-sufficient so that the earlier one does not become a pre-requisite.

Some of the chapters in this book were originally written for the bi-monthly Vedic Astrology edited by Dr. K.S. Charak with minor modifications and editing they have been included here. They may seem dated now at places but the principles that are being elucidated through them are timeless.

I have been collecting hints and methodologies about application of Ashtakavarga from many books many astrologers with whom I have had personal interaction during the last decade and more. Though too numerous to recall here, I would like to thank them all for sharing their wisdom generously with me.

I thank Dr. K.S. Charak to have undertaken the onerous task of going through this book and making valuable suggestions at various important junctures. I also thank him for graciously agreeing to write the foreword.

Mr. Yashwant Singh Rawat my colleague for more than two decade also deserves a word of thanks for his patients and tireless rounds of proof corrections.

It this book would persuade and inspire students of astrology to use more and more of Ashtakavarga in their practice to their own advantage the book would have served its intended purpose. There are many unique features of Vedic astrology which are not found in astrology of any other country. Ashtakavarga is certainly one of them. Its preservation embellishment and wide spread use is the mission of this book.




  Foreword by Dr. K.S. Charak v
  Preface vii
  List of Case Studies ix
1 Ashtakavarga has its own say 1
2 The Basic Calculations 2
3 General Principles 9
4 Different Strength of Planets 13
5 Comparison Between Bindus in Various Houses 16
6 Some Case Studies 20
7 Divisional Charts Part I 41
8 Divisional Charts Part II 60
9 Annual Charts 74
10 Horary Charts 89
11 Medical Astrology 103
12 Mundane Charts 117
13 Muhurta and Ashtakavarga 130
14 Profession and Ashtakavarga 145
15 Transit of Saturn 164
16 Other Transits 171
17 Ashtakavarga of Rahu Ketu and Lagna 175
18 Ashtakavarga in Matching 180
19 How is your day today 184
20 Miscellaneous 190
  Gem Recommendation 190
  Naming of a Child/Bride 191
  Astrology or Cartography 192
  Compatibility in Friendship 194
21 Samudayashtakavarga Controversy 195
  Bibliography 198
  Index 199


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