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Unveil The Concepts of Kamasutra – Profound Insights and Applications

Ancient texts of Indian literature are filled with wisdom covering all the fields of activities of the material and spiritual realms. The perfect balance between our actual identity as spirit souls and temporary bodies is explicitly explained and described in the Vedic scriptures. Although we are spirutal beings, at present, we are encaged inside different bodily forms to attain the ultimate goal which is to re-establish our lost relationship with the Godhead. To fulfill the necessities of our bodily senses is but at the same time striving to achieve the goal is important. This is where Kamasutra comes into play for individuals who have a natural inclination to indulge in sense pleasures. Kamasutra is a collection of ancient texts which were written by the sage Vatsyayana around 2000 years ago. The original Kamasutra book contains elaborate descriptions of sexual behaviour, dynamics of masculine and feminine energies, and spiritual enlightenment.

Exotic India offers a vast collection of books on Kamasutra philosophy that are based on the original texts Vatsayana. Some editions provide the readers with clarity of the basic concept of Kamasutra while other authors of books offer their interpretations and commentaries on the texts. There are many misconceptions lingering in society about the Kamasutra book. Many people believe it to be a guide to sexual positions and intimacy but it is far beyond that. As you go through the pages of the book, you will understand in depth the role of feminine and masculine in a relationship, how the feminine and masculine characters should dress and behave to keep the bond intact, Sutras to improve sexual intimacy, and how to go up on the ladder of spiritual advancement while giving in to the senses.

We invite you to explore this comprehensive collection of rare books on Kamasutra which will offer you various degrees of perspectives on the subject. These books aim to provide you with the essence of the teachings of Vatsyayana that seem to be misleading from a moral viewpoint.

Q. What does this collection of Kamasutra books include?

This comprehensive collection of Kamasutra books includes editions, translations, commentaries, guides, manuals, poetries, novels, aphorisms, history, and practical tips for readers to grasp the notions and principles extensively.

Q. What are some recommended Kamasutra books for beginners?

As a beginner, you can start by reading these Kamasutra books to understand the basic concepts: “काम- रहस्य: Kama Rahasya” by Indra Mohan Jha (Sachchan), “कामकुञ्जलता: A Collection of 12 Different Kamasastra Books” by DR. Dalvir Singh Chauhan and Ramanand Sharma, and “कामसूत्र - Kama Sutra of Sri Vatsyayana Muni” by Ramanand Sharma.

Q. Is the Kama Sutra only about sexual positions?

No, the Kama Sutra texts are not only about sexual positions but also include topics such as feminine and masculine dynamics, relationships, the role of marriage, seduction, gender values, and balancing the flux of sensual pleasures and consciousness to advance in the spiritual platform.