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Gautama - The Nyaya Philosophy
Item Code: NAO101
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Tarka Samgraha
by Swami Virupakshananda
Paperback (Edition: 2015)
Sri Ramakrishna Math
Item Code: IDG912
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Nyaya Sudha of Sri Jayatirtha (First Adhyayas Complete)
Item Code: NAN434
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Epistemology in Pracina and Navya Nyaya
by Sukharanjan Saha
Hardcover (Edition: 2003)
Jadavpur University
Item Code: IDG415
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Studies in Nyaya-Vaisesika Metaphysics (A Rare Book)
Item Code: NAC026
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Exotic India has the best selection of Hindu/Buddhist Gods and Goddesses in sculptures and books of anywhere I know.
Michael, USA
Namaste, I received my package today. My compliments for your prompt delivery. The skirts I ordered are absolutely beautiful! Excellent tailoring and the fit is great. I will be ordering from you again. Best Regards.
I’ve received the package 2 days ago. The painting is as beautiful as I whished! I’m very interesting in history, art and culture of India and I’m studing his civilization; so I’ve visited Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Kerala in theese years. I’m a draftwoman , so I like collect works of extraordinary arts and crafts of villages, that must be protected and helped. In a short time I’ll buy some others folk painting, as Madhubani , Kalamkari and – if it’s possible – Phad. In the meanwhile, I’m very happy to have in my home a work of your great artist. Namaste, Namaskara.
Laura, Italy.
I must compliment you on timely delivery for this order. I was very impressed. Consequently, I have just placed another large order of beads and look forward to receiving these on time as well.
Charis, India
Bonjour, je viens de recevoir ma statue tête de Bouddha en cuivre. elle est magnifique et correspond exactement à la photo. Emballage très épais et protecteur, arrivé intact. Délai de livraison de 8 jours, parfait. Votre service commercial est très réactif et courtois. Je suis donc très satisfait et je tiens à le dire. Merci.
Yves, France
I was thrilled with the Tribal Treasure Box. Your customer service is outstanding. Shopping with you is like being back in India.
Yvonne, USA
I feel so blessed. Thank you for your wonderful service.
Vimala, USA
I appreciate your wonderful service to the yoga community. The Kali Dance of Victory statue and Lord Ganesha Granting Abhaya statue together will go toward a fundraiser for Yoga Life Society's Peace Sanctuary known as Sanctuary of Universal Light.
Vicki, USA
Thankyou Vipin. We LOVE Exotic India!!!! Jay Jay Sita Ram!!! Warm wishes, Jai राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम राम
Jai, USa
Fast and reliable service.
Dharma Rao, Canada
Books on Nyaya, The Indian Science of Logic
Nyaya is one of the six systems of Indian philosophy which believe in Veda as the revealed word. Nyaya consists of three main parts: an elaboration of a methodology for investigating the nature of things through valid means of knowledge (pramana), the art of debate through logical reasoning, and metaphysical knowledge about nature, the soul, salvation, and God. The term “nyaya” means “logical reasoning,” and this school is best known for developing the rules of logic and epistemology in Hindu thought. It is also known by other names such as Anviksiki (science of logic) and Tarkasastra (science of reasoning). Besides logic, Nyaya is famous for formulating an elaborate scheme of inference based on the syllogism (deductive reasoning).

Gautama, also known as Aksapada and Dirghatapas, is the author of the Nyayasutra and the founder of the Nyaya school. He is credited with formulating the principles of Hindu logic and establishing it on a firm foundation. In fact, the methods delineated by him are used in all schools of philosophy including Vedanta.

Gautama’s ideas were explained and systematized by Vatsyayana in his Nyayasutrabhashya. Uddyotakara’s (c. 500—600 CE) Nyayavarttika is devoted almost exclusively to logic and epistemology in an attempt to refute the Buddhist Dignaga’s logic. The Nyaya School, almost from its inception, was in conflict with Buddhist logicians and their epistemological theories, and Uddyotakara was greatly influenced by and incorporated Dignaga’s theories into the Nyaya system.

A subsequent Buddhist attack, this time from Dharmakirti (600 CE), arguing that the Nyaya and Vaishesika proofs for the existence of god (Ishvara) were logically fallacious, resulted in Udayana (900—1000 CE) formulating the first systematic account of Nyaya theism, where he gave a rational enquiry into the existence of God .

The Nyaya system is an elaboration of sixteen philosophical topics (padartha) as elucidated in the opening verse of the Nyayasutra which states that supreme bliss is attained by knowledge of the true nature of the sixteen categories: means of correct knowledge (pramana), objects of correct knowledge (prameya), doubt (sanshaya), purpose (prayojana), familiar example (drishtanta), established conclusion (siddhanta), members of a syllogism (avayava), hypothetical argument (tarka), decisive knowledge (nirnaya), discussion for truth (vada), controversy (jalpa), destructive arguments (vitanda), fallacies (hetvabhasa), quibbling (chala), specious objections (jati), and vulnerable points (nigrahasthana). Nyaya teaches that ignorance is the root of all suffering and rebirth and that only complete knowledge of the true nature of things will bring deliverance (apavarga). Salvation is the supreme goal of life, and Nyaya employed logic and epistemology to not only to know reality but also to correct false, fallacious, and sentimental fallacies.

A new school of Nyaya known as Navya Nyaya (new logic) developed in the twelfth century. Unlike the earlier works which had concentrated on an elucidation of the categories as enumerated in the Nyayasutra, this school put an emphasis on the valid means of knowledge (pramana) and did not concern itself with metaphysics. The Tattvacintamani of Gangesa is the major work of this school and the basis upon which all later developments derived. With it, the Navya Nyaya School developed not only a highly complex epistemology with its own technical language but also initiated a unique style of philosophical writing in India that is noted not only for its brevity but also for its precision.

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