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12" Tibetan Buddhist Deity Mahakala Mask (Wall Hanging) In Brass | Handmade | Made In India
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Wrathful Oriental Deities

Oriental religion has an entire category of deities who are the very manifestation of wrath. Having evolved in contrast to the enduring peace radiated by the Bodhisattva, Hinduism's and Buddhism's wrathful deities lead the sentient to higher existential orbitals through the means of their wrath. They are usually clad in bone ornaments, carry a variety of exotic weapons and bejewelled skullcups, and have a fierce composure of countenance. What one sees in the forms of these deities are basically manifestations of one's unethical karma.

Q1. Why do Tibetans include wrathful deities in mandalas and meditation practices?

In Tibetan Buddhism, mandalas are considered sacred and are used by monastics and monks. These are paintings or scrolls that depict the universe (usually, Bhavachakra; the wheel of life) and many deities. The deities are portrayed in their wrathful forms as having fierce features. They are known as protectors or Dharmapalas who destroy all the obstacles pertaining to the mind of the sentient beings on the path to enlightenment. Buddhists meditate every day on these forms to transform their negative mental factors into wisdom and compassion without which, elevating to the spiritual platform is not impossible.

Q2. Who are the 3 gods of Buddhism?

In Buddhism, there are three main divine beings that are worshiped or meditated on:

Buddha - A Buddha is a being who is fully awakened and has already achieved enlightenment. He comes to this world to teach the conditioned souls what is Dharma.


Bodhisattvas - A Bodhisattva is a powerful and highly advanced being who has taken a vow to work towards Buddhahood and is very compassionate unto all the sentient beings of this world.


Dharmapala - A Dharmapala is the protector or defender of the Dharma. He is usually depicted as a wrathful God who acts in a fierce way to drive away all the negative qualities of sentient beings.