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Choose from a variety of Books on Hinduism like the Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishads & more at ExoticIndia – the online Indian Bookstore.

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»  NAR155 : Glimpses of The Atharva Veda
»  NAR152 : Glimpses of The Four Veda
»  NAR153 : Glimpses of The Rig Veda
»  NAR154 : Glimpses of The Sama Veda
»  NAR156 : Glimpses of The Yajur Veda
»  NAR144 : Living Hanuman (A Journey from a Selfie to The Self Through Shri Hanuman Chalisa)
»  NAR091 : Eternal Words - Spiritual Instructions of Swami Adbhutananda
»  NAR110 : Ramayana (A Pictorial Ode on Indian Ethics)
»  NAR105 : The Wisdom Teachings of Harish Johari on The Mahabharata
»  NAR145 : Yajnyawalkya
»  NAR135 : Diamond in The Hills (A Biography of Sadguru Sri Sri Arjun)
»  NAR118 : Eye of Shiva (Beyond The Quantum Universe)
»  NAR126 : Jeevansar Kathamrut (Nectarean Stories to Glean The Essence of life)
»  NAR119 : Lord Shiva Loved Tamil Language (12 Tamil Thirumurai, 18 Siddhars, Saiva Nalvar, 63 Nayanmars)
»  NAR051 : Virtue, Success, Pleasure, Liberation - The Four Aims of Life in The Tradition of Ancient India
»  NAR103 : A History of Hinduism (The Past, Present and Future)
»  NAQ959 : Beyond Aum (The 4th Syllable)
»  NAQ962 : The Only Life (Osho, Laxmi and A Journey of The Heart)
»  NAQ990 : Life Here and Hereafter (Kathopanishad)
»  NAQ989 : Stories of Yogananda 's Youth
»  NAR057 : The Goddess in India - The Five Faces of The Eternal Feminine
»  NAQ987 : The Practical Vedanta of Swami Rama Tirtha
»  NAR075 : Tiruvalluvar (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  NAR074 : Vidyapati (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  NAQ947 : Hinduism and Brotherhood
»  NAR022 : Kanha in Krishna (The Journey to Divinity)
»  NAR028 : Sources of Our Cultural Heritage
»  NAR023 : The Children of Midnight (The Epic Mahabharata)
»  NAR041 : Urmila (Recapturing The Mythical Journey of Love and Longing in Contemporay India )
»  NAK075 : A Divine Biography of Lord Ram and Glory of Lord's Holy Name (Set of Two Volumes)
»  NAQ964 : Ahobilam - Abode of Nava Narasimhas
»  NAQ931 : Chapters of Spirituality
»  NAQ971 : Embodiment of Truth (Kanchi Mahaswami)
»  NAQ932 : Jnana Yoga Method and Attainment
»  NAQ968 : Shirdi Sai Baba Temple - A Century of Solace
»  NAR011 : The Hindu Way (Freedom To Oneness)
»  NAQ958 : The Living Saint of Mantralayam
»  NAQ921 : The Yoga of Spiritual Devotion (A Modern Translation of the Narada Bhakti Sutras)
»  NAQ978 : Dohanomics (Timeless Lessons for Investors from Sant Kabir and Rahim)
»  NAQ998 : The 5 Dharma Types
»  NAQ966 : Being Present (Cultivate a Peaceful Mind Through Spiritual Practice)
»  NAQ933 : Enlightenment Without GOD (Mandukya Upanishad)
»  NAQ952 : Essence of Dharma - Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatha Temple
»  NAQ969 : Hindu Fables (For The Vedas to Vivekananda)
»  NAQ967 : The Bhagavad Gita (An easy walkthrough for everyone)
»  NAQ934 : The Monkeys and The Mango Tree (Teaching Stories of the Saints and Sadhus of India)
»  NAQ912 : From The Margins of Hindu Marriage (Essays on Gender, Religion and Culture)
»  NAQ913 : Heroic Wives (Rituals, Stories, and The Virtues of Jain Wifehood
»  NAQ917 : Offering Flowers, Feeding Skulls (Popular Goddess Worship in West Bengal)
»  NAQ909 : The Essence of Self-Realization (The Wisdom of Paramhansa Yogananda)
»  NAQ904 : The Om Mala (Meanings of The Mystic Sound)
»  NAQ895 : 108 Prasang Mala (Inspiring Satsang Stories)
»  NAQ880 : Heritage of Vedic Culture (A Pragmatic Presentation)
»  NAQ889 : Hindu Spirituality and Virtue Politics
»  NAQ864 : The Science of The Rishis (The Spiritual and Material Discoveries of The Ancient Stages of India)
»  NAQ883 : Vedic Concept of Dharma (A Philosophical Analysis)
»  NAQ849 : Aesthetic Vedanta (The Sacred Path of Passionate Love)
»  NAQ816 : Ancient Indian Rituals and Their Social Contents
»  NAQ875 : Krsna - Jagannatha in The Western Mind
»  NAQ873 : Srinarada - Pancaratram (An Introduction, Sanskrit Text, English Translation, Notes & Appendix
»  NAQ817 : Japji Sahib - Way to God in Sikhism (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAQ827 : The Goddess as Role Model (Sita and Radha in Scripture and on Screen)
»  NAJ971 : Visnusahasranama (A Detailed Commentary on the Vishnu Sahasranama)
»  NAQ843 : Iridescence of Goddess Laksmi (Text With English Translation And Annotations of Sri-Sukta-Bhasyam)
»  NAQ854 : See God with Open Eyes
»  NAQ844 : The Legacy of Visvamitra (A Study Based on Vedic and Pauranic Literature)
»  NAQ837 : Glimpses of the Divine (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAQ836 : Jimutavahana Dayabhaga (The Hindu Law of Inheritance in Bengal)
»  NAQ838 : Nectar Gaze and Poison Breath (An Analysis and Translation of The Rajasthani Oral Narrative of Devnarayan)
»  NAQ834 : Shiva and The Primordial Tradition (From The Tantras to the Science of Dreams)
»  NAQ833 : Singing The Body of God (The Hymns of Vedantadesika in Their South India Tradition)
»  NAQ839 : The Memory of Love (Surdas Sings to Krishna)
»  NAQ831 : Singing to The Goddess (Poems to Kali and Uma From Bengal)
»  NAQ828 : Songs of Ecstasy (Tantric and Devotional Songs from Colonial Bengal)
»  NAQ830 : The Bijak of Kabir
»  NAQ823 : The Ramayana Revisited
»  NAO143 : Amazing Secrets of The Bhagavad Gita
»  NAD017 : Maha Samadhi Antardhyana (Realizing the Absolute)
»  NAQ818 : Selections from Ramacandrika of Kesavadasa (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAQ782 : Sri Pustimarga Laksanani
»  NAQ807 : Battle Beyond Kurukshetra (A Mahabharata Novel)
»  NAN878 : Karma Yoga Book Conversations of The Science of Yoga (Set of 7 Books)
»  NAQ808 : Krishna Deities and Their Miracles (How The Images of Lord Krishna Interact With Their Devotees)
»  IDG456 : The Ten Great Cosmic Powers (Dasa Mahavidyas)
»  NAQ793 : Indian Mythology (Tales, Symbols, and Rituals from The Heart of The Subcontinent)
»  IDF471 : Yoga Chudamani Upanishad (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation and Detailed Commentary)
»  NAQ786 : Seventy Two Major Gods and Goddesses of 108 Credits and Their Diverse Philosophy
»  NAQ785 : Shiva (The Source of Life Skills)
»  NAQ790 : The Complete Life of Krishna (Based on The Earliest Oral Traditions and The Sacred Scriptures)
»  NAN312 : Arunachala Shiva - Commentaries on Sri Ramana Maharshi's Teaching Who Am I ? (With Two DVDs Inside)
»  NAF382 : Ayurvedic Garbha Sanskar (The Art and Science of Pregnancy)
»  NAQ612 : Sivagnaana Munivar - Makers of Indian Literature (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAQ784 : Vishnu's Mount (Birds in India Mythology and Folklore)
»  NAQ757 : Samadhi His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Promode Puri Maharaj
»  NAQ762 : The Teachings of Vimala Thakar
»  IDC611 : Hanuman An Introduction
»  NAQ686 : Hunuman Chalisa (Verse By Verse Description)
»  NAQ756 : Kumbha Mela (The World's Largest Act of Faith)
»  NAQ755 : A Philosophy of Devotion (A Comparative Study of Bhakti and Prapatti in Visistadvaita and St. Bonaventura and Gabriel Marcel) (An Old & Rare Book)
»  NAK557 : Advaita Makarandah with The Commentary Tattva Prakasika
»  NAL605 : Adventures of a Brahmin Priest (My Travels in The 1857 Rebellion)
»  NAQ750 : Arise Arjuna Hinduism Resurgent in a New Century
»  NAK188 : Conscious Immortality (Conversations With Sri Ramana Maharshi Recorded by Paul Brunton)
»  NAQ753 : Jainism And Other Essays
»  NAK576 : Pancikaranam
»  NAQ746 : Parables of Rama
»  NAQ748 : Sivastotravali of Utpaladeva (Sanskrit Text With English Translation and Glossary)
»  NAK529 : Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (For Young Readers)
»  NAG114 : Vedic Mathematics (30 Formulae Elucidated)
»  NAQ752 : What is Hinduism? A Guide for the Global Mind
»  NAQ656 : 'You Are The Supreme Light'
»  NAP975 : Hounds of Shiva
»  NAL626 : Lectures on The Bhagavadgita (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAJ783 : Sambhavi Yogam (Merging of Nada and Jyoti Yoga)
»  IDC350 : Sri Vrndavana- Mahimamrta (The Nectarean Glories of Sri Vrndavana)
»  NAK037 : Srividyasara – Prasnottara – Malika
»  IDH157 : The Chhandogya Upanishad
»  NAL091 : The Holy Puranas (Set of Three Volumes)
»  NAL380 : The Indian Mother Goddess (Third Enlarged Edition)
»  NAG372 : The Path of Grace
»  IDF466 : The Sukraniti
»  IDG473 : Vakya Vritti of Adi Sankara
»  NAL308 : Bhagavata Ratnamala A Necklace of Nectar Verses (Cantos 1-6)
»  IDF057 : Bhagwatamrit The Elixir of the Bhagwat
»  IDE384 : Bhakti Schools of Vedanta (Lives and Philosophies of Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Madhva, Vallabha and Caitanya (Chaitanya))
»  NAH792 : DEATH MUST DIE (A Western Women's Life-Long Spiritual Quest in India with Shree Anandamayee Ma)
»  IHG003 : Epic UndertakingsPapers of the 12th World Sanskrit Conference (Vol. 2)
»  NAN414 : Horizons of The Self in Hindu Thought (A Study for the Perplexed)
»  NAF772 : Invoking Lakshmi (The Goddess of Wealth in Song and Ceremony)
»  IDK076 : Jaiminiya Mahabharata (Asvamedhika Parva)- Part I
»  NAQ741 : Katyayana Subasutra and Modern Mathematical Interpretations of its Sutras
»  NAQ744 : Kumbha (The Traditionally Modern Mela)
»  NAG518 : Layout and Construction of Citis According to Baudhayana, Manava and Apastamba Sulbasutras
»  IDJ958 : Mystical Formulae (Part 1-Mantras)
»  NAQ730 : Mystical Life of a Miraculous Yogi and Ten Facets of Devi Durga
»  NAM459 : Pandit N. R. Bhatt Felicitation Volume (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAJ377 : Patnee (Wife in The Eyes of Husband)
»  NAK923 : Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar As an Indologist (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDK555 : Ravana (An Attendant of Vishnu)
»  NAK542 : Rig Veda (Set of 4 Volumes)
»  NAG419 : Sakta Tantrik Cult In India - An Old Book
»  NAN494 : Sarala Gita (Easy to Read and Comprehend)
»  IDG463 : Sivanandalahari by Sri Sankaracharya ( (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word to Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary))
»  NAK916 : Some Women's Rites and Rights in The Veda (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAM475 : Spiritual Heritage of Annamacharya (Volume III)
»  NAQ738 : Spiritual Leaders (Set of Five Comics)
»  NAK697 : Sri Gita-Govinda with Detailed Commentary in English
»  NAI109 : Sri Guru and His Grace
»  NAO342 : Srila Gpoala Bhatta Gosvami
»  NAO346 : Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami
»  NAQ739 : Stories of Faith (Set of Five Comics)
»  NAQ736 : Tales of Temple Towns (Set of Five Comics)
»  NAK034 : The Divine Life of Swami Samarth
»  NAQ728 : The Fountain of Power (A Collection of Rama's Lectures)
»  NAQ740 : The Rise of the Religious Significance of Rama (An Old & Rare Book)
»  NAQ731 : The Story of Swami Rama (The Poet Monk of India)
»  NAK983 : The Vedic Gandharva and Rebirth Theory (A Rare Book)
»  NAI057 : Vedantakalpalatika of Madhusudan Saraswati (A Rare Book)
»  NZB047 : जन्मदिन पूजा पद्धति How to Worship on Birthday
»  NZB871 : धर्मदर्शन की मूल समस्याएं The Fundamental Problems of the Philosophy of Religion
»  NAJ766 : Atmatirtham Life and Teachings of Sri Sankaracharya (An Independent Vedantic Epic)
»  NAQ720 : Faith (40 Insights Into Hinduism)
»  NAQ572 : Invisible Shades of Ramayana
»  NAQ719 : Meaning and Significance of Worship ( Based on the Worship of Sri Ramakrishna)
»  IDE015 : Natural Science Of The Ancient Hindus
»  NAF809 : Radha The Eternal Beauty of Indian Literature
»  NAO834 : Sri Krsna Caitanya - An Insight into His Life and Precepts
»  NAM343 : Srila Rupa Gosvami
»  IDG610 : Summary Study Of The Garuda Purana
»  NAK989 : The Vedanta (A Study of The Brahma – Sutras with The Bhasyas of Samkara, Ramanuja, Nimbarka, Madhva and Vallabha) - An Old and Rare Book
»  IDH314 : Why? Hindu Customs, Rituals and Rites (The Answer to all the Questions Regarding Hindu Customs and Bliefs)
»  NAQ714 : Gita Govinda of Jayadeva ( Study in Sahitya & Natya)
»  NAJ077 : India A Sacred Geography
»  NAF565 : Sri Ramana Gita Composed by Sri Ganapati Muni (With Sanskrit Text, English Transliteration English and Tamil Translation)
»  NAK416 : A Glossary of Technical Terms in The Commentaries of Sankara, Ramanuja and Madhva on The Brahma - Sutras (Set of 2 Volumes) - An Old and Rare Book
»  NAQ692 : Alvar Saints and Their Celestial Songs Some Glimpses
»  IDF843 : BHAKTI AND SANKIRTAN (With Sandilya Bhakti Sutras - Text, Meaning and Commentary)
»  NAM939 : Brahmasutram Catussutri
»  IDI630 : Damara Tantra
»  IDE710 : DEATH MUST DIE (A Western Women's Life-Long Spiritual Quest in India with Shree Anandamayee Ma)
»  NAK469 : Dream Visions and Revelations
»  NAQ397 : Flight of Deities and Rebirth of Temples - Episodes from Indian History
»  IDJ088 : Himalayan Pantheon A Guide to the Gods and Goddesses of Nepal
»  IDE286 : Iconography of Sadasiva (Sadashiva)
»  IDI653 : Mahaprabhu Aghoreshwar Baba Bhagwan Ram The Book of Aghor Wisdom
»  IHL557 : Mundakopanisad (Mundaka - 1) ( Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning and Detailed Commentary)
»  NAJ730 : Mundakopanisad (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAB088 : Plant Myths and Traditions in India
»  NAK199 : Sadhana Sadhya (An Overview of Vedanta)
»  IHL548 : Salutations to Rudra (Based on the Exposition of Sri Rudram)
»  IHL238 : Self Realization in Kashmir Shaivism The Oral Teachings of Swami Lakshman Joo
»  NAO336 : Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Raganuga Bhakti
»  IHL555 : Sri Rudram (Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning and Detailed Explanation)
»  NAK532 : Swami Dayananda Saraswati (Contributions and Writings)
»  NAM942 : Taittiriya Upanisad (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAB070 : The Dance of Shiva
»  NAJ101 : The Physics of Vaisesika
»  NAQ700 : The Reluctant Family Man Shiva in Everyday Life
»  NAF151 : The Saints of Bengal (A Rare Book)
»  NAQ713 : The Smokeless Fire (Unravelling the Secrets of Isha, Kena & Katha Upanishads)
»  NAF255 : Vaisesika Sutra of Kanada (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAD688 : Vedanta 24*7(Moments With Oneself)
»  IHL551 : Vedic View and Way of Life
»  IHL626 : Yoga of Objectivity
»  NAD894 : Siva Vidya Ratnakaram (With a Detailed Commentary on the Shiva Sahasranama)
»  NAF589 : Sounds of Silence (A Bridge Across Two Worlds)
»  NAF268 : The Hindu Way of Awakening (Its Revelation, Its Symbols An Essential View of Religion)
»  NAQ611 : The Inner Reality Jesus, Krishna and The Way of Awakening
»  NAO089 : An Aim, An Ity, A Ness and A Ment - Watchwords That Spell Success
»  NAO084 : Destiny's Child - When Guru Becomes the Guide
»  NAO086 : Dhoom - Dhaam (Program, Download and Print)
»  NAO088 : Great Escapes - Memoirs of a Guardian Angel
»  NAN267 : Humans and Superhumans (The Touch of Grace)
»  NAO082 : Lessons for Life - A Disciple's Ongoing Journey
»  NAO083 : Om Niranjan - Realizing Godhead in Guru
»  NAN268 : The Daredevil Dolphin (Making a Leap of Faith)
»  NAN265 : The Yogi and The Maya (Renewing an Ancient Bond)
»  NAN886 : Caturyuga Calendar of Vaivasvata Manvantara (Puranic Chronicles)
»  NAK826 : Jaiva Dharma
»  NAO916 : Kailash Manasarovar (Cycle Rides, Soul Journeys)
»  NAQ699 : Laxminama Monks, Merchants, Money and Mantra
»  IDD964 : Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)Makers of Indian Literature
»  IDF591 : Sarartha Darsini Commentary on the Tenth Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam
»  IHE004 : Sri Saundarya Lahari The Descent
»  NAQ698 : The Hindu Rite of Entry Into Heaven and others Essays on Death and Ancestors in Hinduism
»  NAD015 : The Value of Values
»  IDG520 : Valmiki (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  NAQ697 : Vedic Investigations Papers of The 12th World Sanskrit Conference
»  NZF891 : समकालीन धर्मदर्शन Contemporary Philosophy of Religions
»  NAP019 : Devlopment of Satyananda Yoga
»  NAO081 : Diggaja - From Elephant to Super Elephant
»  NAO080 : Divine Play - A Loving Connection with the Celestials
»  NAQ694 : Hindu Mythology and The Critique of Sacrifice The Head Beneath the Altar
»  NAF529 : Karma and Karma Yoga
»  IDF274 : Katha Upanisad (with the original text in Sanskrit and Roman transliteration)
»  NAO085 : Likhita Japa - The Science of Repetitive Mantra Writing
»  NAP348 : Living the Divine Life
»  NAF294 : My Inheritance of Sannyasa
»  NAG853 : Nectar of Supreme Knowledge Yoga Vasistha Sarah (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAQ588 : Sadhana
»  NAP344 : Spike the Hedgehog and His Open - Heart Surgey
»  IHJ093 : Sri Nityananda Caritamrta
»  NAJ844 : Sri Tantraloka The Only Complete Edition with Sanskrit Text and English Translation (Set of 9 Volumes)
»  NAN226 : Srimad Bhagavatam - At Each Step a Luminous World
»  NAN266 : The Crew (For the Welfare and Happiness of Many)
»  NAN269 : The Gift of Peace (A Precious Bequest)
»  NAN274 : The Great Adventure (A Diary for All Times)
»  NAP351 : The History of Bihar School of Yoga
»  NAC974 : The Paths of Pravritti and Nivritti
»  NAK052 : The Unique Teaching of Shankara A Discussion on His Adhyasa Bhashya (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAK701 : The Upanishads - Isha , Kena and Other Upanishads (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NZH646 : गृहवास्तु शांति प्रयोग Graha Vastu Shanti Prayog
»  NAO112 : Hindu Rites and Rituals (Origins and Meanings)
»  NAE955 : Bhartrhari's Satakatrayam (Niti, Srngara and Vairagya) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translationh)
»  NAM438 : Minor Works and Glossary
»  IDD022 : Numbers Their Iconographic Consideration in Buddhist and Hindu Practices
»  NAQ669 : Spirit of Religion-A Collection of Rama's Lectures
»  NAK072 : Sri Visnu Sahasranama (A Detailed Commentary on the Thousand Names of Lord Visnu)
»  NAK403 : Vasistha's Dhanurveda Samhita
»  NZH654 : श्री वनदुर्गापटल (प्रयोग साधन का अपूर्व ग्रन्थ) Shri Vana Durga Patal
»  IDG341 : An Introduction to Advaita Vedanta Philosophy A Free Rendering into English of 'Laghuvasudevamanana'
»  IDC243 : Gopi Gita (The Gopis Song of Separation) A Detailed Commentary Beautifully Illustrated
»  NAI111 : Saranagati Surrender (Bangali Text with Transliteration and word to word meaning English Translation)
»  NAP913 : Spiritual Masters of India (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAM766 : Sri Bhagavat Sandarbha (God-His Qualities, Abode and Associates)
»  NAO572 : Srimad Bhagavatam - A Symphony of Commentaries on the Tenth Canto (Vol-IV)
»  NAO571 : Srimad Bhagavatam (Songs of the Flute) - A Symphony of Commentaries on the Tenth Canto (Vol-V)
»  NAC222 : Stotravali A Book of Hymns and Prayers ((Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and Translation))
»  IDE969 : A Glossary of Technical Terms in the Commentaries of Sankara (Shankaracharya), Ramanuja and Madhva on the Brahma - Sutras - Part Two
»  NAQ653 : Ajapa-Japa Sohum-Humsa Mantra (An Eternal Mantra for Inner Consciousness)
»  IDG220 : CALL OF- NINE GODDESSES (1. Naina Devi, 2. Chintapurni, 3. Jwalamukhi, 4. Vajreshwari (Kangra), 5. Chamunda Devi, 6. Vaishno Devi, 7. Mansa Devi, 8. Kalika Devi, 9. Shakumbhari)
»  NAK372 : Intuitive Approach of Shankara's Vedanta (Secrets of Adhyaasa & Adhyaaroapa Apavaada Nyaaya Revealed)
»  NAQ652 : Krishna's Other Song (A New Look at The Uddhava Gita)
»  IHF082 : Mahamuni Babaji and His Legacy
»  NAN528 : Paramatma Vaibhava - Jiva Tattva
»  IHL830 : Salient Features of Sankara’s Vedanta
»  IDG376 : Srimad-Bhagavatam at a Glance
»  IDE237 : Surya Namaskara A Technique of Solar Vitalization
»  NAK561 : The Classic Wisdom of Srimad Bhagavatam
»  NAK849 : The Second Dawn (Revival of Shaktipat Knowledge)
»  IDE968 : A Glossary of Technical Terms in the Commentaries of Sankara (Shankaracharya), Ramanuja and Madhva on the Brahma-Sutras - Part One
»  IDE159 : Bhagavad-Gita (With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)
»  NAO351 : Bhakti Yoga and The Hare Krishna Movement (A Collection of Essays)
»  NAM857 : Gyan Guna Sagar (A Commentary on Hanuman Chalisa)
»  IDI084 : Itihasas, Puranas, Dharma and Other Sastras (The Cultural Heritage of India Volume II)
»  NAD492 : Lamps of India
»  NAN876 : Manipura Chakra
»  NAF534 : Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita According to M. (Mahendra) a Son of the Lord and Disciple (Set of 5 Volumes)
»  IHL534 : The Concept of Vac in the Vedic Literature
»  NAM792 : The Kathopanisad with Sankarabhasyam (Based on Swami Paramarthananda's Lectures)
»  IDG860 : TIRUMANTIRAM A Tamil Scriptural Classic Tirumular
»  IDK449 : Vedic Stories From Ancient India (Written for young readers)
»  NAQ399 : Ganga in Legend and History
»  NAQ390 : Kashmir Saiva Philosophy (Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies)
»  NAQ633 : 7 Secrets From Hindu Calendar Art
»  NAQ637 : Balanced - Mind in Gita
»  NAQ626 : Narayaneeyam (Bhagavata Condensed)
»  NAQ641 : The Path of Light (Tales From the Upanishads, Jatakas and Indie Folklore)
»  NZN516 : प्रातःकालीन प्रार्थना Morning Prayers
»  NAQ616 : 10 Leadership Sutras From Bhagavad Gita
»  IDI131 : Chandogya Upanisad (With the Original Text in Sanskrit and Roman Transliteration, English Translation and Commentary)
»  NAQ605 : Economic Man-Homo Economic and Advaita Vedanta (A Conceptual Study)
»  IDE176 : Mandukya Upanisad With the Karika of Gaudapada and the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)
»  NAM520 : Naiskarmya Siddhi An Elucidation of Advaita by Suresvara
»  NAF988 : Shri Neelkanth A Big and Beautiful Book
»  NAH221 : Sri Vidya Sri Cakra Puja Vidhih (How to Perform Sri Cakra Puja)
»  NAI329 : Sri Vidyasagaram (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDE183 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)
»  IDG157 : The Kalika Purana - Text, Introduction and English Translation
»  IDF702 : The Science of Emotion's Culture (Bhakti Yoga)
»  NAN349 : Tripathagamini Ganga
»  NAF656 : Yogavasishtha Darshan
»  NAQ582 : 80 Questions to Understand India History, Mythology and Religion
»  NAQ540 : A Year With The Mahapuranas
»  NAQ576 : Devimahatmyam - In Praise of the Goddess
»  NAL796 : Gifts of Grace (Five Aids for Inner Growth)
»  NAJ117 : Hari Namamrta Vyakaranam - Learn Sanskrit Grammar Through the Names of Krishna (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDF978 : How to Attain Eternal Happiness
»  NAQ590 : Living Traditions in Contemporary Contexts (The Madhava Matha of Udupi)
»  NAL811 : Mahaviri Hanuman-Calisa Demystified (Commentary on Hanuman Chalisa)
»  NAK888 : Muttuswamy Deekshitar
»  NAQ589 : Rasa (Love Relationships in Transcedence)
»  IDI012 : Sadacarah by Adi Shankaracharya (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)
»  NAG607 : Sannyasa Upanishads
»  NAO090 : Tarangini - Collection of Short Stories (Set of 7 Volumes)
»  NAQ594 : The Colours of Desire on the Canvas of Restraint (The Jaina Way)
»  IDH431 : The Principal Upanishads (Isa, Kena, Katha, Prasna, Mundaka, Mandukya, Taittiriya, Aitareya and Svetasvatara Upanishads with Text, Meaning, Notes and Commentary)
»  NAQ580 : The Ramayana of Valmiki -A Condensed Version of Valmiki's Epic (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAN709 : The Ribhu Gita (Sixth Amsa of Sri Siva Rahasyam)
»  NAQ568 : The Timeless Faith -Dialogues on Hinduism
»  NAL269 : Vallabhacharya
»  NAF195 : Vibhisana Gita (Hindi Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAL236 : Vishnuchitta
»  IHK040 : Void and Fullness in the Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Traditions (Sunya – Purna – Pleroma)
»  NAQ592 : Volcanic Energy (Lessons From the Life of Sri Srimad Bhakti Dayita Madhava Gosvami Maharaja)
»  NZC042 : पुष्टिमार्गीय मंदिरो की संगीत परम्परा (हवेली संगीत) The Tradition of Music in The Pushtimarg Tamples (Haveli Sangeet)(With Notation)
»  NZN489 : श्रीमद्भागवत महापुराणम् -Shrimad Bhagavad Puranam a Commentery of Shridhar in 5 Volumes (Gujarati)
»  NAQ340 : Metaphilosophy of Creation - Cosmos and Beyond Cosmos
»  NAF556 : Preparations Before Worshipping a Deity
»  IHL187 : Samkhya Darshan (Yogic Perspective on Theories of Realism)
»  NAC968 : Sannyasa Cultivating Spiritual Awareness
»  NAQ547 : Secrets of Heart Impulses
»  IDH107 : Selected Writings of M.M. Gopinath Kaviraj
»  IDH316 : Sri Gopal Sahasra Nama (One Thousand Names of Lord Gopala Krsna (Krishna)) ((Transliteration and Translation))
»  NAQ566 : Srimad Bhagvad Gita Insights and Significance
»  NAD730 : The Kaulajnananirnaya (The Esoteric Teachings of Matsyendrapada Sadguru of the Yogini Kaula School in the Tantra Tradition)
»  IDG136 : THE UNIVERSE THAT IS GOD An Insight into the Thousand Names of Lord Visnu (Commentary on Vishnu Sahasranama)
»  NAQ520 : 19th Akshauhini Algorithm of the Gita
»  NAQ528 : Chakravyuh Through the Eyes of the Young Warrior (The Misfortunes of a Father are Gifts to His Son)
»  NAQ529 : Demystifying Brahminism and Re-Inventing Hinduism
»  IDG290 : Harivamsa Purana (Volume Three) - Transliterated Text with English Translation
»  NAP988 : Krishna in Mahabharatham
»  NAQ526 : Revelations of Christ
»  IDE974 : Sri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra The Ascent
»  IHF081 : The Eternal Silence... Synthesis of all Dharma Paths- Sarba Dharma Samanway
»  NAG160 : Yoga or Yaga?
»  NZC645 : अद्वैतवेदान्ते भामतीप्रस्थानस्य तुलनात्मकमध्ययनम् Comporative Study of The Bhamati Prasthana in Advaita Vedanta
»  GPA439 : श्रीमद्भागवतमहापुराणम् Shrimad Bhagavat Maha Puranam (Sanskrit Text Only)
»  NAK818 : An Enquiry Into The Nature of Liberation (Bhatta Ramakantha’s Paramoksanirasakarikavrtti A Commentary on Sadyojyotih’s Refutation of Twenty Conceptions of The Liberated State) (Moksa)
»  NAE890 : Essentials of Rig Veda (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IDF556 : GANDHI ON WOMEN Collection of Mahatma Gandhi's Writings and Speeches on Women
»  IHJ033 : How to Worship Lord Shiva Shri Shiva Poojan Vidhan (Shri Shiva Pooja Padhati) (Sanskrit, Roman with Simple Hindi-English Meaning)
»  NAG256 : Hymns on Creation Heaven & Ancient Fathers (In The Veda and Upanishads)
»  NAQ458 : Ishavasya Upanishad
»  NAP917 : New Findings on Shirdi Sai Baba
»  NAQ622 : Parashakti (Magical Stories of The Divine Mother)
»  IDI051 : Sannyasa Darshan A Treatise on Traditional and Contemporary Sannyasa
»  NAF221 : Sree Lalita Trishatee (300 Divine Names of The Celestial Mother with Meanings and Commentaries) (Hindi Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAC757 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad The Most Useful Edition for Self Study
»  NAL114 : The Gita for Children
»  IDK792 : The Mystery of Karma (An Exposition of the Law of Karma)
»  NAK613 : The Nisvasa Tattva Samhita The Earliest Surviving Saiva Tantra (A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of The Mulasutra, Uttarasutra and Nayasutra)
»  IDE379 : The Ramayana Tradition in Asia
»  NAQ531 : Shiva Charitra (Narratives of Shiva)
»  NAQ629 : Siddhas Masters of Natures
»  NAQ510 : The Advaita Primer (Theory of Everything)
»  NZN523 : नारायण कवच Narayan Kavach
»  NAQ489 : Motivating Thoughts of Mahavira (Inspirations from The Sacred Jaina Texts)
»  NAQ497 : The Complete Life of Rama (Based on Valmiki's Ramayana and The Earliest Oral Traditions)
»  NAI100 : A Manual of Self Unfoldment
»  NAG243 : Advaitic Mysticism of Sankara
»  NAJ007 : Concept of Moksa (in Advaita Vedanta with Special Reference to Jivanmuktiviveka of Shri Vidyaranyaswami)
»  NAM319 : Hymns of The Atharva Veda
»  NAM669 : Poojyasree Kanchi Mahaswamigal and His Foot Print Pammal Ekambaram
»  NAQ477 : Spiritual Power The Mask of the Absolute (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IHL656 : Sri Suktam (Sanskrit Text, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation, Explanation and Transliteration)
»  NAB815 : Srimannarayaneeyam with English Version of Bhaktarnjini Malayalam Commentary (In Three Volumes)
»  IDF634 : The Supreme Yoga Yoga Vasistha
»  NAQ474 : When Lord Krishna Walked the Earth
»  NAQ473 : Whispers from Eternity A Book of Answered Prayers
»  NAF830 : A Study of The Socio-Religious Ceremony of Upanayana (An Old Book)
»  IDJ258 : As the Apostles Saw Her
»  IDH291 : Chandogya Upanisad Following Sankara's Commentary (With Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Translation and Notes)
»  NAI098 : Continuity of Vedic Rituals in The Mahabharata
»  NAL469 : Energy Science in Vedas A Treatise on Vedic Thermodynamics and Free Energy (Exploring Lost Science and Technology in Vedas)
»  NAQ459 : Fasting The Mind Spiritual Exercises for Psychic Detox
»  NAQ461 : Hegel's India a reinterptretation, with texts
»  NAP919 : History of Medical and Spiritual Sciences of Siddhas of Tamil Nadu
»  NAQ457 : Ishavasya Upanishad
»  NAN867 : Pictorial Mahabharata
»  IDF101 : Sri Ramacaritamanasa With Hindi Text, Romanization and English Translation (A Romanized Edition with Transliteration)
»  NAL505 : Sri Shiva Chidambara Charithre
»  IDJ684 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit Text Only in Large Characters)
»  NAL509 : The Garuda Purana Sanskrit Text with English Translation (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAQ630 : The Practice of Nada Yoga (Meditation on The Inner Sacred Sound)
»  NAQ465 : Water the Roots (Set of 9 Books)
»  NAO577 : Cosmology and Nataraja
»  IDD930 : Mira Bai (Makers of Indian Literature)
»  NAH867 : Nine Ways of Devotion (Navadha Bhakti)
»  IDF850 : Pancastavi The Pentad of Hymns of Kundalini Yoga
»  NAC190 : Reflections and Variations on The Mahabharata
»  NAQ455 : Shakti Leadership (Embracing Feminine and Masucline Power)
»  NAF033 : Sri Ramacaritamanasa (A Romanized Edition With English Translation)
»  NAQ446 : Swami Vivekananda (Leader on the Royal Path)
»  NAQ732 : Symbolism of Rigveda (Social, Ethical and Spiritual Import of Veda)
»  IDK264 : The Atharva-Veda Pratisakhya or Saunakiya Caturadhyayika
»  NAL786 : Thus Speaks Ramdas
»  NAJ492 : Yoga Vasistha (Set of 6 Volumes) - A Rare Book
»  IDE749 : Devotional Songs of Narsi Mehta
»  IDK863 : Guru Tattva
»  NAM490 : Hindu Temples What Happened to Them (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDG057 : Japa Yoga A comprehensive treatise on Mantra -Sastra
»  NAB030 : Speaking Of Siva (Shiva)
»  NAO617 : Studies in the Mantra Sastra
»  NAE726 : The Scientific Foundations of Jainism
»  NAN191 : Animals in Krishna Consciousness
»  NAB761 : How to Recognize the Method of Vedanta
»  NAC607 : Mantras for Beginners
»  NAE479 : Siva Sahasranama Stotram
»  IDF072 : Sri Visnusahasranama Stotram with Commentary of Sankaracarya
»  IDF007 : Bhavani Nama Sahasra Stutih (The Thousand Names of Bhavani) - A Page from Rudrayamala Tantra
»  NAQ420 : Big Bhishma in Madras (In Search of the Mahabharata with Peter Brook)
»  NAB743 : Misconceptions About Sankara (Shankaracharya)
»  IDG615 : Shanivar Vrata Katha (In simple English language) (Worship of the mystical diagram (Yantra) of Shani god, the importance of observance of this fast, its method, sacred stories related to it, Chaleesa and Aarati)
»  NAJ977 : Shri Bhairava Upasana
»  NAK496 : Sivasahasranama Stotra Ratnam
»  NAP153 : Spiritual Culture - Krishna's Divine System
»  NAQ411 : Sri Aurobindo (His Life and Yoga)
»  NAQ414 : Sri Ramakrishna (Love That Knows no Limits
»  IHL558 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Text with Roman Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IHL329 : Srimad Bhagavatam Sarartha Darsini Commentary by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakkura – Canto 5 (Volume 4) (Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAE918 : Stotra Mala (Selected Hymns) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IDJ093 : Swami Abhedananda's Journey Into Kashmir And Tibet
»  NAQ423 : The 108 Upanishads an Introduction
»  NAQ409 : The 9 Nights of Change-Navratras Dhyan
»  NAK381 : The Essential Adi Shankara
»  NAE673 : The Inner Ramayana
»  IDJ815 : The Mahabharata An Inquiry in the Human Condition
»  IDK503 : The Vivaha The Hindu Marriage Samskaras
»  NAQ404 : Tyagaraja-Life and Lyrics
»  NAG842 : Vedanta Prabodha - The Most Exhaustive Book Ever Written on Shankaracharya's Advaita Vedanta
»  HAA494 : न्यायबोधिनी Nyaya Bodhini - Detailed Hindi Explanation of Apadeva's Mimamsa Nyaya Prakasha
»  NAQ398 : A Patriot Monk Swami Vivekananda
»  NAQ395 : In the Company of Sages (Cross the Ocean of Samsara)
»  NAC983 : The Roots of Vedanta Selections From Sankara's Writings
»  NAH813 : A Guide to Vedic Chanting
»  IDE577 : Abhinavagupta and His Works - An Old Book
»  IDJ880 : Devi Mahatmyam (Glory of the Divine Mother) 700 Mantras on Sri Durga
»  NAI168 : Essay on The Uses of Adversity
»  NAH745 : Gita Makaranda A Most Exhaustive Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita
»  NAQ393 : Gita's Words of Guidance
»  IDI633 : Goswami Tulsidas' Geetawali and Barvai Ramayan with Ram Raksha Stotra
»  NAQ392 : Hymn to Sri Daksinamurti by Adi Sankaracarya
»  NAO528 : Indian Mysticism Cosmic Vision (Mystic Experience of The Unknown)
»  NAO671 : Inward Journey Chinmaya Uvaca (Quotes of Swami Chinmayananda)
»  NAQ391 : Jain Rama Katha or Padma Purana - Padmacarita (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAO563 : Prema Rasa Siddhanta - Philosophy of Divine Love
»  NAN319 : Songs of Bhaktivinoda Thakura - Gitavali
»  NAN621 : Sri Bhaktamala (Translated for the First Time into English)
»  NAP805 : Sri Lalita-Trisati-Bhasyam by Adi Sankaracarya
»  NAL471 : Sri Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya Parikrama Khanda (The Excellence of Sri Navadvipa Dhama)
»  NAL082 : Sri Siksastaka
»  IDH073 : Suddha Bhakti (The path of pure devotion)
»  IDG437 : Sure Steps to God Realization [Gems of Truth-3]
»  NAQ430 : The 10 Great Upanishads (Their Essence Revealed Through Simple Questions and Answers)
»  NAM837 : The One and Only - Advaita Makaranda (With Commentary of Swami Tejomayananda)
»  NAN128 : The Philosophical Verses of Yoga Vasishtha (An English Translation of Yoga Vasishtha Sara with Commentary and Sanskrit Text)
»  NAK010 : Three Apostles of Gaudiya Vaishnava Movement (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAL498 : Value of Brahmacharya
»  NZH643 : उपनयन पद्धति (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद)- Upanayan Paddhati
»  NAD321 : Atirudra Mahayajna at Kankhal 1981
»  NAB745 : Avasthatraya or The Unique Method of Vedanta
»  NAI095 : Confidential Talks to Young Men
»  IDE817 : Doctrine Of Karma A Study in its Philosophy and Practice
»  NAE817 : Harivamsa Purana (Set of 10 Volumes)
»  NAH548 : Ishavasya Upanishad and The True Import of Dharma
»  NAK628 : Kabir Speaks
»  NAM678 : Manu Smrithi
»  IDJ321 : My Life at Sri Ramanasramam
»  NAP400 : Mystical Stories from the Mahabharata (Twenty Timeless Lessons in Wisdom and Virtue)
»  NAI032 : Rudrekadasini (Relevance and Practice)
»  NAH189 : Sacred Flames (Religious Forms and Symbols in the Yagna Fires)
»  NAF978 : Shri Ramacharitamanasa (Tulasidasa's Ramayana)
»  IHE035 : Srimad Bhagavad-Gita by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur
»  NAJ382 : Success Motivating Vedic Lores (Selected Hymns from Rgveda)(An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAL415 : Supreme Court Judgement on Hindutva A Way of Life
»  IDJ828 : Swami Vivekananda in Chicago New Findings
»  NAD579 : The Essence of Ribhu Gita
»  IDI836 : The Flow of the Ganges Ganga Lahari
»  NAQ448 : The Heart of a Gopi (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAF358 : The Teerthas Hindu Pilgrimage (A Journey Through The Holy Places of Hindus All Over India)
»  NZA120 : महाभारत The Complete Mahabharata (The Only Edition with Sanskrit Text and Hindi Translation) - Six Volumes
»  NAQ360 : Questioning Ramayanas - A South Asian Tradition
»  NAQ320 : Religion, Tradition, and Ideology Pre-colonial South India
»  IHL623 : A Glossary of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra (In Roman)
»  IDK950 : Aarti and Bhajan Sangrah (With Roman)
»  IHL020 : Adi Shankara (Life And Philosophy)
»  IDJ301 : Bumaiva Sukham (Notes on Chandogya Upanishad, Chapter Seven) (Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning and Detailed Commentary)
»  NAK854 : Bunch of Thoughts
»  IDK452 : Gaudiya Kirtan Devotional Songs and Prayers
»  NAE987 : Samatvam (The Yoga of Equanimity)
»  NAN772 : Sampurna Pujan Vidhi with Transliteration of Mantras (Nitya Puja Sudha Kalp)
»  IDK247 : Sri Bhajana-Rahasya
»  NAN459 : Sri Bhakti Rasamrta Sindhu Bindu (A Drop of the Nectarean Ocean of Bhakti Rasa)
»  IDJ614 : Sri Caitanya-carita-maha-kavya Srila Murari Gupta
»  IDL185 : Sri Caitanya-mangala (Locana dasa Thakura)
»  IDK654 : Sri Swami Samarth Maharaj of Akkalkot
»  NAN643 : Taittiriya Brahmana Sanskrit Text with English Translation (Volume 1)
»  ACK27 : The Churning of the Ocean
»  NAG696 : The Four Vedas with Spiritual Translation (Set of 22 Volumes) - Sanskrit Text with English Translation
»  NAM218 : The Guiding Presence of Sri Ramana (An Old and Rare Book)
»  HAA587 : अनुष्ठान प्रकाश Anushthana Prakasha
»  IHF020 : Adbhuta Ramayana (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration, English Commentary with Explanation)
»  IDJ674 : Astavakra (Ashtavakra) Gita (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)
»  IDI069 : Brahmacarya in Krsna (Krishna) Consciousness (With MP3 DVD Inside)
»  IDI542 : Cultural Leaders of India Devotional Poets And Mystics Part II
»  IDI014 : Drg Drsya Viveka (Commentary by Swami Tejomayananda) ( Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)
»  NAL711 : Fifteen Lessons on The Vedas (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAJ798 : Ganesh Vidnyan (Science and Technology)
»  NAD078 : Gita Sandesh (The Message of the Gita)
»  IDI812 : Gopika Geet The Gopis' Song (Sanskrit Text, Roman Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning and English Translation)
»  IDJ659 : Hanuman Chalisa with Detailed Commentary
»  IDF139 : Lifestyle of The Vedic People
»  NAH853 : Me and The Mother (Lalitha Sahasranamam with Content Meaning in English)
»  NAF490 : Navagraha Upasana Shanti Padhati with Transliterated Mantras and English Translation (Sanskrit Text Transliteration with English Translation)
»  NAM838 : Parables (Brilliance of Vedanta, Through Simple Stories)
»  IDF645 : Saundaryalahari of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya) (The Upsurging Billow of Beauty) (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)
»  NAN742 : Savitri and Satyavan
»  NAB742 : Sri Datta Darsanam The Story of Lord Dattatreya
»  IHL008 : Stories From Vedas - Ancient Legends Reflecting Sublime Values of Life in Easy Language
»  NAK414 : Tantra and Yoga for Beginners (Set of 10 Books)
»  NAN740 : Truth Loving Hariscandra (Ideal Biographies, Second Blossom)
»  NAK490 : Vedanta Sangraha of Ramaraya Kavi Essentials of Vedanta
»  NAK710 : Viraha Bhakti (The Early History of Krsna Devotion)
»  NAG981 : Yajur Vaeda Trikaala Sandhyaavandanam (Sanskrit-English in Bold Letters) With Complete Pictorial Instructions
»  IDD714 : Abhinavagupta's Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita Gitartha Samgraha
»  NAH517 : An Introduction to Sri Anandamayi Ma's Philosophy of Absolute Cognition
»  NAE697 : Breast Milk Nectar on Earth and Supplementary Feed (Modern,Ayurvedic and Spiritual Concept)
»  IDI563 : Hinduism Frequently Asked Questions
»  IDJ853 : Sri Gayatri Mantrartha Dipika (Illuminations on the Essential Meaning of Sri Gayatri)
»  NAD020 : The Mahabharata Essays and Translations by Sri Aurobindo
»  NAL434 : Tuhfa The Minstrel Divine (Story of an Iranian Woman-Saint)
»  NAJ144 : Vaishnava Padavali (A Matchless Collection of Vaishnava Songs)
»  HAA805 : आत्म विज्ञान Science of Soul
»  IDF398 : Brahmavaivarta Purana (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDD011 : Hindu Symbols (Including emblems and sacred objects)
»  NAJ692 : Rig Veda SandhyaVandanam (Sanskrit-English in Bold Letters With Complete Pictorial & Instructions)
»  NAO738 : Science of Hinduism
»  ACK70 : Tales of Arjuna
»  NAB427 : The Social Message of the Gita Symbolized as Lokasamgraha
»  NAN744 : Aghori (A Biographical Novel)
»  NAN043 : Ancient Hindu Scriptures and Modern Science - Some Parallels
»  NAP926 : Asvins (The Twin Gods in Indian Mythology Literature & Art)
»  IDE816 : Bhamati and Vivarana Schools of Advaita Vedanta A Critical Approach
»  IDI552 : Geeta For Children
»  NAK802 : Going Beyond Vaikuntha
»  NAP385 : Hinduism - From Maya to Moksha
»  NAL376 : History of the Chaitanya Faith in Orissa (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDJ625 : In Indian Culture Why Do We…
»  NAF553 : Purajana Gita (Uttara-Kanda, Tulasi Ramayana)
»  NAN767 : Sri Damodarastakam (Krsna - Controlled by Love and Affection)
»  IDK432 : Sri Rama Gita (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration,Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary)
»  NAL301 : Sri Sankalpa Kalpadrumah (The Desire tree of Auspicious Resolve)
»  IDI948 : Super Science of Gayatri
»  NAN751 : The Goddess within and Beyond the Three Cities (Sakta Tantra and the Paradox of Power in Nepala Mandala)
»  NAK074 : Ujjvala Nilamani Kirana
»  NAD408 : Vedic Symbols
»  NAL052 : Arcana - Dipika (The Light Which Illuminates The Process of Deity Worship)
»  NAL300 : Bhakti Tattva Viveka - Deliberation Upon The True Nature of Devotion
»  IDD155 : Lalita-Sahasranama – A Comprehensive Study of One Thousand Names of Lalita Maha-Tripurasundari
»  IDF717 : Lalita-Sahasranama – A Comprehensive Study of One Thousand Names of Maha-Tripurasundari (With Original Text in Sanskrit, Roman Transliteration and Detailed Explanation of Each Name)
»  NAP818 : Lectures on the Gita
»  NAM975 : Sarasvati Upasana
»  NAL664 : Shri Gayatri Upasana
»  NAL298 : Siva Tattva
»  NAL060 : Sri Harinama Maha - Mantra
»  NAL286 : Sri Manah Siksa (Srila Raghunatha Dasa Gosvami)
»  NAO570 : Srimad Bhagavatam - A Symphony of Commentaries on the Tenth Canto (Vol-III)
»  NAM621 : Sukla Yajur Veda Jata Patha (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAL504 : The Distinctive Contribution of Sri Rupa Gosvami
»  NAL288 : The Essence of All Advice
»  NAF807 : The Legacy of Yoga in Bhagawad Geeta
»  NAF194 : The Mystery of Creation
»  NAL655 : Walking with a Saint (Morning Walks and Conversations with Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja 2009 )
»  NAK129 : Walking With a Saint 2007 (Morning Walks and Conversations With Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja)
»  NAK825 : Walking with a Saint 2008 (Morning Walks and Conversations with Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja)
»  NAP428 : Devaprasadasa as in Visvakarma Vastusastra (Study on Temple Architecture)
»  NAK890 : Guru Devatatma - Accepting Sri Guru as One's Life and Soul
»  NAI037 : Sarvajnatmamuni's Contribution To Advaita Vedanta
»  NAN462 : Tantrokta Dashmahavidya (Siddhi Sadhana of Ten Mahavidyas as per Tantras) A Big Book
»  NZC206 : The Four Vedas Mantras in Sanskrit with Transliteration and English Translation (Set of 22 Volumes)
»  NAF559 : The Supreme Science as Taught By Sri Ramana (Sri Ramanaparavidyopanishad)
»  NAF040 : Understanding Sankara (Essays by Richard De Smet)
»  NAP666 : Love Everyone (Wisdom of Neem Karoli Baba Told Through the Stories of the Westerners Whose Lives He Transformed)
»  NAO091 : Mudra Vigyan - Philosophy and Practice of Yogic Gestures
»  NAP685 : Temple Design in Six Early Saiva Scriptures
»  NAO069 : Causality in Science and Vedanta - Leading to the Solution of the Quantum Measurement Problem
»  NAF286 : Dharma of a Disciple
»  NAG224 : Epistles of Light Letteres to Sri Ramana Maharshi
»  NAD865 : Health Tips From The Vedas
»  NAN977 : Karna on Trial (A Scrutinizing Look at Karna's Values, Skills, Character and Purpose)
»  NAD746 : Married Life A Perfect Yoga
»  IDE258 : Nawa Yogini Tantra Yoga for Women
»  NAD824 : Rishis and Rishikas Visionaries of Wisdom (Life Works and Teachings of the Earliest Exponents of Hinduism)
»  NAP608 : Sadhana
»  NAF389 : Samarpanam Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram (Incorporating Views of the Advaita and Vishishtadvaita)
»  NAK337 : Sant Charandas
»  NAF182 : Sat-Darshana Bhashya and Talks with Maharshi
»  NAM670 : Sri Andal's Thiruppavai and Nachhiyar Thirumozhi
»  NAM464 : Srimalinivijayottara Tantram Vijnana Bhairava Sri Svacchanda Tantram Sri Netra Tantram Siva Sutra
»  IHL582 : The Vedic Experience Mantramanjari – An Anthology of the Vedas for Modern Man and Contemporary Celebration
»  NAB483 : Vedic Mythology (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDF619 : YOGA VASISTHA Of Valamiki 4 Volumes
»  HAA912 : पन्चपादिका Pancapadika with Three Sanskrit Commentaries
»  NAP815 : Mahabharata-The Tharu Barka Naach (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDE042 : Songs of the Saints of India
»  NAP802 : Tantric Kali - Secret Practices and Rituals
»  IDF373 : The Visnu Purana
»  NZC164 : श्रीमद्भागवत सचूर्णिका Shrimad Bhagavat Purana with Churnika (Khemraj Addition)
»  NAP950 : Dheemahi - The Glory of Gayatri Mantra
»  NAN875 : Ganapati Aradhana The Worship of Lord Ganesha
»  NAP812 : Shri Ramayana Darshanam
»  NAP684 : Temples of Chennai (69 Select Shrines)
»  NAM347 : The Archaeology of Bhakti (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAC972 : Head, Heart and Hands
»  NAM616 : In Woods of God-Realization or The Complete Works of Swami Rama Tirtha (Set of VII Volumes)
»  NAF552 : Maha Tapasvi A Life Story Of Kavyakantha Ganapati Muni
»  NAK689 : Mapping The Chronology of Bhakti Milestones, Stepping Stones, and Stumbling Stones (Proceeding of A Workshop Held in Honour of Pandit R. Varadadesikan)
»  NAL209 : Meditation in Brahmasutras (A Study of Brahmasutras in the third and fourth Adhyayas, referring to the commentaries of Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya and Madhvacharya, and to Raghavendratirtha's 'Tantradipika')
»  NAP682 : My Blessed Days With Holy Mother (Reminiscences of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi)
»  IHJ069 : Prasthanathraya Volume-IV Chandogya Upanishad (The Only Edition with Shankaracharya's Commentary
»  NAG893 : Siddhanta-darpana (The Mirror of Philosophical Conclusions) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAP345 : Sodium and Potassium - The Play of Kamala and Kali
»  NAK809 : Sri Brhad Bhagavatamrta (Second Canto)
»  NAL019 : The Most Gracious Presence Sri Ma Anandamayi (Volume III)
»  NAK769 : Vedic Secrets in Compact Form
»  IDJ633 : Astrology in The Vedas and Puranas
»  NAN817 : Chinmayi - An Exhaustive Commentary in English on Amrtanubhava of Sant Jnanesvar Maharaja
»  NAG318 : Commentaries On Living (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAJ624 : Life After Death
»  NAC762 : Madhurashtakam (A Most Beautiful Illustrated Edition) (Text, Transliteration and Detailed Word-to-Word Explanation)
»  NAP144 : Madhurya Kadambini (A Cloud Bank of Nectar)
»  NAL336 : On God
»  NAP679 : Sanatana Dharma An Aurobindonian Perspective (Volume I)
»  IDJ752 : Sarva Siddhanta Sangraha of Sankaracarya
»  NAP807 : Spiritual Interpretation of Aspects Related to Deity Shiva (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IHL075 : Sri Vidya Kosa
»  NAE616 : Tattva Vivekah (Pancadasi Chapter1)- Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary
»  IDD808 : Varieties of the Vishnu Image
»  NAD478 : Yajur Veda Taittiriya Samhita (In 4 Volumes) (Complete Text in Devanagari With Transliteration, English Translation and Notes)
»  NAM096 : Yoga Wisdom of the Upanishads Kena... Mundaka... Prashna... Ishavasya (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAP995 : गुरु Guru (The Universal Teacher)
»  NZA787 : पुरुषार्थ Purusartha The Aim of Human Life
»  HAA800 : ब्रह्म विज्ञान Science of Divinity
»  NAO059 : 252 Vaishnavon ki Varta - Tina Janma ki Bhavana Sahita (Set of 6 Volumes)
»  NAL086 : Advayatarakopanisat
»  NAM090 : Advice to Householders
»  NAB048 : Brahma's Hair The Mythology of Indian Plants
»  NAJ051 : Does God Have Favourites? (And Other Heart-to-Heart Talks)
»  IHL810 : Face To Face With Sri Ramana Maharshi (Enchanting And Uplifting Reminiscences of 202 Persons)
»  NAM877 : Sri Guru Nanakji's - Ik Onkar (Meditations on the One Indivsible Truth)
»  NAL437 : Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram with a Detailed Commentary Lalitha Vyakhyanam
»  IDD791 : Srimad Bhagavata Purana - In Two Volumes
»  NAJ518 : Ten Commandments of Arya Samaj
»  NAC019 : Yoga Stories and Parables
»  NZC038 : पञ्चदशी Panchadasi with Commentary
»  NAE769 : All About Hindu Temples
»  NAJ139 : Art of Parenting (Principles and Practices)
»  NAG244 : Mere Aradhya My Beloved Guru
»  NAP347 : Sri Lakshmi Narayana Stotra Mala
»  NAF539 : Studies In Tara Tantra (An Introduction to the Dasamahavidyas and an Exclusive and Exhaustive work on Tara)
»  NAO252 : The Brahmayamala Tantra or Picumata - Chapter 1-2, 39-40 and 83 (Volume 1)
»  NAK013 : The Saivaparibhasa of Sivagrayogin (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAO249 : The Vraja Festival Calendar
»  NAP346 : Yoga Philosophy to Realization
»  IDI656 : Kaulajnana-Nirnaya of The School Of Matsyendranatha
»  IDI580 : Kularnava Tantra
»  NAJ748 : Sri Sankara (Pictorial)
»  IHL677 : Where Gods Come Alive A Monograph on the Bronze Icons of South India
»  NAF092 : Health and Healing Mantras (From Rig Veda and Atharvaveda)
»  IDE184 : Isa Upanisad With the Commentary of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)
»  NAF420 : Krishi Mandala in Rgveda Rigveda in Modern Science (A Rare Book)
»  NAP999 : The Jaiminiya Mahabharata Mairavanacaritam & Sahasramukharavanacaritam - A Critical Edition with English Translation (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAJ512 : The Search for Ravana's Lanka (The Geography of Valmiki Ramayana)
»  NAO780 : Ista Siddhi Vivaranam (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAP978 : Self, Sacrifice and Cosmos (Vedic Thought, Ritual and Philosophy)
»  IDK751 : A Portrait of Sri Ramakrishna
»  IDE179 : Abhinavagupta's Commentary on the Bhagavad Gita Gitartha Samgraha
»  NAP494 : Facets of Vedic Religion & Culture
»  NAC605 : Hymn to Ganga by Swami Tapovan
»  IHJ059 : Jayadeva’s Gitagovinda
»  NAH810 : Krsna-Krida (The Art of Engaging Children's Playful Attitude)
»  NAJ363 : Shri Tripura Rahasya (Mahatmya Khanda)
»  NAL294 : T. V. Kapali Sastry (His Spiritual Life in His Own Words)
»  IHJ014 : The Yoga Upanisads (On the Basis of the Commentary of Sri Upanisad Brahmayogin) - An Old Book
»  NZM411 : आचार्य गरीबदास और उनकी वाणी Acharya Garibdas
»  NZB442 : पञ्चदशी (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Panchadashi (Khemraj Edition)
»  NAC273 : योगवासिष्ठ The Yogavasistha of Valmiki With the Commentary Vasistha Maharamayana Tatparyaprakasa (Volume I and II) Sanskrit Only
»  IDE579 : Abhinavagupta An Historical and Philosophical Study (The Most Comprehensive Book Ever Published on Abhinavagupta)
»  NAO606 : Auroville - A City for the Future
»  NAO077 : Bhakti Yoga Sagar - Ocean of the Yoga of Devotion (Set of 7 Volumes)
»  NAN874 : God Ever in Our Midst (Poorna Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba)
»  IDK663 : Hindu Dharma The Universal Way of Life (Voice of the Guru Pujyasri Candrasekharendra Sarasvati Svami)
»  NAO095 : Journeys in the Kali Yuga (A Pilgrimage from Esoteric India to Pagan Europe)
»  NAP489 : Kardaliban A Spiritual Divinity
»  IDJ302 : Kathopanishad A Dialogue with Death ( (Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning and Detailed Commentary))
»  IHF026 : One Hundred Eight Vedic Upanisads (Volume 2 Upanisads of Samaveda) (Bound in Two Parts) ((Sanskrit Text with Transliteration, English Translation and Commentary alongwith Explanatory Notes, Relevant Appendices etc.))
»  NAP493 : Sayana's Upodghata to The Taittiriya Samhita and The Rgveda Samhita
»  IDH275 : Science of Divinity (Brahma Vigyana)
»  IDF840 : SCIENCE OF SOUL Atma-Vijnana (A Practical Exposition of ancient method of visualisation of Soul)
»  IDK748 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita with Commentary by Sridhara Swami
»  NAC413 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad Expounded from Sri Madhvacarya’s Perspective (A Rare Book)
»  NAE612 : The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAK588 : The Life and Times of Acharya Mahaprajna
»  NAF230 : The Yoga of Sri Krishna
»  IDK724 : Upasana In The Presence of The Divine
»  NZL387 : आपस्तम्बश्रौतसूत्रम् - Apastamba Shrauta Sutra (Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation in 3 Volumes)
»  HAA621 : नैष्कमर्यसिध्दि The Naishkarmya Siddhi of Suresvara
»  IDL170 : 112 Upanisads (In Two Volumes)
»  NAP676 : Lexicography of Ramanujacharya (Founder of Visisthavaitam)
»  NAK544 : Sama Veda
»  NAP485 : Sree Narayana Guru (The Perfect Union of Buddha and Sankara)
»  NAP947 : Sri Bhairava Padmavati Kalpa (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDL080 : Srila Prabhupada Lilamrta (A Biography of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada) (Founder-Acarya of the International Society for Consciousness) (In Seven Volumes)
»  NAJ902 : The Bhagawad Geeta (Set of 15 Books)
»  NAK543 : Yajur Veda
»  NAP673 : Common Sense About Uncommon Wisdom (Ancient Teachings of Vedanta)
»  NAP467 : India and Her People (A Study in The Social, Political , Educational, Cultural and Religious Conditions of India)
»  NAP984 : Kumbha - The Festival of Immortality
»  NAP965 : Ramayana (India's Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love and Wisdom Retold)
»  NAP987 : The Udayesvara Temple - Art, Architecture and Philosophy of the Saiva Siddhanta
»  NAP670 : What is Right With the World (Human Urge for Peace)
»  IDG459 : Aparoksanubhuti Intimate Experience of the Reality ((With Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation))
»  NAD755 : Importance of Shraddha and Its Underlying Science - Spiritual Science Underlying Various Actions in Shraddha (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDK177 : The Bhagavad Gita (Text, Word-To-Word Meaning, Translation And Detailed Commentary by Sri Swami Sivananda)
»  NAN870 : Vedanta Prakarana Grantha (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAP982 : Wisdom from the Ramayana - On Life and Relationships
»  NAP968 : Calm is Greater Than Joy
»  NAP973 : Nivedita (Commemoration Volume)
»  IDG122 : Spiritual Gita (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAP667 : The Book of Avatars and Divinities
»  NAP650 : Chasing Rhinos With The Swami (Volume 1)
»  NAP711 : Concise Dictionary of Indian Culture
»  NAP665 : Culture (50 Insights from Mythology)
»  NAP463 : My Guru Sri Chinmoy (Life And Teachings)
»  NAP703 : Ten Upanishads
»  NAP702 : Word Index to The Upanisat-Sankarabhasya - Isa, Kena-Pada, Kena-Vakya, Katha, Prasna, Mundaka (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  HAA601 : रूद्रपद्धति (रूद्र उपासना का सांगोपांग विवेचन) - Rudra Paddhati
»  NZH323 : श्रीपद्ममहापुराणम् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Sri Padma Purana - The Only Text with Sanskrit Text and Hindi Translation with Sloka Index (Set of 7 Volumes)
»  NAP032 : A Vedic Index (Meaning and Explanation of Some Important Vedic Symbols, Words, Images and Concepts in the Words of Sri Aurobindo)
»  NAM952 : An Introduction to 32 Brahma Vidyas (Secret Doctrines)
»  NAO576 : Bhagavata Cosmology - Vedic Alternative to Modern Cosmology
»  NAE826 : Drstisrsti-Vada (A Study)
»  NAP643 : Essential of Vedic Wisdom for Blissful Living
»  IDH267 : Faith Is Power
»  NAL445 : From Hagiographies to Biographies Ramanuja in Tradition and History
»  NAJ505 : Guru of Gurus
»  NAP460 : Is Hindu A Dying Race (A Social and Political Perspective of Hindu Reformers of Early 20th Century)
»  NAP456 : Sadhana In Applied Spirituality
»  IDL210 : Saundaryalahari of Sri Shankara Bhagavatpadacharya with Ten Commentaries (In Sanskrit Only)
»  IDH394 : Sri Guru Gita and Some Daily Prayers (Transliteration with English Rendering)
»  NAG780 : Stories From The Puranas
»  NAL367 : The Essence of Bhagavad Gita
»  NAJ168 : Uttama Bhakti (Discourses and Inquiries on Pure Devotional Service)
»  NZA423 : प्रज्ञान तथा क्रम पथ Prajna and Krama Path
»  NAP455 : 108 Blosoms (From The Guru Granth Garden)
»  IDG869 : AISVARYA KADAMBINI ((Sanskrit Text Transliteration and Translation))
»  NAI116 : Ekadashi Vrata Poojaa & Story (Sanskrit-English-Hindi with Pictorial Instructions)
»  NAC084 : Lord Sri Dattatreya The Trinity
»  NAD348 : Morality Number Special Issue of the Spiritual Magazine Kalyana Kalpataru
»  NAL365 : Mudras & Health Perspectives (An Indian Approach)
»  IDK455 : Namamrta Samudra
»  NAP451 : Night Birds (A Collection of Short Writings)
»  NAP452 : Sayings (Saying Nothing Says It All)
»  IHD008 : Sri Caitanya-Bhagavata Srila Vrndavana Dasa Thakura (Complete Edition)
»  IDG327 : Sri Govinda Lilamrta The Eternal Nectarean Pastimes of Sri Govinda ( (With Transliteration and Translation))
»  IDJ613 : Sri Hari-bhakti-vilasa (Volume IV) (Vilasas 14-16)
»  NAE509 : Sri Harinama Cintamani (The Beautiful Wish-Fulfilling Gem of the Holy Name)
»  IDK456 : Sri Radha-Krsna Ganoddesa Dipika
»  NAH481 : Sri Radhika-dhyanamrta (The Nectar of Meditation on Sri Radhika)
»  IHE050 : Sri Salagrama – Mahatmya (The Glories of Salagrama Sila)
»  IHL092 : Sri Vraja-Riti-Cintamani (Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura)
»  IDI929 : Sri-Sri Prema Samput The Jewel-Case of Love
»  NAP354 : Srimad Bhagavatam - A Symphony of Commentaries on the Tenth Canto (Vol-II)
»  IHE010 : Stories From The Markandeya Purana
»  IHE011 : Stories From The Visnu (Vishnu) Purana
»  NAE508 : Tattva Viveka (Analytical Expositions of The Western And Eastern Philosophies)
»  NAB424 : The Siva Purana - Complete Set in 4 Volumes
»  NAP960 : Theory of Karma
»  NZL001 : शिवमहापुराणम् Shiva Purana with Hindi Translation - Jnana Samhita, Sanatkumara Samhita and Dharma Samhita(Set of Five Volumes)
»  NAK836 : Bhuta Damara Tantra (An Authoritative Tantra of Sri Krodha Bhairava Along with His Mantras, Mandal Worship Rituals and Accomplishment Rituals of Bhutinis, Yakshinis, Snake-Girls etc.)
»  NAP124 : Domestic Rituals of The Atharvaveda in The Paippalada Tradition of Orissa Sridhara's Vivahadikarmapanjika (Volume I Book One, Part One)
»  NAC691 : Krishna A Journey Through the Lands and Legends of Krishna
»  NZA169 : Madhyandin Samhita Pada Patha
»  NAH858 : My Sapphire - Hued Lord, My Beloved! (Perumal Tirumoli by Kulacekara Alvar)
»  IDK830 : Ramakrishna Lives Vedanta
»  NAL705 : Religious Process (The Puranas and the Making of A Regional Tradition)
»  IDI543 : Sakti (Shakti) The Power In Tantra A Scholarly Approach
»  NAM437 : Srimalinivijayottara Tantram Vijnana Bhairava Sri Svacchanda Tantram Sri Netra Tantram Siva Sutra
»  NAO098 : Tantric Jesus - The Erotic Heart of Early Christianity
»  IDK844 : The Bhagavad Gita A Detailed Commentary
»  IDH419 : The Spiritual Import of the Mahabharata and The Bhagavadgita
»  IDG939 : The Walking Shiva of Varanasi
»  NAP640 : Valmiki Ramayana - A Scientist's View
»  NZF665 : अद्वैतसिद्धि (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- Advaitasiddhi with Detailed Explanation
»  NZH827 : आपस्तम्बश्रौतसूत्रम् Apastamba Shrauta Sutra with Four Commentries in Sanskrit (Set of Six Volumes)
»  NAO795 : Assam Valley (Beliefs and Customs of The Assamese Hindus)
»  NAE892 : Atharva Veda (Sanskrit Text, English Translation and Explanaotry Notes) (Set of 6 Volumes)
»  NAP954 : Gitamrta Mahodadhi
»  NAO798 : Humanism and Ancient Indian Dharma
»  NAP958 : Krsna Concept An Analysis (With Special Reference to Harivamsa)
»  NAE787 : Mundaka Upanishad (Sanskri Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation and Detailed Notes) - A Most Useful Edition for Self Study
»  NAP661 : One Earth One Sky One Humankind (Celebration of Unity in Diversity)
»  NAC359 : Pilgrimage Sacred Landscapes and Self-Organized Complexity
»  NAP948 : Prema-Pradipa
»  IHG007 : Sacred Animals of India
»  NAF376 : Sama Veda Sanskrit Text, English Translation and Notes (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAM346 : Sri Kesava Vrata
»  IDJ551 : The Arthasamgraha of Laugaksi Bhaskara
»  NAF115 : The Four Vedas Rgveda, Samaveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda (Set of 9 Volumes) - Sanskrit Text with English Translation
»  IDF395 : THE PADMA PURANA (Ten Volumes)
»  IDD386 : The Sraddha - The Hindu Book of the Dead
»  IDK772 : The Story of Ramakrishna Mission Swami Vivekananda's Vision and Fulfilment
»  IDD940 : VIVEKACUDAMANI of Sri Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration, Translation and Index)
»  NAE963 : Yajur Veda Vajasaneyi Samhita (Sanskrit Text, English Translation and Explanatory Notes) (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAP959 : वैश्विक धरोहर वेद वैज्ञानिक आयाम Veda As Global Heritage Scientific Perspectives
»  NAK410 : Baba's Gurukul (Shirdi)
»  NAP940 : Essentials of Hinduism - A Practice Guide
»  NAP645 : Gita Rahasya (Srimad Bhagavadgita Rahasya or Karma Yoga Sastra)
»  NAP949 : In Praise of Sri Ramanuja
»  NAO793 : Reflections on Vedic Wisdom
»  NAP951 : Shri Sai Ekam (Shri Sai is the One)
»  NAI428 : Sri Nath Siddha Kavacam (For Success, Prosperity, Health, Domestic Peace and Spiritual Bliss)
»  NAP622 : Sriman Narayaneeyam (Contains Vishnu Sahasranamastotram and Other Stotras)
»  NAP664 : The Corporate Bhagavad Gita (Discover the Arjuna in You)
»  NAP662 : Yogic Wealth (The Wealth That Gives Bless!)
»  NAP945 : Christ of Kashmiris (The Incredible Saga of Sage Yuzu Asaph)
»  NAP659 : Jainism in Foreign Countries & Towns
»  NAP943 : Mantravalli - Sacred Chants from Taittiriya-Aranyaka & Taittiriya-Samhita (Vol-II)
»  NAO796 : Power Of Thought
»  NAO996 : Science and Spirituality in Vedic Tradition
»  NAP942 : The Everything Hinduism Book - Learn The Tradition and Rituals of The Religion of Peace
»  NAP944 : The Key of Knowledge
»  NAO776 : Rigveda Trikala Sandhyavandanam (Andhra, Maharashtra, Karnataka Sampradaya and Dravida Sampradaya)
»  NAO992 : Smrtis - A Philosophical Study (With Special Reference to Manu and Yajnavalkya)
»  NAF984 : The Srimad Bhagavatam (Set of 18 Volumes) Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation and Detailed Explanation
»  NAP932 : Guru (Ten Doors to Ancient Wisdom)
»  NAP642 : Ramana Maharshi's Essence of Self -Realization
»  NAO983 : The Ganges
»  NAO980 : The Treasury of Hinduism (Selected Book of Quotations)
»  NAB997 : Agni The Vedic Ritual of the Fire Altar (Set of 2 Big Volumes with Two CDs)
»  IDE326 : Fundamentals of Visistadvaita Vedanta A Study based on Vedanta Desika's Tattva-mukta-Kalapa
»  NAB388 : Hindu Gods And Goddesses
»  IHE045 : Isvarasamhita in Five Volumes
»  IDI709 : Philosophy of Gorakhnath With Goraksha-Vacana-Sangraha
»  IDD577 : Pratyabhijnahrdayam (The Secret of Self-Recognition)
»  NAB393 : Puja and Samskara
»  IDE764 : Sayings Of Sri Ramakrishna An Exhaustive Collection
»  NAP927 : Splendour of The Hindu World
»  NAH165 : Sri Vidya Sagaram Caturayatana Puja (Volume-2)
»  ISL97 : Studies in the Dharamasastra of Manu
»  IHE033 : The Bhagavad Gita and Inner Transformation
»  IDG806 : The Bhagavata Purana (5 Volumes)
»  NAC819 : The Bharadvajas in Ancient India (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDK696 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad With the Bhashya of Sankaracarya (The Word Speaks to the Faustian Man) - Two Volumes with Detailed Comments on the Commentary
»  IDC935 : The Ganges in Myth and History
»  IDE886 : THE GARUDA-PURANA 3 Volumes
»  NAP923 : The Hindu Rationale
»  IDG125 : THE KURMA-PURANA (2 Volumes)
»  NAP924 : The Philosophy of the Puranas (With Special Reference to the Siva Purana)
»  NAB751 : The Philosophy of Visistadvaita Vedanta (A Study Based on Vedanta Desika’s Adhikarana-Saravali)
»  NAO663 : The Purva Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini
»  NAB465 : Vaisnavism Its Philosophy, Theology and Religious Discipline (Rare Book)
»  NZH656 : कार्तवीर्योपासनपद्धति (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद)- How to Worship Kartavirya
»  NAK418 : Brahmasutra-Catuhsutri (The First Four Aphorisms of The Brahmasutras Along with Sankaracarya's Commentary and English Explanation 'Sreyaskari')
»  NAO740 : Learn Sanskrit Through Your Favourite Prayers (Stotra Ranjani)
»  NAJ114 : The Holy Geeta Commentary by Swami Chinmayananda
»  NAK531 : The Tirumandiram (Set of 5 Volumes) - Text, Transliteration, Translation and Detailed Commentary
»  NZH647 : पंचदानपद्धति How to Perform The Five Danas
»  NZH659 : विष्णु याग प्रयोग Vishnu Yaga Prayog
»  NZA396 : श्रीदुर्गोपासनाकल्पद्रुमाध्यायः Shri Durga Upasana Kalpadrum Adhyaya
»  IDG243 : AGNI PURANA (Two Volumes)
»  NAP922 : Ananda Siva Natanam - The Blissful Dance of Siva
»  NAJ370 : Anthology of Vedic Hymns (A Collection of Hymns from Four Vedas)
»  IHL162 : Bhagwan Swaminarayan – Life and Work
»  IDE468 : Dattatreya The Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara
»  IDE425 : Garland of Divine Flowers Selected Devotional Lyrics of Saint Jnanesvara
»  NAJ552 : Inspirations (Values and Guidance for Students and Youths)
»  IHF027 : One Hundred Eight Vedic Upanisads Vol 1 Upanisads of Rgveda (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration, English Translation and Explanation)
»  NAP912 : Philosophy of Bhartrhari (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IHK087 : Rudra the Idea of Shiva
»  NAG839 : Sacred Plants of India
»  IAB67 : The Development of Hindu Iconography
»  NAP925 : The Language of The Atharva-Veda (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDE821 : The Samkhya Philosophy (Containing (1) Samkhya-pravachanasutram, with Vritti of Aniruddha, and the Bhasya of Vijnanabhiksu and Extracts from the Vrittisara of Mahadeva Vedantin; (2) Tatvasamasa; (3) Samkhyakarika; (4) Panchasikhasutram)
»  NAP920 : The Vedant Philosophy and Religion (An Old and Rare Book)
»  HAA271 : वैदिक देवता (उद्भव और विकास) The Most Comprehensive Book Ever on Vedic Gods
»  NAG117 : Advaita in Sakta
»  NAH193 : Commentaries on Secrets of Matruka Yantras
»  IDG279 : Ekadasi Mahatmya The Glories of Ekadasi
»  IDI081 : Mandalas and Yantras in the Hindu Traditions
»  NAL853 : Manu-Smrti (A Critical Study and Its Relevance in the Modern Times)
»  NAF642 : Paribhasha Stora-s (An Exploration of Lalita Sahasranama)
»  NAI043 : Sanskrit Saiva Kavyas From 12th Century to 17th Century A.D. (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAJ891 : Sivananda Lahari of Adi Sankara Bhagavadpada
»  NAG656 : Sree Chakra An Esoteric Approach
»  NAK778 : Srimad Bhagavad-Gita
»  IDI924 : Vagyoga Mnemonic Sanskrit
»  NAO760 : Where There is Light (Insight and Inspiration for Meeting Life's Challenges)
»  NZL952 : गीतगोविन्दम् Gita Govindam with Exhaustive Vishada (A Commentary by P.Krishnamachar)
»  NZA670 : संन्यास दर्शन A Comprehensive Introduction to Sannayasa
»  NAF683 : समता Samata (An Exposition of Similarities in Lalita Sahasranama With Soundaryalaharee, Saptashatee, Visnu Sahasranama and Shreemad Bhagvad Geeta) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IDE930 : Bhagavad Gita Bhasya of Sri Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)
»  NAO972 : Dadi Janki (A Century of Service)
»  NAK864 : From Delusion to Reality (Bhaja Govindam of Sri Shankaracharya with Detailed Commentary)
»  IDG368 : Gopika Gitam The Song of the Gopies (from the Bhagavata) (With Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IDE799 : INDRAKSI STOTRAM Eulogy of the Goddess of Numerous Vital Energies
»  NAJ860 : Isavasya Upanishad
»  IDG205 : Narada Bhakti Sutras
»  IDG913 : Narada Bhakti Sutras A Study
»  NAL526 : Prakrti - The Integral Vision (Set of 5 Volumes)
»  NAE792 : Prasna Upanishad (Sanskri Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation and Detailed Notes) - A Most Useful Edition for Self Study
»  NAO965 : Religion Culture and History of Jharkhand (A Studay of the Baidyanath Cult)
»  NAO619 : Shravan Kumar
»  NAB518 : Siva (Shiva) Mahimnah Stotram The Hymn on the Greatness of Siva
»  NAK111 : Sri Rudram and Purushasuktam
»  NAL420 : Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada Vrttanta Sara Sarvasva (Life of Sri Sankaracarya in Essence)
»  GPB210 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita (With English Translation and Transliteration)
»  IDG537 : The Bhagavad Gita by Annie Besant
»  IDC278 : The Brahmasutras and Their Principal Commentaries A Critical Exposition (In Three Volumes)
»  IDJ219 : The Prasthanatraya An Introduction
»  NAE778 : The Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy (A Primer)
»  NAB417 : Thus Spake Sri Rama
»  IDJ325 : Upanayana Sandhyavandana and Gayatrimantrajapa
»  IDD013 : Vedic Sacrifices An Outline
»  HAA697 : आहिन्कसूत्रावलि Ahanika Sutravali
»  NZI778 : ईशावास्योपनिषद Ishavasya Upanishad with Shankar Bhashya (Sanskrit, Hindi, Gujarati and English)
»  NZA327 : दृग दृश्य विवेक Drg Drsya Vivek
»  NZH657 : विवाह पद्धति Vivah Paddhati - How to Conduct a Marriage Ceremony
»  NAP903 : Creation and Existence in Indian Tradition
»  NAP907 : Critique of Non-Advaita Schools (A Contemporary Research)
»  NAP454 : Introducing Mahabharata Bhisma
»  NAP909 : Kashmir Saivism
»  NAF482 : Kurma Purana (Sanskrit Text With English Translation)
»  NAB998 : Minor Works of Sri Sankaracharya
»  NAO963 : Origin and Development of Visnu Cult
»  NAP437 : Sadhus - Holy Men of India
»  NAN483 : Shatpanchasika
»  NAG848 : Sri Caitanya Bhagavata (Set of 7 Volumes) Transliterated Text with English Translation and Detailed Explanation
»  NAO595 : Symbolism in the Aranyakas and Their Impact on the Upanisads (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDJ715 : The Bhagavad Gita or The Song Divine (Pocket Edition)
»  IDK774 : The Glories and Pastimes of Srimati Radharani
»  NAL948 : The Kularnava Sastra For Both Bhukti (Enjoyment) and Mukti (Liberation)
»  NAO598 : Vallabha Cult and Sri Harirayaji - Contribution of Sri Harirayaji to Vallabha School (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAO361 : Yoga and Vedic Astrology (Sister Science of Spiritual Healing)
»  NAP906 : Yogic Elements in Pancamahakavyas
»  IDK310 : श्रीमद् भगवदगीता Srimad Bhagavadgita
»  NAP902 : A Basic Pushtimargi Dictionary
»  NAO597 : Facets of The Puranic Wisdom
»  NAO599 : Harappan Civilization and Vedic Culture
»  NAP905 : Living Pre-Rigvedic and Early Rigvedic Traditions of Himalayas (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAP901 : Scientific Aspects of Vedic Knowledge
»  NAO600 : Sri Suradasji Bhavadarsana
»  NAO957 : Srimad Bhagavadgita (With the Text in Devanagari and An English Translation and Commentary)
»  IDE935 : Daksinamurti (Dakshinamurti) Stotra with the Varttika Manasollasa of Suresvaracarya
»  IHD020 : Gita for Everyday Living Exploring the Message of the Gita in a Contemporary and Practical Context
»  IHE009 : Harivamsa Purana (Volume Seven)
»  IHD12 : Hinduism and Buddhism
»  NAL733 : Know Your Thyagaraja (Set of 4 Volumes)
»  ACK26 : Tales of Durga
»  IDI002 : The Arctic Home in the Vedas
»  IHL657 : The Ganesa Purana (Sanskrit Only)
»  IHD007 : The Linga and the Great Goddess (Lingopsana Rahasya and Shri Bhagavati Tattva) by Swami Karpatri
»  NAP103 : Ultimate Truth
»  NAN766 : A Collection from Sankara's Commentaries on the Prasthana-Traya
»  NAM439 : The Mahartha-Manjari of Maheshvarananda
»  NAN929 : Annam Bahu Kurvita (Recollecting the Indian Discipline of Growing and Sharing Food in Plenty)
»  NAN381 : Crossing The Bar (Legendary Episode of Lord Rama and Kevata)
»  IDF894 : SRI VISNU SAHASRANAMA (With Text, Transliteration, Translation and commentary of Sri Sankaracarya / Shankaracharya)
»  IDE422 : The Philosophy of the Vedanta Sutra (Brahmasutra) A Study based on the Evaluation of the Commentaries of Samkara, Ramanuja and Madhva
»  NAF991 : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Insight from the Traditional Commentaries
»  NZC524 : विचार चंद्रोदय Vichar Chandrodaya
»  NAF263 : Karmayoga Number Special Issue of Magazine Kalyana-Kalpataru
»  IDG399 : Max Muller and His Contemporaries Papers read at a seminar held at the Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Kolkata, India, on 15 and 16 December 2000
»  NAD969 : Sanchit, Prarabdha and Kriyaman-Karma Accumulated account, Destiny and Wilful Actions
»  IDK454 : Sri Sri Dana Keli Cintamanih
»  NAK694 : The Complete Ganesa Purana (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAO589 : Rgvedic Aesthetics (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAO583 : Rishis Tales - 21 Forgotten Sanskrit Tales in English (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAO592 : Some Aspects of The Studies of Dharma Sastra
»  NAO593 : The Mahabharata - A Litterary Study
»  NAO591 : A Critique on The Vivarana Trend of Kevaladvaita (With Special Reference to Padmapada's and Prakasatman's Advaita)
»  NAC747 : Discovering the Vedas (Origins, Mantras, Rituals, Insights)
»  NAO580 : Festivals of India
»  NAO581 : Finding Radha - The Quest for Love
»  NAF997 : Historical Studies in The Cult of The Goddess Manasa (A Socio Cultural Study)
»  NAE074 : Ideal Daily Routine (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAN216 : Kamakhya Tantra and The Mysterious History of Kamakhya (English Translation of the Kamakhya Tantra)
»  IDK739 : Krishna The Man and His Philosophy
»  NAC429 : Krishna’s Other Song A New Look at the Uddhava Gita
»  NAO590 : Mimansa Rules of Interpretation (Principal Commentators of Dharmasastra)
»  NAK736 : Musings on Yogavaasishta (Set of 6 Volumes)
»  IDI815 : Ramakrishna Thoughts To Inspire and Celebrate
»  NAB840 : Rg-Veda-Samhita Together with the Commentary of Sayanacarya (Sanskrit Text only in Four Big Volumes)
»  IDE734 : Sai Baba Of Shirdi A Unique Saint
»  NAH230 : Secrets of Matruka Yantras
»  NAI053 : Siva in Medieval Indian Literature (A Rare Book)
»  NAN658 : Son of Shiva (Legend of Kartikeya Champion of the Gods)
»  NAO594 : The Aitareya Aranyaka
»  IDF070 : The Bhagavad Gita for daily living 3 Volumes
»  NAF274 : The Crazy Wisdom of Ganesh Baba (Psychedelic Sadhana, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, and the Cosmic Energy in Man)
»  IDE726 : The Hindu Way of Awakening Its Revelation, Its Symbols
»  NAH164 : The Kamarupa School of Dharmasastra (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IHL376 : The Penguin Book of Hindu Names
»  NAC715 : The Secret Teachings of the Vedas – Answers to the Mysteries of Life
»  NAI204 : Thoughts on Tantra and Vaisnavism
»  NAF223 : Tirupati (A Guide to Life)
»  NAC913 : Bhatta Dipika (In 4 Volumes) A Commentary on the Mimamsa Sutras of Maharishi Jaimini - Sanskrit Only
»  NAH817 : Hinduism and Nature
»  NAM093 : Sad Vani A Collection of Teaching of Ma Anandamayi
»  NAD673 : Samudramanthana
»  IHL529 : Sri Chakra with Illustrations
»  IDE891 : Srimad Bhagavata The Holy Book of God - Volume Four (Skandhas XI-XII)
»  IDE890 : Srimad Bhagavata The Holy Book of God - Volume Three (Skandha X)
»  IDE889 : Srimad Bhagavata The Holy Book of God - Volume Two (Skandhas V-IX)
»  NAI045 : Studies in The Mahapuranas (A Rare Book)
»  IDJ817 : The Atharvaveda
»  NAG106 : The Doctrine of Maya in Advaita Vedanta
»  NAG417 : The Goddess of Tantra - An Old and Rare Book
»  IHE001 : The Skanda Mahapuranam (Sanskrit Only in Eight Volumes) - Horizontal Pothi Edition
»  NAK968 : Abhinava "Perspectives on Abhinavagupta" (Studies in Memory of K.C. Pandey on His Centenary)
»  IDD870 : Ancient Indian Asceticism
»  IDE582 : Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya
»  IDK409 : Kapila Founder of Samkhya and Avatara of Visnu
»  NAE785 : Katha Upanishad (Sanskri Text, Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation and Detailed Notes) - A Most Useful Edition for Self Study
»  NAO691 : Life of Guru Gobind Singh (A Biography)
»  NAF061 : Nimbarka (A Pre-Samkara Vedantin and His Philosophy)
»  IDC838 : Philosophical Foundations of Hinduism The Veda, the Upanisads and the Bhagavadgita A Reinterpretation and Critical Appraisal
»  IDC100 : The Heritage of Sankara
»  IDI692 : The Ksatriyas in Ancient India
»  NAO695 : The Law Code of Visnu (A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of The Vaisnava-Dharmasastra)
»  IDE807 : The Mahabharata What is not here is nowhere else (Yannehasti na Tadkvacit)
»  IDE400 : The Philosophy of the Bhagavadgita A Study Based on the Evaluation of the Commentaries of Samkara, Ramanuja and Madhva
»  ILL52 : The Ramayana A Linguistic Study(An Old Book)
»  NAO255 : The Yoga of Kirtan - Conversation on The Sacred Art of Chanting
»  IHD76 : Upanisads Retold Vol. II. (Chandogyopanisad, Mandukyopanisad, Aitareyopanisad, Taittiriyopanisad, Svetasvataropanisad, Kausitakyopanisad, Maitri Upanisad, Jabalopanisad)
»  IHL104 : श्रीमद्देवीभागवतमहापुराण The Complete Devi Bhagavata Purana Two Volumes
»  IDH544 : Adhyatma Ramayana
»  IDH344 : Gita Darshanam
»  NAK221 : Gosvami Tulasidas Love of Rama Personified (Life and Works)
»  IDL058 : Hinduism and Buddhism in Perspective
»  IDH552 : I am a voice without a Form. . . .thoughts of Swami Vivekananda
»  NAN858 : Life of Sri Ramanjua
»  IDG466 : Mahanarayana Upanisad
»  NAG815 : Manifestations of Lord Siva
»  NAK766 : Saints of Saivism (Periya Puranam Pictorial)
»  IDE072 : Sankara Digvijaya - The Traditional Life of Sri Sankaracharya (Shankaracharya)
»  IDG123 : Sri Ramanuja Gita Bhasya
»  IDG425 : Sundara Kandam of Srimad Valmiki Ramayana
»  ISL51 : The Complete Mahabharata in English (12 Volumes)
»  ISL94 : The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam 2 parts ( 1)
»  IDG063 : Autobiography of Swami Sivananda
»  NAK084 : Ramkatha in Narrative, Performance and Pictorial Traditions
»  IDG384 : Sri Guru-Paduka-Puja-Vidhih How to Worship the Sandals of the Guru (Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NZA344 : वृत्तिप्रभाकर Vritti Prabhakar of Shri Nishchhal Das) (Khemraj Edition)
»  IDJ282 : An Introduction To The Philosophy of Panchadasi
»  NAC588 : Essentials of Upanisads (According to Sri Madhvacharya’s Bhasya)
»  IDD604 : LAKSHMI The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune (An Introduction)
»  NAI317 : Sri Kandha Puranam (The Story of Karttikeya)
»  NAO097 : Sri Radha Dasyam - Loving Service to Sri Radha
»  NAO759 : The Himalaya - A Cultural Pilgrimage
»  IDJ145 : Vaishnava Harmonium (Based on the North Indian System of Music) Book 1 and 2 with Two CDs
»  NAM282 : Vedanta Treatise (The Eternities)
»  NZD571 : अद्वैतमकरन्द Advaita Makranda
»  NZC214 : न्यायसूत्रम् Nyaya Sutras of Gautama with Many Commentaries
»  NAF700 : Curses and Boons (In The Valmiki Ramayana)
»  NAG779 : Gita For Daily Enrichment (365 Reflections on the Bhagavad-Gita)
»  IHF068 : In Search of Sita Revisiting Mythology
»  NAO758 : Rock Cut Temples of South India (Architectural Dimensions)
»  NAL548 : Stotra Ratna Haaram (Set of 4 Volumes)
»  NAG240 : The Teachings of Ramana Maharishi in His Own Words
»  NAK378 : Advaita Pancharatnam An Introduction to The Spiritual Science of Advaita Vedanta in Five Verses (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAN654 : Carita - Kavyas in Modern Sanskrit Literature
»  IDD118 : Karma and Reincarnation
»  NAM610 : Lyrics of Thyagaraja (Cult of Devotion and Social Realism)
»  NAO625 : Pointers to Science in Rig Veda With Age and Origin
»  NAK611 : Saiva Rites of Expiation A First Edition and Translation of Trilocanasiva’s Twelfth-Century Prayascittasamuccaya (with a Transcription of Hardayasiva’s Prayascittasamuccaya)
»  NAM622 : Sandeha Nivaranee Clearance of Spiritual Doubts (Set of 4 Books)
»  IDF490 : Sarada Tilaka Tantram
»  NAK107 : Sayana's Preface to The Rgvedabhasya (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAG157 : Sublime Thoughts on Mahabharata (A Rare Book)
»  NAF103 : Surya Inner Light (With Savirt and Gayatri) (Rig Veda Mantras with Text, Translation and Notes) (Sanskirt Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAO216 : The Concept of God
»  NAH803 : The Mahabharata Code (Yet Another Retelling of the Mahabharata or is it ?)
»  NAL105 : The Mystery of The Mahabharata (Set of Five Volumes)
»  NAO672 : Tune in The Mind Japa Gayatri
»  NAF270 : Veda Mantras and Suktas Widely Used in Worship (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and Translation)
»  NAF899 : Yajnavalkya-Smrtih
»  IDJ322 : Glimpses of the Life and Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi
»  IDE320 : Indian Theories of Creation A Synthesis
»  NAF784 : Ksemendra Studies of Dr. Suryakanta (Text with English Translation)
»  NAF860 : Laksanacandrika (A Commentary On The Taittiriya Pratisakaya By Mahadeva Ramacandra Gadre)
»  NAG695 : Mimamsa Sutra of Jaimini
»  NAF628 : New Approach to Visistadvaita (With Special Reference to Svaminarayana Vedanta)
»  NAF859 : Post-Samkara Dialectics of The Advaita Vedanta
»  NAF940 : Rivers in Hindu Mythology and Ritual
»  NAP546 : Siva Sahasranama Stotram
»  NAO560 : The Bhagavata Purana Published by Penguin (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAF726 : The Garland of Guru's Sayings
»  NAG507 : The Hindu at Home (Hindu Acarakandam)
»  NAD064 : The Mahabharata Revisited
»  NAJ762 : The Mahabharata Complete and Unabridged (Set of 10 Volumes with Box)
»  NAN473 : The Multifaceted Jivanmukta (A Big Book on Jagadguru Sri Abhinava Vidyatirtha Mahasvamin)
»  NAH002 : The Rgveda and Vedic Religion
»  NAF635 : Upadesasahasari Prose and Poetry of Sri Sankaracarya (The Commentary Padayojanika by Sri Ramatirtha)
»  HAA317 : श्रीमत्सूतसंहिता Suta Samhita With Tatparya Dipika (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDJ924 : Srimad Bhagavad Gita (The Scripture of Mankind) (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration,Word-to-Word Meaning, Translation and Detailed Notes)
»  NAD369 : Dialogues With The Guru
»  NAK533 : Jaiva-Dharma (The Essential Function of The Soul)
»  IDI715 : Jnana Sankalini Tantra ((Transliteration, Translation and Metaphorical Interpretation))
»  NAC629 : Life and Thought of Sankaracarya
»  IDK191 : Sadhana [A Text Book of the Psychology and Practice of the Techniques to Spiritual Perfection]
»  IDC934 : Saundaryalahari of Sankaracarya (Shankaracharya)
»  NAJ437 : Taittiriya Aranyaka Krishna Yajur Veda (Text in Devanagari Translation and Notes)
»  NAN251 : The Complete Valmiki Ramayana (A New Translation in Three Volumes)
»  IDF844 : The Mandukya Upanisad with Gaudapada's Karika and Sankara's (Shankaracharya) Commentary
»  IDD590 : Vijnanabhairava or Divine Conciousness
»  NAH219 : यजुर्वेद त्रिकाल सन्ध्यावन्दनम् Yajurveda Trikala Sandhyavandanam (Made Easy with Instructions & Illustrations) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAP422 : Bhakti Yoga - Tales and Teachings from the Bhagavata Purana
»  NAD054 : Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Indian Rsis- Based on Vedas, Upanisads Epics and Puranas (In 2 Volumes)
»  IDK856 : Meditation on Om and Mandukya Upanishad
»  IDI041 : Sankara on the Yoga Sutras
»  NAL369 : Sri Kali Tantra and Rudra Candi (An Assortment of Mantras, Worship Rituals and Tantric Practices of Sri Dakshina Kali, Along with Glory Saga and Worship Ritual of Rudra Chandi)
»  NAK120 : Unique Powerful Rudraksha and Talismic Yantras
»  NAO652 : Bhakti in The Vaishnava Rasa - Sastra (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAO526 : Naimisharanya - The Center of Excellence
»  IDK573 : Notations of 121 Bhajans and Prayers (Easy To Understand Notations In Actual English)
»  IDK656 : The Vedas
»  NAO741 : A Miraculous Rendering on the Bhagwat Geeta by Sant Dnyaneshwar
»  IDK118 : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Trika Saivism
»  NAO751 : Children Of The Goddess
»  IDK901 : Gurudev Sivananda (Holy Centenary Commemorative Pictorial)
»  NAP187 : Guruji - A Portrait of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois Through The Eyes of His Students
»  NAD723 : Kailash In Quest of The Self
»  NAG883 : Life and Origin of the Universe (Vedanta & Science Series) (Transliteration Text with English Translation)
»  NAD815 : Sri Vidya Ratna Lalityam
»  NAO752 : The Rgveda - In its Historical Setting
»  IHE028 : The Touch of Sakti (A Study in Non-dualistic Trika Saivism of Kashmir)
»  IDF859 : Yogirajadhiraj Swami Vishuddhanand Paramahansadeva Life and Philosophy
»  HAA695 : शुक्लयजुर्विधानसूत्रम् Sukla Yajurveda Vidhana Sutra
»  NZB896 : हिन्दू षड्दर्शन Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy
»  NAO568 : A Thousand Seeds of Joy-Teachings of Lakshmi & Saraswati
»  IDD960 : Abhinavagupta (A Rare Book)
»  NAB820 : History of Dharmasastra (In Eight Volumes) A Rare Book
»  NAL881 : In Your Heart is My Abode (Life and Teaching of Sri Ma Anandamayi)
»  NAP609 : Isopanisad
»  NAB955 : Lalitarchana-Chandrika
»  NAI104 : Shree Lalitaa Sahasranaama Stotram (Pancharatnam & Lalitaa Navaratna Maalai)
»  NAI174 : The Ramayana of Valmiki (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  HAA627 : ब्रह्मसूत्रशांकरभाष्यम् Brahma Sutra Sankara Bhashya
»  NAE802 : Ancient Names New Meaning - Talks on The Vishnu Sahasranama
»  NAP620 : Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management
»  NAP618 : Devi
»  NAP617 : Dharma
»  IHL117 : Dispelling Illusion (Gaudapada’s Alatasanti)
»  IHL538 : From Early Vedanta to Kashmir Shaivism Gaudapada, Bhartrhari, and Abhinavagupta
»  NAP615 : God on Call
»  IDG282 : Harivamsa Purana (Volume One) (Transliteration, Roman with English Translation)
»  IHL482 : Lord Krishna His Lilas and Teachings
»  IDI641 : Practice of Brahmacharya
»  NAL456 : Purusa-Sukta The Most Ancient Vedic Hymn (With the Commentary of Saunaka)
»  NAF096 : Purusha Sukta (Text, Transliteration, Translation and Commentary)
»  IDK861 : Radha's Prem
»  NAC017 : Spiritual Experiences
»  NAF250 : Sri Narada Bhakti Sutra Sandilya Bhakti Sutra (Vaishnava) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAC996 : Stories from Yoga Vasishtha
»  NAM251 : The Great Temple of Madurai Meenakshi
»  HAA993 : पञ्चीकरणम् Panchikarana
»  HAA992 : प्रकरणाष्टकम् Prakaranashtakam
»  HAA911 : बृहदारण्यकोपनिषत् The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad with the Dipika of Vidyaranya (An Old Book)
»  HAA910 : भाष्यवार्तिकम्(बृहदारण्यकोपनिषद्) - Brihadaranyaka Upanishad With Bhashya Vartikam of Sureshvaracharya and Shastra Prakishaka of Anandagiri (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  HAA990 : शतश्लोकी Shatashloki with the Tika of Shri Anandagiri Acharya
»  HAA991 : सिद्धान्तबिन्दु Siddhanta Bindu of Shri Madhusudana Sarasvati
»  NAO575 : The Culture & Aesthetics of Durga in Nepalamandala
»  NAO557 : वेदांतप्रक्रियाप्रत्यभिज्ञा The Method of The Vedanta ( A Critical Account of the Advaita Tradition)(Set of Two Volumes)
»  NAP607 : Bhakti Sadhana
»  NAL623 : Cave-Temples in The Regions of The Pandya Muttaraiya, Atiyaman and Ay dynasties in Tamil Nadu and Kerala (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAL662 : Mediaeval Temples of the Dakhan
»  NAC864 : Prasthanathraya Shankaracharya's Commentary on the Brahmasutra (The Only Edition with Both the Sanskrit Text of the Bhashya and Its English Translation)
»  NAP602 : Rikhia - The Vision of a Sage (from the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati)
»  NAO553 : Siva Temple and Temple Rituals
»  NAL425 : Sri Nandikesakasika (Sanskrit Commentry by Upamanyu)
»  NAP606 : The Tirukkural
»  NZB075 : सांख्यदर्शन Samkhya Darshan
»  NAO565 : Kumbha - The Festival of Immortality
»  NAJ948 : Our Dharma (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAO837 : Panchikarana Vartika
»  NAO578 : Sacred Love - Erotic Art in the Temples of Nepal
»  NAE173 : Shiva Sagun (Manifest) Form
»  IHG043 : World Heritage Series- The Great Chola Temples
»  NZL940 : ऋग्वेद आशीर्वाद घनम् Rig Veda Blessing Mantra - Samhita, Pada and Ghana Patha with Swara (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  HAA924 : विवरणोपन्यास (संस्कृत एवम् हिन्दी अनुवाद) Vivarana Upanayas
»  NAP425 : Ratha Yatra - Chariot Festival of Sri Jagannatha in Puri
»  NAH372 : Sasvara Veda Mantras
»  NAP189 : Thoughts on Synthesis of Science and Religion (Srila Prabhupada Birth Centenary Volume)
»  NAO558 : श्रीमद् रहस्यत्रयसारम् Srimad Rahasyatrayasaram of Sri Vedanta Desika
»  NAO574 : Bhishma an Enigma
»  NAO746 : Enigmas in Valmiki Ramayna Explained
»  NAO745 : Samkara's Concept of Creation
»  NAO573 : The Vedas and Upanishads
»  NAM901 : Hindu, Buddhist and Tantric Gods and Goddesses, Ritual Objects and Religious Symbols (Authentic, Accurate, Sequential, with Index and Research Based)
»  IHK021 : Jagannatha Puri Guide Book
»  NAM222 : Tantric Studies (Fruits of a Franco-German Project on Early Tantra)
»  NAN058 : The Sacred Laws of The Aryas As Taught in The School of Apastamba, Gautama, Vasishtha, and Baudhayana (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NZA364 : शतपथ ब्राह्मणम् Hariryajna of the Shatpath Brahmana (Khemraj Edition) An Old and Rare Book
»  IDG512 : Avadhuta Gita of Dattatreya
»  NAO071 : Epic Hinduism
»  NAE672 : Essence of Enquiry (Vichara Sangraham)
»  NAG889 : Matri Vani (Set of 3 Volumes) - The Voice of Anandamayi Ma
»  NAK881 : Siva Kosha (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IDF069 : The Brahmanda Purana 5 Volumes
»  IDE885 : THE NARADA-PURANA 5 Volumes
»  NAE812 : The Ultimate Book (Yoga Vasistha- Synthesis of Yoga Vedanta)(Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAN072 : The Arts of Hinduism Buddhism and Zen (Its Religious Belief's and Philosophy)
»  NZB150 : रुद्रोपासनविधि Rudra Upasana Vidhi
»  NAP589 : 21 Mantras for People Management (Lessoons from Buddha, Vivekananda & Gandhi)
»  NAO061 : Dictionary of Bhagavad Gita
»  NAN388 : Facets of Temple Culture (Perspectives on Religious and Social Traditions in Early Medieval India)
»  NAO954 : Karma Unravelled - Decoding The Law of Karma
»  NAC688 : Kashmir Saivism – The Central Philosophy of Tantrism
»  NAP587 : Lectures on Vedanta and Purposive Life (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAP588 : Lectures on Vedanta and Unitary Consciousness (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDE340 : Praises to a Formless God Nirguni Texts from North India
»  NAM611 : Sacred Animals of Nepal and India (With Reference to Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism and Buddhism)
»  NAN768 : Sadhu Sanga (The Birthplace of Bhakti)
»  IDK392 : Shaivism In the Light of Epics, Puranas and Agamas
»  IDJ032 : Siva Manasa Puja by Adi Sankaracarya ( (Text, Transliteration, Word-Word-Meaning, Translation and Detailed Commentary))
»  IHG005 : Sri Hanuman Lila
»  NAH837 : Tantrapuspanjali - Tantric Traditions and Philosophy of Kashmir
»  NAN289 : The Concept of Pranava in Indian Philosophy
»  NAC244 : The Iconography and Ritual of Siva at Elephanta
»  NAC309 : The Imitation of Sankara Being (A Collection of Several Texts Bearing on the Advaita)
»  NAO567 : The Legend of Krishna in Wall Paintings of Gujarat and Rajasthan
»  IHL410 : The Nyaya Sutras A New Commentary on an Old Text
»  NAE770 : Vedanta-Sara of Sadananda
»  NAM973 : Vedic Aryans and the Origins of Civilization
»  NAO566 : Vraja Mandala Darsana - A 30 Day Parikrama Experience
»  NAE898 : Why Read Rig Veda?
»  NAD739 : Yatindramatadipika (A Hand Book on the Philosophy of Ramanuja)
»  NAO562 : Jaina - Temple Architecture in India (The Developmentof a Distinct Language in Space and Ritual)
»  NAP429 : Lord Krishna in the Boardroom - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management
»  NAO953 : Prema Rasa Madira - The intoxicating Bliss of Divine Love (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAP427 : Shiva to Shankara (Giving form to The Formless)
»  NAP417 : Sri Ramanuja (The Sole Refuge)
»  NAO564 : A History of Indian Literature (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  NAP430 : Banaras - Walks Through India's Sacred City
»  IDI117 : Bhagavana Sri Ramana Maharshi The Restored Photographs Volume One
»  NAO947 : Earth Ethics of M. K. Gandhi - With Teaching From Holy Mother Amma (An Introduction)
»  NAO099 : Human Body and Brahma Rahasiya - Secrets Behind Divine Worship (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAG857 : In Adoration of Kamakshi
»  NAK272 : India's Intellectual Traditions
»  NAL999 : Mahabharata (For Young Readers)
»  NAO648 : Narratives from Veda to Puranas (Revealing Deeper Meanings)
»  NAO299 : Nitya Karma - Daily Observances
»  IHJ070 : Prasthanathraya Volume-V Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (The Only Edition with Shankaracharya's Commentary
»  NAO551 : Stories from The Mahabharata - A Sanskrit Coursebook for Intermediate Level With DVD Inside (Set of 3 Volumes)
»  IDG824 : The Hindu Law Codes (The Dharma Sastra) ( Original Sanskrit Text, Transliteration, English Translation with Notes and Exposition)
»  NAL536 : The Path of The Master (The Science of Surat Shabd Yoga The Yoga of the Audible Life Stream)
»  NAO951 : The Sacred Thread - The Development of Personality According to Hindu Traditions and Jungian Psychology
»  NAE260 : The Son of The God Of Wind The Exploits of Sri Hanumana
»  NAP431 : Valmiki Ramayana - Critical Essays
»  IDJ504 : Brahma Sutra Bhasya of Shankaracharya
»  NAE577 : Darshan in a Temple (Method and the Underlying Science)
»  NAO556 : Jagannatha in Historical Perspectives
»  NAF424 : Katha - Yoga Yadantah Tadupaasitavyam (Which is Inside, That is to be Meditated Upon)
»  NAO555 : Mahaprabhu Sri Jagannatha - The Lord of Universe
»  NAO733 : Manifestation of Lord Krishna (Search for Salvation Through A Study of Hinduism and Radhasoami Faith)
»  IDK721 : Periya Puraanam (Thirutthondar Puraanam)- The Stories of 63 Saivite Saints
»  NAO730 : Santi Rituals in The Atharvanic Tradition
»  NAE157 : Science of Ornaments A Holy Text Which Elucidates That Ornaments are a Source of Chaitanya
»  NAO732 : Sivaratrikaumudi of Pitambara Siddhantavagisa
»  NAO949 : Six Mystics of India (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAO946 : Srikrishna - The Lord of The Universe (A Big Novel)
»  NAF116 : Srimad Bhagavata The Holy Book of God (Set of 4 Volumes)
»  NAO945 : The Bhagavad Gita - The Eternal Song of The Lord (Chapter 1-13)
»  NAO950 : The Vedic Basis of Gita Yoga
»  NAN051 : Thiruvilaiyadal Puranam Miracles of Siva
»  NAD371 : Vedanta vs. Psychology
»  NZL787 : आपस्तम्बीय श्रौतप्रयोग Shrauta Prayoga According to Apastamba in 2 Volumes (Rare Book)
»  NAL122 : श्री सरस्वती चालीसा Sri Saraswati Chalisa
»  NAP190 : Ashwatthamas's Redemption - The Rise of Dandak
»  NAH185 : Brahmasutra with Vidyananda Vrtti (English Translation)
»  NAN785 : Early Teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAP191 : Guru Message - The Ultimate Freedom
»  NAO723 : Indian Ephemeris (2019)
»  NAO725 : Mandodari - Queen of Lanka
»  NAP100 : Midnights With The Mystic (A Little Guide to Freedom and Bliss)
»  NAO736 : New Dimension in The Atharvaveda (Prof. K. C. Acharya Commemoration Volume)
»  NAH259 : Radha Krishna Pastimes at Radha Kunda
»  NAO734 : Rikhia - The Vision of a Sage (From The Teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati)
»  NAE894 : Rudra Mantras From Taittiriya Samhita (Namaka, Chamaka, Shiva-Sankalpa, Inner Yajna and Suparna) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAO729 : Songs of The Soul
»  NAF480 : The Ancillary Literature of The Atharva-Veda (A Study with Special Reference to The Parisistas)
»  NAO330 : The Rasa Dance from Srimad Bhagavatam with Many Commentaries
»  NAL864 : Universal Questions & Timeless Answers (Sri Rama Gita)
»  NAL215 : Yoga in Kashmir Saivism
»  NAB958 : The Doctrine of Recognition (Pratyabhijna Philosophy) A Rare Book
»  HAA337 : श्रीदुर्गासप्तशती Shri Durga Saptasati with Seven Commentaries
»  NAP423 : A Colourful Collection on Hindu Pilgrimages
»  NAK775 : Eight Upanisads with The Commentary of Sankaracarya (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAP420 : Goddess Durga - The Power and The Glory
»  NAC177 : Monks’ Cookbook (Vegetarian Recipes From Kauai’s Hindu Monastery)
»  NAP128 : Spirituality
»  NAN819 : The Golden Collection - A Collection of Original Publications from the Bihar Yoga Tradition (Set of 8 Volumes)
»  NAJ960 : The Great Equation Doctrine of Advaita Vedanta
»  IDC397 : The History and Literature of The Gaudiya Vaishnavas and Their Relation to other Medieval Vaishnava Schools
»  NAG892 : Ujjvala-Nilamani (With Commentary by Jiva Gosvami and Vishvanahta Chakrvarti Thakura) (Transliteration with English Text)
»  NAO654 : Abhicara Rites in The Veda
»  NAO669 : Destiny Who's in Charge?
»  ACK61 : Ganesha
»  NAO670 : Hymn to Him lsa Stuti
»  NAN880 : Mantravalli (An Anthology of Sacred Chants)
»  NAO673 : Subodha Vedanta Vedanta Made Easy
»  NAB756 : Taittiriya Samhita (With the Padapatha and the Commentaries of Bhatta Bhaskara Misra and Sayanacarya) Sanskrit Only in Nine Volumes - A Rare Book
»  ACK41 : Tales of Shiva
»  NAB849 : Vedic Physics Towards Unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity
»  NAO653 : Studies on Myth Philosophy and Culture
»  NAO658 : The Teaching of The Vedas - What Light Does it Throw on The Origin and Development of Religion?
»  NAO532 : Ujjain - The Living Legend
»  IDC977 : Balaji - Venkateshwara Lord of Tirumala - Tirupati An Introduction
»  NAB055 : Devi The Mother-Goddess An Introduction
»  IDG474 : Discourses on Taittiriya Upanisad (Original Upanisad Text in Devanagari and Commentary by Swami Chinmayananda) (with Transliteration in Roman Letters, Word - for - Word meaning in Text order with Translation)
»  IHE074 : Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (Volume -IV) Samkhya
»  NAM899 : Sacred Hymns to Spread Your Wings (Chinmaya Book of Hymns)
»  NAM388 : Shirdi Sai Baba and Other Perfect Masters
»  NAH809 : Sky - Clad (The Extraordinary Life and Times of Akka Mahadevi)
»  IHL600 : Sree Padmanabha Swamy Temple (A Rare Book)
»  NAD722 : Svetasvatara Upanisad (Sanskrit Text, Roman Transliteration, Word-to-Word Meaning, English Translation and Detailed Explanation)
»  NAJ900 : The Hidden Lives of Brahman (Sankara’s Vedanta Through His Upanisad Commentaries, In Light of Contemporary Practice)
»  NAD354 : Understanding Ramayana as Rama Within
»  NAO854 : Vedanta in Modern Life
»  NAC473 : 99 Thoughts on Ganesha Stories, Symbols and Rituals of India’s Beloved Elephant-headed Deity
»  NAF201 : Aitareyopanishad
»  NAG589 : Arunachala's Ramana Eternal Ocean of Grace (Set of 7 Volumes) - A Rare Book
»  NAE883 : Candipathah (Incorporating Sridurgasaptasati and The Associate Hymns) (Sanskrit Text with Transliteration and English Translation)
»  IDL182 : Essence of Gita in Poems
»  IDI617 : Illustrated Dictionary of Vedic Rituals
»  NAD353 : Jewel Garland of Enquiry (Vichara Mani Mala of Ramana Maharshi)
»  IDI581 : Mahidhara's Mantra Mahodadhih (Two Volumes)
»  NAJ314 : Mattavilasa Prahasana
»  NAF686 : Self Enquiry (Vichara Sangraham of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi)
»  NAK837 : Sri Kali Tantra & Sri Rudra Candi (An Assortment of Mantras, Worship Rituals and Tantric Practices of Sri Dakshina Kali, Along with Glory Saga and Worship Ritual of Sri Rudra Chandi)
»  NAF728 : Sri Maharshi's Way (A Translation and Commentary by Upadesa Saram)
»  NAI404 : The Atmavidyavilasa (A Spiritual Autobiography of Sri Sadasiva Brahmendra Sarasvati)
»  NAM281 : The Glory of Lord Muruga Thiruppugazh (Set of 11 Books)
»  NAK156 : The Hidden Gems in Sundara Kandam (A Devout Reading will Bring Forth Beneficial Results in Two Days)
»  NAB458 : The Upanayana - The Hindu Ceremonies Of The Sacred Thread
»  NAH212 : Theertha Prabandha
»  NAO158 : To Be With Krsna in This Life
»  NAC694 : Who is the Supreme God? Visnu or Siva? Theological Debates in South India between the Vaisnavas and the Saivas
»  IDJ276 : Yajna A Comprehensive Survey
»  NAN782 : Yoga from Shore to Shore
»  NAF575 : A Sadhu's Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi
»  IDI590 : Bhagavan Sri Ramana A Pictorial Biography
»  NAC142 : Forty Verses on Reality by Ramana Maharshi
»  NAH373 : History or Sri Kapaleeshvarar Temple
»  NAO871 : Kurukshetra - The Land of Song Divine (Travel Guide)
»  IDG497 : Late Mediaeval Temples of Bengal (Origins and Classifications)
»  NAO891 : Legend of Ram (Antiquity to Janmabhumi Debate)
»  IDI844 : Mahakumbh (A Spiritual Journey)
»  IDI642 : Moments Remembered Reminiscences of Bhagavan Ramana
»  IDI662 : My Recollection of Bhagavan Sri Ramana
»  NAB024 : Parvatidarpana
»  IDG617 : Siva Purana (Uttarakhanda) Text with English Translation And Introduction
»  NAL207 : Sri Upadesamrta - The Ambrosial Advice of Sri Rupa Gosvami
»  NAH877 : The Gorakhnath Enlightenment The Founder of the Great Nath Siddha (The Path of Om)
»  NAF511 : Visistadvaita and Dvaita (A Systematic and Comparative Study of the Two Schools of Vedanta)
»  NZB093 : ब्रह्मसूत्रभाष्यम् Shri Bhaskara's Commentary on the Brahma Sutras
»  NAO818 : Bhaja Govindam
»  NAD034 : Dancing With Siva Hinduism's Contemporary Catechism (A Richly Illustrated Sourcebook of Indian Spirituality)
»  NAP586 : Decolonizing The Hindu Mind (Ideological Development of Hindu Revivalism)
»  NAP405 : Garuda and The Serpents (Stories of Friends and Foes from Hindu Mythology)
»  NAO550 : New Light on Vedic Concepts
»  NAP407 : Short Stories From Devayana (Third Epic of India)
»  NAH233 : Sri Vedanta Desika’s Stotras
»  IDE257 : Srimad Bhagavadgita (With English Translation & Transliteration)
»  NAM944 : Taittiriya Aranyaka Krishna Yajur Veda - Text in Devanagari Translation and Notes (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAO941 : Talks on Adi Sankaracharya's Dakshinamurti Stava
»  IDE887 : THE AGNI-PURANA 4 Volumes
»  IDD207 : The Brhadaranyaka Upanisad (In Three Volumes)
»  NAN872 : The Ganesa Purana - Krida Khanda (Set of 2 Books)
»  NAN873 : The Ganesa Purana - Upasana Khanda
»  NAO545 : The Gita Way - Secret Recipe to Achieve The Purpose of Life
»  NAP596 : The Illustrated Bhagavad Gita
»  IDF029 : THE LINGA-PURANA 2 Volumes
»  NAC457 : The Satapatha Brahmana (In Five Volumes)
»  NAP403 : The Upside Down King (Unusual Tales About Rama and Krishna)
»  IDF028 : THE VARAHA PURANA 2 Volumes
»  NAO544 : वातुलशुद्धाख्यतन्त्रम् The Vatula Suddhakhya Tantra - The Exposition of the Pure With Two Commentaries (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAO878 : Along The Narmada (Travel Guide)
»  NAO879 : Brajbhoomi Krishna's Playground (Travel Guide)
»  NAO900 : Hindu Mythology - A Brief Survey
»  NAO877 : Omkareshwar and Maheshwar (Travel Guide)
»  NAO530 : Selfless Action - Compilation and Critical Analysis of The Practical Philosophy of Karma Yoga (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAP380 : Sri Visnu Sahasranama A Big Commentary in 2 Volumes
»  NAO866 : Temples of Madhya Pradesh (Travel Guide)
»  IDF694 : Why? Hinduism Defined Scientifically and Rationally
»  NAO886 : Early Hindu Civilisation
»  NAO890 : Life Is As Is - Teachings From The Mahabharata
»  NAO881 : Temples of Jammu (Travel Guide)
»  NAO534 : The Philosophical Approach to Religion
»  NAO884 : The Rise of Hastinapur
»  NAK123 : Chaitanya Charita Sangraha (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAH823 : Dharma Laws and Law Seers of India
»  NAP562 : Glimpses of Vedanta (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDJ754 : Gorakhnath and the Kanphata Yogis
»  NAB354 : Kalikapurane Murtivinirdesah - Description of Images of Gods and Goddesses in the Kalika Purana
»  NAN270 : Lalita (The Vibrant One)
»  IDJ888 : Mayamatam (Vol. I and II)
»  NAC484 : Salagrama-Kosha (In Two Volumes)
»  NAO538 : Spiritual Perspective - Essays in Mysticism and Metaphysics
»  NAO362 : Swatmasukhi (Bliss of the Self)
»  IDE718 : The Great Tantra of Ajita 5 Volumes
»  IDK938 : The Power of Rudraksha (A Guide to the Holy Bead and Its Healing Properties)
»  NAK191 : Bhagavan and Nayana
»  IDI516 : Cherished Memories
»  NAF714 : Cult of the Mother Goddess (Fictions and Facts)
»  NAE748 : Direct Teaching of Bhagavan Ramana (Self Attention Expounded in His Own Words of Wisdom)
»  NAF670 : Hunting The 'I"
»  NAG612 : Ocean of Grace (The Teachings of His Holiness Goswami Shri Prathameshji)
»  IDJ331 : Sri Ramana Reminiscences
»  NAF066 : The Glory of Arunachala
»  NAC873 : The Teachings of Shri Vallabhacharya (Sanskrit Text, Transliteration and English Translation)
»  NAG796 : Vrindavan Yatra with Radhanath Swami (Six Goswamis of Vrindavan)
»  IDI648 : Advaita Bodha Deepika [Lamp Of Non-Dual Knowledge]
»  IDI854 : Ashtavakra Gita
»  NAF561 : Bhagavan Ramana The Friend of All
»  NAP567 : House Holder's Discipline in Jainism (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAP114 : In Praise of Vallabh (The Vallabhakhyan of Gopaldas)
»  IHE077 : Inner Goddess
»  IDI517 : Letters From Sri Ramanasramam Volumes I, II and Letters From and Recollection of Sri Ramanasramam
»  NAM855 : Shiksha Patra (Forty One Letters of Spiritual Counsel with Shri Gopeshwarji's Commentary)
»  NAC025 : Shree Hanumaana Baahuka (With Aaratee, Sankatamochana Hanumaanaashtaka and Bajaranga Baana) (Original Text, Transliteration and Translation)
»  NAC126 : Shri Sai Satcharita – The Life and Teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba
»  IDI518 : Spiritual Stories As Told by Ramana Maharshi
»  NAK541 : Sri Sharadamba (The Goddess of Grace)
»  IDI523 : Talks With Sri Ramana Maharshi (Three Volumes in One)
»  IDI650 : Tripura Rahasya or The Mystery Beyond The Trinity