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Choose from a large selection of Buddhist Books at ExoticIndia. Our Buddhist Bookstore offers a wide range of books on Buddhism, Buddha and more!

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»  NAO242 : Materials for The Study of the Tripitaka (The Stream of Deathless Nectar)
»  NAC677 : Saddharmapundarika Sutram The Lotus Sutra (A Rare Book) Critical Edition, Sanskrit Only
»  NAL591 : The Concepts of Part and Whole Avayava and Avayavi (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDJ707 : A Short Practice of Green Tara (Including Praises to the Twenty-One Taras)
»  IDC907 : Social Dimensions of Early Buddhism
»  NAC243 : Inference and Fallacies Discussed in Ancient Indian Logic (With Special Reference to Nyaya and Buddhism)
»  IDJ943 : The Advaita Tradition in Indian Philosophy(A study of Advaita in Buddhism, Vedanta And Kashmir Shaivism)
»  NAC296 : Ratnagiri (1958-61) Two Volumes (An Old Rare Book)
»  NAN058 : The Sacred Laws of The Aryas As Taught in The School of Apastamba, Gautama, Vasishtha, and Baudhayana (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  NAP406 : An Introduction to The Six Types of Bardo - According to The Words of My Teacher
»  NAK272 : India's Intellectual Traditions
»  IHE008 : Cetana and the Dynamics of Volition in Theravada Buddhism
»  NZC248 : Readings on Yogacara Buddhism (A Old and Rare Book) (Sanskrit Only)
»  NZB863 : जातक कथाएं (भगवान बुद्ध के पूर्व जीवन की चुनी हुई कथाएं) Jataka Stories
»  NAD889 : Ocean Of Eloquence (Tsong Kha pa’s Commentary On The Yogacara Doctrine Of Mind)
»  IDI092 : Short Description of Gods, Goddesses and Ritual Objects of Buddhism and Hinduism in Nepal
»  NZC433 : प्राचीन भारतीय बौध्द धर्म (उद्भव, स्वरुप और पतन) - Ancient Indian Buddhism (Growth, Nature and Decline)
»  NAG867 : The Mystic Songs of Kanha and Saraha (The Doha-Kosa and the Carya)
»  NZE050 : बुद्धचरित (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) - Buddhacharita of Asvaghosa
»  IDI128 : Oracles and Demons of Tibet The Cult and Iconography of the Tibetan Protective Deities
»  NAN117 : Rupa Pratirupa - Alice Boner Commemoration Volume (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NAN202 : Sacred Symbols of Nepal (Mythical Creatures)
»  NAN103 : Chinese Buddhist Sculpture Under The Liao (Free Standing Works in Situ and Selected Examples from Public Collections)
»  NAG679 : बौद्ध चार्वाकदर्शन खण्ड Quotations from Buddhist and Carvaka Philosophies
»  IDJ712 : Meditations on White Tara (With the Mantra of Infinite Light Buddha, Amitayus)
»  NAE749 : Caste and Buddhist Philosophy (Continuity of Some Buddhist Arguments Against the Realist Interpretation of Social Denominations)
»  NAM703 : Comprehensive Dictionary Englsh-English Nepali
»  NAI142 : The Jataka From Aesthetic Standpoint (An Old and Rare Book)
»  IDF528 : The History of Buddhism in India and Tibet
»  IDL187 : Buddhist Stupas in South Asia
»  IDI046 : The Life of Hsuan- Tsang Hui-li and Yen-ts 'ung
»  NAH007 : Asceticism in Ancient India In Brahmanical Buddhist Jaina and Ajibika Societies (From the earliest times to the period of Sankaracarya) (A Rare Book)
»  IDC209 : Fragments from Dinnaga
»  IDC290 : The Salistamba Sutra
»  NZF293 : बौध्दस्तोत्र संग्रह Buddha Stotra Samgraha (A Collection of Buddhist Hymns)
»  IDC230 : The Life of Milarepa
»  IDE408 : Thai Art with Indian Influences
»  NAC887 : Ancient Indian Education Brahmanical and Buddhist
»  IHL070 : Encyclopaedia of Indian Iconography (Hinduism- Buddhism- Jainism) (In Three Volumes) Old Book
»  IDC849 : Buddha and the Gospel of Buddhism
»  NAE275 : No Water No Moon Talks on Zen Stories
»  NZF800 : वज्र सूची (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- The Vajra Suchi of Asvaghosa (An Old and Rare Book)
»  NZG046 : पाँच बौध्द दार्शनिक Five Buddhist Philosopher
»  NAB075 : Development of Buddhist Iconography in Eastern India A study of Tara, Prajnas of Five Tathagatas and Bhrikuti
»  IDD982 : Being as Consciousness (Yogacara Philosophy of Buddhism)
»  IDK635 : King Kusha A Buddhist Tale (Comic Book)
»  NAC172 : Tibetan Nation (A History of Tibetan Nationalism and Sino-Tibetan Relations)
»  IDJ955 : Reiki and the Healing Buddha
»  NAI536 : दीघ निकाय Digha Nikaya
»  ACK87 : Stories of Courage (Jataka Tales of Valour and Victory)
»  IHL069 : Alchi (The Living Heritage of Ladakh)
»  NZC713 : सुत्तनिपातपालि (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- The Suttanipatapali (Khuddakanikayapali)
»  IDD401 : The Yogacara Idealism
»  NZC714 : धम्मपदपालि (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)- The Dhammapada Pali
»  IDC357 : Beyond Eternity Through Mysticism
»  NZB665 : अट्ठसालिनी Atthasalini
»  NAH530 : Nivedan (The Autobiography of Dharmanand Kosambi)
»  NAG833 : An Exhibition on the Legacy of Kumarajiva Philosopher and Seer
»  NZC707 : मिलिन्दपन्हपालि Milindapahna Pali [Questions of Milinda] (संस्कृत एवं हिंदी अनुवाद)
»  NZB810 : बुध्द और बोधिवृक्ष Buddha and Bodhi -Tree
»  NAG359 : Buddha (A Story of Enlighenment)
»  IDE051 : The Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara (Avalokiteshvara)
»  IDD263 : The Symbolism of the Stupa
»  IDC187 : The Doctrine Of The Upanisads And The Early Buddhism
»  NAB978 : Atisa and His Time Machine Adventures with Hieun Tsang
»  IDD474 : One Hand Clapping (a collection of zen stories)
»  ACK23 : Buddha
»  IDC327 : The Two Traditions of Meditation in Ancient India
»  NAE450 : Abhidharmakosa-Bhasya of Vasubandhu The Treasury of the Abhidharma and its (Auto) Commentary - Four Volumes
»  IHD013 : Healing Power of Mantra (The Wisdom of Tibetan Healing Science)
»  NAC628 : Philosophy and Psychology in the Abhidharma
»  IDI638 : Lord of The Dance The Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama
»  NAD304 : Tibetan Medicine (The Healing Science of Tibet)
»  NAE257 : Life of Buddha In Indian Sculpture
»  NAE325 : The Large Sutra on Perfect Wisdom "With the Divisions of the Abhisamyalankara "
»  IDK287 : The Cult of Bhairava in Nepal
»  IHL009 : Zen Living the Fire of Life – Zest Zip Zap and Zing by Osho
»  IDI022 : Delog Journey to Realms Beyond Death
»  IDK322 : Dialogues of the Buddha (In Three Volumes)
»  IDD374 : The Human Buddha Enlightenment for the New Millennium
»  IDE045 : Buddhist Psychology - A Modern Perspective
»  NAC985 : An Account of Tibet The Travels of Ippolito Desideri 1712-1727
»  NAC391 : Vinaya Texts (In Three Volumes)
»  NAC756 : Buddhist Chants and Prayers for Daily Living (Modern Buddhist Healing)
»  NAC671 : Tibetan Folk Stories – Nyichoe Zangpo (Aku-Tonpa in Nedhong)
»  NAC625 : Tibetan Astronomy and Astrology – A Brief Introduction
»  IDK384 : Zen Stories (Irreverent and Sacred Teaching Stories of Lee Lozowick)
»  IDC259 : On Voidness (A Study on Buddhist Nihilism)
»  IHL607 : Historical Dictionary of Buddhism
»  IDC117 : Buddha's Teachings Being the Sutta-Nipata or Discourse-Collection
»  IDD741 : Amaravati
»  IDC326 : The Two Traditions of Meditation in Ancient India
»  NAB935 : Liberating Intimacy - Enlightenment and Social Virtuosity in CH’AN Buddhism
»  IDC223 : An Introduction to the Philosophy of Nagarjuna
»  IDK535 : Meditation on Vajrabhairava
»  IDC157 : The Central Conception of Buddhism
»  IDC186 : The Doctrine of the Buddha (The Religion of Reason and Meditation)
»  IDC201 : The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy
»  NAB797 : Buddha (His Life, His Doctrine, His Order)
»  IHL650 : The Way of Living
»  IDE032 : The Way Of The Buddha
»  IDC119 : Buddhism and Science
»  NAB706 : Essence of Buddhism Teachings at Tibet House
»  IDC351 : Tibetan-English Dictionary of Tibetan Medicine and Astrology (Revised and Enlarged Edition)
»  IDD500 : Buddhist Art (In Praise of the Divine)
»  IHL153 : The Central Conception of Buddhism
»  IDL136 : Activating Bodhichitta and A Meditation on Compassion by His Holiness The XIV Dalai Lama
»  IHG056 : The Lotus Garden’s Play (By Dza Patrul Rinpoche)
»  IDK834 : More Stories From The Jatakas (The Mouse Merchant) Hardcover Comic Book
»  IHE018 : Buddhism in Central Asia
»  IDI561 : Dana Giving and Getting in Pali Buddhism
»  IHF090 : The Karmapa Prophecies
»  IDL127 : The Bhagavadgita and Buddhism
»  IDI040 : Sramana Vidya Studies in Buddhism
»  IDD974 : The Great Triad
»  IDL092 : Ajanta and Ellora
»  IDG104 : VISUALIZING A BUDDHIST SUTRA Text and Figure in Himalayan Art
»  IDI928 : Zen Katha The Story of Bodhidharma, Founder of Zen and The Martial Arts (A Play in Two Acts)
»  IDI595 : Lalitavajra's Manual Of Buddhist Iconography
»  ACK97 : Jataka Tales Tales of Misers
»  IDI614 : Manjusri An Exhibition of Rare Thankas
»  IDF489 : Nansen The Point of Departure (Zen Masters Series)
»  IDJ711 : Six Session Guru Yoga With Commentary by Lama Zopa Rinpoche
»  IDC116 : The Buddha's Law Among the Birds
»  IDJ709 : The Preliminary Practice of Prostrations to the Thirty-Five Confession Buddhas Transliterated Text and Translation
»  IDI890 : Tibetan Folk Tales and Fairy Stories
»  ACK22 : Buddhist Tales
»  IDH155 : Buddhist Monuments
»  IDE662 : Icons of Awakened Energy An Introduction to Bhutanese Iconography
»  IDC300 : The Skill in Means (Upayakausalya) Sutra
»  IDC122 : Buddhism in Modern India
»  NAB037 : Oracles and Demons of Tibet
»  NAB496 : Chinnamasta The Aweful Buddhist and Hindu Tantric Goddess
»  IDI657 : Rendawa Shonnu Lodro's Commentary On The 'Entry Into The Middle' Lamp Which Elucidates Reality
»  IDC309 : Tantra in Tibet The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra - Volume 1
»  IDI122 : Asvaghosa's Buddhacarita The Life of the Buddha (Sanskrit Text Word-by-Word translation Melodies for Chanting and Verses in English Grammatical Explanation)
»  IDC184 : DISCIPLINE (The Canonical Buddhism of the Vinayapitaka)
»  IDK145 : Bodh Gaya (Monumental Legacy)
»  IDC113 : Asvaghosa's Buddhacarita or Acts of the Buddha
»  IDJ917 : Total Presence of Mind (A Textbook of Temporal Linguistic Meditation)
»  IDJ708 : Chod Cutting Through The Ego Transliterated Text and Translation
»  IAB56 : The Bhilsa Topes or Buddhist Monuments of Central India
»  IDC335 : A Visit to Rahula Samkrtyayana's Collection of Negatives at the Bihar Research Society (Texts from the Buddhist Epistemological School)
»  IDC331 : Vedantic Buddhism of the Buddha
»  IDC332 : Verse-Index of Candrakirti's Madhyamakavatara (Tibetan Versions)
»  IDC333 : Verse-Index of Dharmakirti's Works (Tibetan Versions
»  IDC848 : The Birth of Indian Psychology and its Development in Buddhism
»  IDD594 : NEPAL MANDALA (A Cultural Study of the Kathmandu Valley) (2 Vols)
»  IDC851 : BuddhismiIn its conexion with Brahmanism and Hinduism and in its contrast with Christianity
»  IDC302 : Studies in the Buddhist Culture of India
»  IDC305 : Studies on the Doctrine of Trairupya
»  IDC308 : Tales of the Turquoise A Pilgrimage in Dolpo
»  IDC301 : The Spirit of Tibet Vision for Human Liberation (Selected Speeches and Writings of XIV Dalai Lama)
»  IDJ421 : The Handy Buddhism G.K. Book
»  IDJ102 : Buddhism and Christianity in the Light of Hinduism
»  IDC872 : An English-Tibetan Dictionary containing a vocabulary of approximately twenty thousand words and their Tibetan equivalents
»  IDC876 : The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy
»  IDC877 : The Heart of Buddhist Philosophy - Dinnaga and Dharmakirti
»  IDE438 : Tantra in Tibet The Great Exposition of Secret Mantra - Volume I
»  IDI927 : Hiouen-Thsang In India
»  IDC900 : Pali-English Dictionary
»  IDC901 : Portrait of a Dalai Lama The Life and times of the great thirteenth
»  IDC903 : Prolegomena to a History of Buddhist Philosophy
»  IDC905 : The Rise and Decline of Buddhism in India
»  IDI794 : The Last Time I Saw Tibet
»  IDI025 : Mustang A Lost Tibetan Kingdom
»  IDH181 : Ancient Music in the Pines
»  IDG989 : Ancient Indian Geography in Buddhist Literature
»  IDG662 : HSIN HISN MING The Book of Nothing OSHO Discourses on Sosan's Verses on the Faith-Mind
»  IDF358 : Tantra The Supreme Understanding (Talks on the Tantric Way of Tilopa's Song of Mahamudra)
»  IDF712 : Further Dialogues Of The Buddha 2 Volumes
»  NAB027 : Iconography of the Buddhist Deity Heruka
»  IAB53 : The Art of Nalanda Development of Buddhist Sculpture AD 600-1200
»  IDH048 : THE DHAMMAPADA With Introductory essays, Pali text, English translations and notes
»  IDD721 : Early Buddhist Art in India
»  IAB22 : Early Buddhist Art of Bodh Gaya
»  IDC127 : The Buddhist Art of Nagarjunakonda
»  NAB122 : Tibetan Medicine The Buddhist Way of Healing
»  IDE962 : TIBETAN MANDALA Art and Practice (The Wheel of Time)
»  IDE445 : Buddhist Formal Logic A Study of Dignaga's Hetucakra and K'uei-chi's Great Commentary on the Nyayapravesa
»  IDE302 : The Philosophy of Religion A Buddhist Perspective
»  IDE066 : The Conception of Buddhist Nirvana (With Sanskrit Text of Madhyamaka-Karika)
»  IDC275 : The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy
»  IDC276 : The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy
»  NAB036 : Buddhist Shrines In India
»  IDD906 : The Central Philosophy of Buddhism (A Study of Madhyamika System)
»  IDC833 : The Mind In Early Buddhism
»  IDD672 : Stories Of The Buddha
»  IDH574 : Art and Iconography of The Buddha Images
»  IDC866 : The Dhammapada
»  IDD579 : PAIN AND ITS ENDING (The Four Truths in the Theravada Buddhist Canon)
»  IDC267 : Philosophy and Psychology in the Abhidharma
»  IDC167 : A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE PRATIMOKSA (On the Basis of Chinese, Tibetan, Sanskrit and Pali Versions)
»  IDD573 : Mahamudra (The Quintessence of Mind and Meditation)
»  IDD574 : Mahamudra (The Quintessence of Mind and Meditation)
»  IDD572 : STUDIES IN THE LANKAVATARA SUTRA (One of the most important texts of Mahayana Buddhism, in which almost all its principal tenets are presented including the teaching of Zen)
»  IDC298 : Siksa Samuccaya (A Compendium of Buddhist Doctrine)
»  IDD499 : Himalayan Desert (Tibet, Ladakh, Lahul, Spiti, Mustang)
»  IDD479 : The Discipline in Four Parts Rules for Nuns according to the Dharmaguptakavinaya (3 Volumes)
»  IDC192 : Early Madhyamika in India and China
»  IDC211 : The Gatakamala
»  IDC120 : BUDDHISM IN CENTRAL ASIA (Buddhist Tradition Series)
»  IDC156 : The Central Conception of Buddhism
»  IDD421 : The Yogins of Ladakh (A Pilgrimage Among the Hermits of the Buddhist Himalayas)
»  IDD399 : Yoga of the Guhyasamajatantra The Arcane Lore of Forty Verses
»  IDD375 : The Human Buddha Enlightenment for the New Millennium
»  IDD049 : Buddhism
»  IDC897 : Manual of Zen Buddhism
»  IDC899 : Outlines of Mahayana Buddhism
»  NAB074 : Sacred Buddhist Painting
»  IDD042 : Sri Lanka The Emerald Island
»  IDD264 : The Buddhism of Tibet combined volume
»  IDD050 : The Buddhist Monastery
»  IDC210 : The Gandhari Dharmapada
»  NAB054 : The Tibetan Art Of Healing
»  IDC914 : A Tibetan Eye-view of Indian Philosophy Being English trans. of a portion from Thu'ubkwan's blo-bzang-chos-kyi-nyi-mi's Gurumatha with intro. and notes
»  IDC885 : An Introduction to Buddhism Teachings, history and practices
»  IDC862 : Buddhist Thought in India
»  IDC867 : Dictionary of Pali Proper Names 2 vols.
»  IDC868 : Discerning the Buddha A Study of Buddhism and of the Brahmanical Hindu attitude to it
»  IDC881 : History of Researches on Indian Buddhism
»  IDC898 : Outlines of Buddhism A historical sketch
»  IDC909 : Studies in the Lankavatara Sutra One of the most important texts of Mahayana Buddhism, In which almost all its principal tenets are presented, including the teaching of Zen
»  IDD225 : Thailand
»  IDC847 : The Age of Vinaya A historical and cultural study
»  IDC863 : The Central Philosophy of Buddhism A Study of Madhyamika system
»  IDC880 : The History of Buddhist Thought
»  IDC887 : The Jataka or Stories of the Buddha's Former Births 6 Vols.(bd. In 3)
»  IDC890 : The Legend of the Topes (Thupavamsa)
»  IDC893 : The Living Thoughts of Gotama the Buddha
»  IDC916 : Time and Temporality in Samkhya Yoga and Abhidharma Buddhism
»  IDC917 : Transcendence and Negation A study of Buddhist compassion and Christian love
»  ISL16 : Bhota-Prakasa a Tibetan chrest0mathy with intro., skeleton grammar, notes, texts, and vocabularies
»  IAB18 : Buddhist Monuments
»  IML13 : Buddhist Sculptures and Monuments
»  IAB19 : Depicted Deities Painters Model Books in Nepal
»  IAB21 : Discourse in Early Buddhist Art Visual Narratives of India
»  IAC50 : The Stupa of Bharhut A Buddhist monument ornamented with numerous sculptures illustrative of Buddhist legends and history in the 3rd century B.C.
»  IDC202 : An Evolution of the Vedantic Critique of Buddhism
»  IDC221 : An Introduction to the Buddhist Philosophy (An annotated Translation of the Tarkabhasa of Moksakaragupta)
»  IDC123 : Buddhism in Tibet
»  IDC130 : Buddhist Doctrine of Experience
»  IDC131 : Buddhist Formal Logic A Study of Dignaga's Hetucakra and K'eui-Chi's Great Comm. On the Nyayapravesa
»  IDC136 : Buddhist Insight (Essays by Alex Wayman)
»  IDC137 : Buddhist Logic (2 Vols.)
»  IDC139 : Buddhist Monks and Monasteries of India Their History and their contribution to Indian Culture
»  IDC145 : Buddhist Records of the Western World (2 Vols. In one)
»  IDC153 : Candrakirti
»  IDC154 : Candrakirti - Trisaranasapti The Septuagint on the Three Refuges
»  IDC163 : Civilized Shamans (Buddhism in Tibetan Societies)
»  IDC164 : Civilized Shamans (Buddhism in Tibetan Societies)
»  IDC171 : Contribution of Tibetan Language, History and Culture (2 Vols.)
»  IDC176 : Dharmakirti's on Compassion and Rebirth
»  IDC178 : Dharmottaras Paralokasiddhi
»  IDC185 : Divinity Seculariced (An Inquiry into the Nature and Form of the Songs Ascribed to the Sixth Dalai Lama)
»  IDC190 : Early Buddhist Philosophy in the Light of the Four Noble Truths
»  IDC195 : Ekai Kawaguchi The Trespassing Insider
»  IDC197 : Entering the Path of Enlightenment The Bodhicaryavatara of the Buddhist Poet Santideva
»  IDC199 : Epistemology and Spiritual Authority (The Development of Epistemology and Logic in the Old Nyaya and the Buddhist School of Epistemology)
»  IDC205 : Facets of Early Buddhism (A Study of Fundamental Principles)
»  IDC225 : Jitari Kleine Texte
»  IDC241 : Madhyanta-Vibhaga-Sastra
»  IDC930 : Mahayana Buddhism
»  IDC245 : Materials for the Study of Aryadeva, Dharmapala and Candrakirti (2 Vols.)
»  IDC247 : Memorial Sylvain Levy
»  IDC249 : Monastic Debate in Tibet (A Study on the History and Structures of bs Dus grawa Logic)
»  IDC256 : Nichts bleibt nichts
»  IDC260 : Otto Ottonovich Rosenberg and his Contribution to Buddhology in Russia
»  IDC264 : Pelerins, Lamas et Visionnaires
»  IDC269 : Philosophy of Nagarjuna
»  IDC270 : Phya Pa Chos Kyi Sen Ge Dbu Ma Sar Gsum Gyi Ston Thun
»  IDC272 : Prasanga und Prasangaviparyaya bei Dharmakirti und Seinen Kommentatoren
»  IDC289 : Sadhanasataka and Sadhanasatapancasika
»  IDC292 : Samyuktabhidharmahrdaya Heart of Scholasticism with Miscellaneous Additions (3 Pts.)
»  IDC293 : Sarvadurgati Parishodhana Tantra (Skt. and Tibetan Text Romanised with Eng. Tr. Introd. Notes etc.)
»  IDC125 : The Buddhism of Tibet
»  IDC193 : The Early Mustang Kanjur Catalogue
»  IDC196 : The Enlightenment of Vairocana Book I Study of the Vairocanabhisambodhitantra, Book II Study of the Mahavairocana-Sutra
»  IDC198 : The Entrance Gate for the Wise (2 Vols.) (Section III). Sa-skya Pandita on Indian and Tibetan Traditions of Pramana and Philosophical Debate
»  IDC229 : The Life of Buddha As Legend and History
»  IDC231 : The Light of Asia or the Great Renunciation (Mahabhinishkramana)
»  IDC237 : The Madhyamakasastram of Nagarjuna Vol. 1
»  IDC238 : The Madhyamakasastram of Nagarjuna Vol. II
»  IDC286 : The Romantic Legend of Sakya Buddha
»  IDC291 : The Salistamba Sutra and its Indian Commentaries (2 Pts.)
»  IDC314 : The Tibetan Book of the Dead or the After Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdeep's English Rendering
»  IDC315 : The Tibetan Book of the Dead or the After Death Experiences on the Bardo Plane according to Lama Kazi Dawa-Samdeep's English Rendering
»  IDC316 : The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation or the Method of Realizing Nirvana through Knowing the Mind
»  IDC325 : The Twilight Language Explorations in Buddhist meditation and Symbolism
»  IDC313 : Three Years in Tibet
»  IDC320 : Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa (A Biography from the Tibetan)
»  IDC321 : Tibet's Great Yogi Milarepa (A Biography from the Tibetan)
»  IDC317 : Tibetan Religious Dance
»  IDC319 : Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines or Seven Books of wisdom of the Great Path (according to the Late Lama Kazi Dawa-Somdup's English Rendering)
»  IDC322 : Transzendenzerfahrung, Vollzugshorizont des Heils
»  IDC329 : Vain Debates The Buddhist Christian Controversies of Nineteenth-Century Ceylon
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